7 Reasons to Give Customized Phone Chargers

Customized Phone Chargers

Do you want to make sure you wow people when you provide them with promotional products featuring your business name and logo?

Skip the usual promotional gifts and go with something more high-tech instead. From Bluetooth speakers to customized headphones, you can give people gadgets that they’ll use for a long time and promote your company in the process.

Customized phone chargers, in particular, are some of the best promotional gifts that you’ll find on the market today. With more than 90 percent of Americans owning cell phones at this point, you’ll be investing in something you know people will use when you buy promo phone chargers.

And if you really want to send the right message, take your promotional campaign to the next level by passing out Qi wireless chargers like the Power View 10W Fast Wireless Charger.

Here are the 7 best reasons to do it.

1. Introduces People to Wireless Charging

It’s not going to be long before just about every technological device can be charged wirelessly. Between 2017 and 2018, the wireless charging market grew by about 40 percent, which pretty much proves that wireless charging is here to stay.

However, there are still a lot of people out there who have no idea what wireless charging is and what it’s all about. There are even some people who are confused by how the newfangled technology works.

Your company can put them up on it by providing them with customized phone chargers that charge their phones wirelessly. They’ll be amazed when they plug in something like the Energy Wireless Charger and watch it charge up their phone without a cord.

They’ll also be hooked on the technology right from the very start. They’ll appreciate how convenient it is to put your phone down and charge your phone without having to plug it in.

Once you introduce people to wireless charging technology, they won’t be able to live without it. And they’ll think of your company each and every time that they use a wireless charger, regardless of whether it’s the charger you gave to them or not.

2. Provides Something Everyone Needs

A person might have the most advanced smartphone in the entire world. It might feature a crystal-clear display, a camera capable of taking professional-level photos, and a long list of other incredible features.

But without a fully charged battery, what good is it? Even the best smartphones aren’t going to do you any good when you don’t have a charger handy.

You can make sure that people don’t ever have to worry about dealing with this annoying problem. When you hand over a charger like the Boltron™ Wireless Charging Pad, people will be able to enjoy their phones more from now on as opposed to constantly checking how much battery life they have left.

As an added bonus, you’ll also reduce the chances of people losing their chargers when you hook them up with customized phone chargers. Sure, there are other things people can do to avoid losing their chargers like:

  • Buy chargers for every room in the house to prevent them from going missing
  • Color code phone chargers so that family members don’t walk off with chargers that aren’t theirs
  • Lock up chargers when you’re not using them in a central location

But the best way to help people steer clear of losing their chargers from now on is by giving them custom printed Qi wireless chargers.

They look and feel a lot more important than your average phone charger. As a result, people will take better care of them and make it a point not to lose them at any time.

3. Comes in a Wide Range of Styles

There are some people who are under the impression that all Qi wireless phone chargers look more or less the same. But this couldn’t be further from the truth!

In reality, there are so many different styles that you can choose from when you make the decision to buy up promo phone chargers. It’ll give you an opportunity to pick out the best one to use for promotional purposes.

For example, do you want to make your clients happy by giving them something they can put right on their desk? The Affinity Mouse Pad with 10W Fast Wireless Charger will be one of the best options for you.

Do you want to cater to the younger crowd and give them something they can use to charge their phones wirelessly and listen to music? The Orbit Alarm Clock Speaker With Wireless Charger offers up a unique take on the traditional wireless charger and makes both of those things possible.

Or do you want something that will allow people to stand their phones up on desks or tables so that they can see them while they charge? The Qi Wireless Desktop Charger Stand can make this possible.

You know your customer base best, so only you can choose the right Qi wireless charger style for them. But rest assured knowing that there won’t be a shortage of styles for you to pick from when you decide to give out customized phone chargers.

4. Exposes Your Business to People on a Daily Basis

Did you know that the average person touches their cell phone more than 2,500 times every single day? Additionally, about 10 percent of people go to the extreme and touch their phones more than 5,400 times on a daily basis.

People use their phones to send text messages, take photos, jot down notes, look up restaurant reviews, scroll through social media, and so much more. And when they do, they slowly (and sometimes, not-so-slowly!) kill their battery until it inches closer and closer to 0 percent.

By providing people with customized phone chargers like the Paragon 10W Fast Wireless Charger, you’ll help them keep their phones charged day in and day out in the most convenient way possible. But beyond that, you’ll also ensure that they’re exposed to your business name and logo every time they go to charge their phone.

There are some people who only charge their phone once every day. But those who are touching their phone more than 5,000 times will often charge their phone more than that. In some cases, they’ll even preemptively charge their phone every chance they get to prevent their battery from dying at any point.

And every time they do this, your investment in custom phone chargers will pay off in a big way! People will take a look at your business name and logo when they go to put their phone down on their charger.

People will also see your business name and logo when their phone’s not on the charger. In fact, they might even see it dozens of times every day depending on where they choose to put it in their home or business.

This simple act will build up brand recognition for your business over time. It’ll make your business feel like a fixture in the lives of people who use your promo phone chargers.

5. Makes Your Company Look Cool

There are certain promotional gifts that companies have been using for years now in an effort to promote their businesses. From pens and calendars to T-shirts and hats, these products have become staples in the promo product industry.

Just to be clear: There is nothing wrong with using these types of products as promotional gifts. There is a reason why they’ve turned into some of the most popular choices over the years. They’re effective when it comes to marketing businesses.

But if you run a company that claims to be on the cutting edge, customized phone chargers might be the better choice for you. They’ll give off the appearance that your company is “cool” and with the times. They’ll also appeal to a younger audience if that’s your goal.

Just imagine the reaction that you’ll get from customers and clients when you put something like the Force Wireless Charger in their hands. It’ll give them a different impression of your company than other promotional products would.

6. Saves Your Customers Money

Qi wireless chargers don’t work with all smartphones just yet. But they do work with some of the most popular phones, including:

  • Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
  • Apple iPhone X
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Sony Xperia XZ3
  • Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium

Because of this, there are a lot of brands that are getting on board with wireless charging technology and creating Qi wireless chargers.

But here’s the problem: Most, if not all, wireless chargers cost people more money than a regular corded charger would. While you can find some wireless chargers for $20 or $30, there are also some that cost more than $100.

And with more and more smartphones starting to cost over $1,000, the extra cost associated with buying a wireless charger is too much for some people to take!

You can be the solution to this problem for those who don’t want to fork over money for a wireless charger on top of whatever they already paid for their smartphone. You can give them something simple like the Tiz Qi Wireless Charging Pad and allow them to enjoy the advantages of wireless charging—without paying for it!

You’ll find that many of your customers and clients will thank you for giving them access to customized phone chargers. It’s a luxury that they might not have been able to enjoy without your assistance.

You’ll also find that giving them promo phone chargers will go a long way as far as loyalty is concerned. People will remember you giving them a charger and will be more likely to come back and patronize your business in the future.

7. Sets People Up With Something That’ll Last

Regardless of which promotional gifts you choose to give out to people, there is one thing you should always keep in mind. You should consider the durability and longevity of products before purchasing them and handing them out.

There are some promotional products that might seem like amazing gifts for your customers and clients. But if they’re only going to get used once or twice or, worse, if they fall apart within a week, how amazing are they?

Arguably the best part of giving customized phone chargers to customers and clients is that you’ll know that they’re going to last. As long as you pick out a high-quality product like the Recliner Wireless Charger, it’ll stand up over time and provide people with years of enjoyment.

Your business name and logo will remain intact on the front of wireless chargers as well when you turn to the right company to customize them for you. They’ll continue to be on full display for your customers and clients and will keep on promoting your business every time they’re used.

Custom phone chargers will often require a larger investment on your part than some other promotional gifts. But buying them in bulk can keep your costs low. And the extra expenses that come along with them will be well worth it in the end when you see how effective they are.

Choose Customized Phone Chargers for Your Business

As we’ve mentioned a few times now, there are so many different promotional gifts that you can purchase to promote your business.

But there are some products that stand out above the rest. Customized phone chargers fit into this category. They’re some of the best promo products that you’ll find and will put your business into the right light when you give them out to people.

Would you like to get some more information on the promo phone chargers that you can purchase on behalf of your company? Contact us today to ask any questions you might have about our custom phone chargers.

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