7 Types of Promotional Products Buyers

7 Types of Promotional Products Buyers

As a promotional products distributor since 1999, we have helped thousands of clients over the years. We embrace the differences for each of our clients and adjust marketing campaigns and strategies to meet their specific objectives.

During this time, we have identified the main types of buyers for promotional products. While there are quite a few more, we feel these are 7 main classifications.

7 Types of Promotional Products Buyers

  1. Comfort Buyers – This is one of the most common buyers of promotional items. They find an item that works for their company (or has worked in the past), and they continue ordering that same item. Ten years later, they are still ordering those same koozies.  Why? Not necessarily because they are still working to meet their objectives, but because it’s easy. It’s too simple to call their promo source and say, “I need a reorder.” In some cases, this works if it those items are meeting your goal. However, if you are buying just because it is comfortable, stop it right now. Check out these 5 promotional products to stop buying right now. Talk with a promotional products firm about creative items to give out to your customers that will generate a new level of excitement. You don’t have to continue to buy lame promotional items. There are so many unique items as well as many affordable, custom options which can be much more effective advertising tools to promote your business.
  2. Bargain Buyers – For these shoppers, the cheaper the promos, the happier they are. If they can find 5 cent promotional items, they feel like they have struck gold. They want the cheapest of the cheapest, and when they find them, they put in additional search hours to find online coupons to save even more. They often compare the pricing of a premium option to a bottom-of-the-barrel option and want a price match. The matter of product quality or product safety never crosses their mind since buyers hyperfocus solely on cost. It’s not until they receive their shipment that they often complain about the low quality of the items. The reality is that the cheaper the price gets, the more product quality and customer service you lose. Quality, safety, and service come at a price. While that price doesn’t have to be expensive, it should be fair. We feel that’s a worthwhile price for peace of mind.
  3. Impulse Buyers – As it sounds, they see an online ad, a product in a catalog, or a promo they received from another company, and they are instantly ready to buy it. While this may be an excellent product, this buyer is ready to fork over the cash without any type of real strategy of how these items are going to create a positive return on investment (ROI). We believe you should carefully plan your purchases to have well-defined goals with an execution strategy in place of how you will achieve those goals. There’s a science behind promotional products, so make sure to plan your purchases with purpose.
  4. Trend Buyers – These buyers follow all the current fads. Some of these trends payoff well, while others wane as quickly as they became popular. It’s important to look at the reason why the trendy item is so popular. Is it actually a useful product? Will it be likely to stick around and be used often? Or is a novelty item for which its popularity will fade within a few weeks – Can you say “fidget spinners?” Will it annoy others who are around that item? An example of incredibly useful trendy products includes stainless steel tumblers. They arose with fierce demand, yet they continue to remain popular purchases. Why? Because they work. They serve a purpose – to keep your drinks cold or hot for a long time. Be careful with trends. Analyze the likely reasons behind their popularity before diving in with a purchase.
  5. Strategic Buyers – These are experienced buyers of promotional products with a strong marketing background. They understand how utilizing promotional items in clever and unique ways help them to stand out among their competitors. They also understand that combining the right promotional items with other advertising mediums can drastically improve the results of their campaigns. These are careful planners who have clear goals for their marketing campaigns. They begin planning well in advance of their purchase, but when they are ready, the order process goes smoothly. These buyers typically see the best returns on their investment.
  6. Analytical Buyers – On the surface, these buyers look similar to both Strategic and Bargain buyers, yet when the layers are peeled back, the difference is obvious. They aren’t gathering information to meet goals like a Strategic buyer, and they aren’t solely comparing prices like a Bargain buyer. Instead, they gather as much information as possible about the product they intend to purchase from dozens of different sources. They focus on the product specs, the pricing, the reviews, the manufacturer, and the distributor. This research will sometimes begin months in advance before they need to purchase the products. While it’s great to be an informed buyer, these buyers typically go overboard in their research. They often will spend hours upon hours of time on the computer searching Google before finally deciding on their original choice. Developing a solid relationship with a promotional products firm can help save you hours of research time.
  7. The Indecisive Buyer – Product selection. Product color. Logo color. Layout. There are many choices when buying promotional products. From the type of products to buy to the color and layout. These decisions need to be made before the purchase. However, the indecisive buyer has trouble making up their mind. Therefore, they make the purchase, then make change after change after change. After they have approved their proof, they decide two days later for their 24-hour rush order they want to make a change to the artwork. Sorry, too late…your items have already shipped. Often, these orders can drag on for weeks before they are finalized.

Which buyer classification do you best fit within? Possibly you fit within a few different categories. We aim to help our clients to become Strategic Buyers. We want purchases to be good investments with a good ROI. We want your goals to be met. In order to do that, we have to funnel some of our clients in the right direction. It’s up to us to educate our clients, and we are up to the task. After all, this is our specialty, not the specialty of our clients. Our clients come to us for our experience and expertise.

Would you like to become a Strategic Buyer? Contact us. We are here to help.

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