7 Components in Creating a Successful Promotional Giveaway

Components of a Successful Promotional Products CampaignCompeting in business today requires more strategy than simply handing out promotional products that are branded with your business name. So what does it take to create a successful promotional product giveaway these days?

For the best results, your promotional giveaways should have an intended goal. Having random promos to hand out at will certainly has its place, but the most successful promotional campaigns are planned in depth to meet a specific goal with strategies of how that goal will be met. Are you trying to generate traffic to your blog? Are you trying to get new subscribers for your email newsletter? Are you trying to get sales appointments? Are you generating awareness for a new product? A defined goal will help determine your strategy.

Below are a few caveats to aim for when creating your marketing campaigns that involve promotional items. You will rarely meet all of these components; however, it is fair say that the more of these objective you meet, the more successful your campaign will be overall.

Components of a Successful Promotional Products Campaign

  1. Give them what they want. This comes down to knowing who you are marketing to. This means if you are marketing to a group who likes to party and have fun, your giveaways might need to focus around alcohol or bar drinkware. In contrast, if you are marketing to a group of IT professionals, your giveaways could be some kind of tech product. There are times you should be prepared with multiple giveaways to meet varying demographics, such as having a men’s and ladies option available. The bottom line is do your research. Take a poll with your existing clients and ask them what they feel would be effective?
  2. Appeal to their senses. Notice senses is plural. I’m referring to sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste. Research has shown that when advertising reaches more senses, it becomes more effective. Your message resonates longer with recipients when you reach more senses. All promotional products connect with sight and touch, so the real challenge is incorporating hearing, smell, or taste. There are plenty of promotional items that can add one of these additional senses to the equation. By the way, promotional products are the only advertising medium that can satisfy all 5 senses.
  3. They should be useful. This isn’t a concrete rule. There are instances in which cheap or non-useful promotional products can accomplish goals for your campaign. For most campaigns, your branded giveaways should be products that your recipients can continue to use over and over again. Each time the products are used, they are again exposed to your logo, further strengthening the bond between you and that person. This component strongly relates to #1. You have to know who your audience is and what they want.
  4. They should have a high perceived value. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your promotional products have to be expensive. This means they have to seem expensive. An example is a plastic pen with a barrel that looks like metal and also offers a smooth writing ink. The price point is lower since the barrel is plastic, but the pen looks like a higher quality item. The recipient feels like he is receiving a more expensive pen due to the look and performance. However, in many cases, you do get what you pay for. High quality items do come at a cost and the trend over the past few years is to give away higher quality promos in order to stand out among your competitors.
  5. Your promos should generate a reaction. The last thing you want after someone receives your promotional item is a reaction that lacks enthusiasm. You hope for a reaction of excitement, surprise, nostalgia, happiness, personal connection, or even shock. Any kind of jolt to their emotions will leave a longer-lasting impression and make your message more memorable. For this, you have to move past the standard koozies and cheap pens and opt for unique and trendy promotional items.
  6. Your giveaways should be consistent with your theme or goal. Your giveaways are often more effective if they relate to the theme of your advertising campaign. If your theme surrounds a beach event, look for useful or fun promos for the beach. If you are promoting a service to office workers, find items they will find useful for their desktop. However, don’t be afraid to go outside the box and get a bit corny with your theme; it can be very memorable. Many successful advertising campaigns tend to lean more on the corny side, but they are consistent with their goal of promoting a new product, service, or increasing brand awareness. Remember the Holiday Inn Express Commercials? Corny can be extremely memorable.
  7. They should create a buzz. You want people talking about your advertisements and giveaways. If you give away stainless steel tumblers, you want recipients excited and telling their friends that your gift is better than a Yeti. The more components above that your campaign meets, the more it will get people talking. Creating buzz about your campaigns is not easy, especially if your budget doesn’t have millions to lend with huge ad campaigns. You must be creative and target the right audience for your business. Finding the right promos is a must!

With a little research and planning, you can create the right advertising campaign for your purposes. Finding the right combination is the golden egg needed to retain existing customers, attract new ones, and sustain growth of your company. However, you don’t “find” this golden egg; you have to create it. One key component not mentioned is utilizing an experienced and reputable promotional products firm who will work with you to increase the chances of a successful campaign. Your advertising should always be an investment and NOT an expense.

Since 1999, Perfect Imprints has been helping small to mid-size businesses create effective and unique advertising campaigns. Our team of marketing professionals and graphic designers thrive with the challenge of helping businesses to grow through creative marketing. Let us help you with your marketing while you focus on what you do best – run your business.

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