7 Signs You Are Buying The Wrong Promotional Products

Warning Signs You Are Buying The Wrong Promotional ProductsSo you bought promotional products in the past, but didn’t see results in terms of more sales or new customers? Most likely you are buying the wrong promotional products.

Buying the right promos is a critical step to creating a successful marketing campaign.

Check the 7 signs below to see if any of these apply to you.

Warning Signs You Are Buying the Wrong Promotional Products

1. Your customers don’t get excited when receiving them. People love receiving promotional items, if you are actually giving away useful and good quality items. When buying promotional products to give out to your customers, make sure you buy items that are practical for them. Even though there are some hip nursing home residents, giving out custom powerbanks to them is probably not the best fit for them. Know your customer base and give them products that they will love.

2. You don’t use those products for yourself. If you are the buyer, hopefully you use your own giveaways. If not, maybe you are buying cheap giveaways that are serving no value to you or your company. Are the products useful? They must be useful or you are likely wasting your advertising dollars.

3. When your products arrive, you don’t get excited to open the box. You know that feeling when you get a package in the mail? You just want to rip open the box as quickly as possible to see what’ inside. You should feel excited when you open your promotional products. If not, you might want to think about mixing it up a bit and ordering something new. Check out some of the trending promotional products to see what may work well for your customer base.

4. The products aren’t working to strengthen your brand or cause. Just one of the many benefits of promotional products is they strengthen your brand. When you give a gift to a customer or a potential customer, they instantly warm up to your company. You are speeding up the process of gaining loyalty and trust, of which both are critical for a long-term relationship. If you don’t see this happening with your gifts, you need to reevaluate what you are giving.

5. Your employees don’t use the promotional products you buy. For many companies that buy promotional products from us, the buyer wants to know exactly when the products will arrive. Not necessarily because they need them for a specific date, but because they want to be present when they arrive. Some of it is excitement (see #3). However, the reason they often cite is that they don’t want the employees to ravish the new goods before they can give them out to clients. Their employees are excited to see the new SWAG, as they should be. Are your employees excited when new promos arrive?

6. The quality is inconsistent. If you find that sometimes your promotional products work and sometimes they don’t, there is a quality issue. When buying in bulk, it is common for a few defective pieces; however, the large majority should work as intended. If you are buying really cheap products, expect that you will receive just that…cheap products that sometimes work and sometimes don’t. Quality is better than quantity. What does it say about your company if you give out cheap junk? “Thank you for being a loyal customer; I would like to thank you by presenting you with this 15 cent pen (that may or may not write).”

7. You don’t see them being used around your town. We give out company branded promotional products all the time at Chamber events, networking events, meetings, and to our local customers. I frequently see the items I give out around town. Sometimes it is someone carrying a tumbler we gave out last year or the car sunshades that we gave out 7 years ago. If you give away quality and useful items, your customers will use them and they will continue to provide advertising for you for years to come.

If notice any of the above warning signs, a thorough evaluation of your promotional products is due. Buying promotional products should be an investment. Therefore, you should see a return on your investment. That return may be in the form of obtaining new customers, new sales, increased loyalty, strengthening customer relationships, obtaining new appointments with prospects, or enhancing brand awareness. Make sure you have a goal for your campaign and that your promotional products are meeting that goal.

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