8 Scrumptious Custom Chocolate Gifts Your Clients Are Sure to Eat Up!

Custom Chocolate Gifts for your Clients - Holiday Gifts

What do you think would be the perfect gift for your employees and coworkers this holiday season? Have you considered custom chocolate gifts that feature your company’s logo– in chocolate??

You can rest comfortably knowing that we know exactly what you need. And it’s available in a variety of sizes, types, packaging, shapes, and flavors.

Ready for a guided tour of CHOCOLATE? Who wouldn’t be? So come along with us to look over an array of dreams waiting to be made true–and explain what you need to know to make that happen with custom chocolates for the holidays.

Origins of the Chocolate Gift

We all know what a great pleasure it is to eat chocolate. We also know how well received chocolate is as a gift for just about any occasion. But how did it come to be such a popular gift?

The Fascinating Origins of Chocolate

Apparently, it all started in Mesoamerica between three and four thousand years ago in the Pre-Columbian cultures there. In the early 2000s, anthropologists found residue on pottery excavated in Honduras dating back as far as 1400 B.C.E.

However, this had more to do with cacao, from which chocolate is derived, than with the chocolate we know and love today. “The sweet pulp of the cacao fruit, which surrounds the beans, was fermented into an alcoholic beverage of the time.”

Cacao became very popular–and highly valued– in pre-modern Latin America. the Mayans and Aztecs believed the cacao bean had magical, or even divine, properties. But it didn’t actually become chocolate until much more recently.

Over the course of exploring indigenous cultures all over the world, Europeans discovered cacao and made a truly great discovery: that mixing it with sugar made it taste very, very good.

Chocolate powder, and later chocolate bars took hold in Europe and North America during the Revolutionary and Industrial Eras. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Chocolate as a Gift

During the mid-1800s, chocolate went from being a rare luxury to a mass-produced sweet commodity–first in England by the famous Cadbury Brothers and soon after that, North America (thanks to Queen Victoria).

Since this took place at the height of the Industrial Revolution, with its mass production and product standardization, one can well imagine that this was when marketers entered the scene. And what happens when marketing meets chocolate?

Product differentiation, of course–in the form of different shapes of candies, different flavors, added ingredients (e.g., caramel or nuts), an array of new products, and some very elaborate types of packaging.

So it should come as no surprise that chocolate has become associated with holidays and other special occasions, not to mention being perceived as a way to bring relief from various problems, no matter how trivial or complex.”

By the way, did you know that the average American consumes at least half a pound of chocolate per month? We’d say that fact alone makes a good case for giving chocolates as holiday gifts for employees and coworkers!

8 Types of Custom Chocolate Gifts

Chocolate gifts come in a great variety of packages, wrappings, shapes, sizes, and flavors. You have many choices here!

1. Boxed Chocolates

Probably the most formal way to present chocolates is in a box or a tin, and not surprisingly, these represent the most abundant variety of package options. Plastic tubes and glass jars are distant followers.

Beyond the standard rectangular boxes and round tins, though, there are many other shapes of chocolate gift boxes, including hearts, pyramids, and trailer trucks.

A wooden crate is also a great way to show off your corporate logo. Inside these wooden crates, you’ll get an assortment of delectable chocolates along with your company logo printed on the outside of the wood crate. This elegant presentation will sure to be memorable with your top clients.

2. Chocolate Bars

These are very basic, but also in high demand. the upside to chocolate bars is that they can be broken up and eaten just a bit at a time. the downside is that they can be eaten all in one sitting.

Regardless of how they’re consumed, though, they’re second only to boxes for wrapping in paper with a logo on it. And it’s easy to imprint a logo directly onto the surface of the bar. The image will be very clear too.

So we’re wondering, Is a chocolate television or cell phone considered a chocolate bar or a shaped chocolate item? Hmm …

3. Shaped Chocolates

What shape would you like your chocolate to be in?

Here we have a hammer and a saw, a sneaker, a light bulb a computer mouse, a trailer truck, a shovel, a house, a globe, a looped ribbon (for a cause), an airplane, and a pencil–among others.

Shaped chocolates are so much fun! And like bars, you’re never quite sure when you’ve eaten enough of them. Remember Easter bunnies and saying, “Oh. I already the one ear, so I’ll have to eat the other one to make everything is even”?

4. Chocolate Coins

these are fun for everyone and should evoke fond memories for those celebrating Chanukah since chocolate coins were part of the Jewish game of dreidel.

These also make great fillers for gift baskets, along with other small wrapped candies.

5. Chocolate Gourmet Holiday Gift Boxes

These chocolate gourmet gift boxes make great gifts for an entire office. With a variety of four different chocolate-covered items, there’s something for every chocolate lover! Choose from several stock box designs which are printed with your logo!

6. Chocolate-Covered …

You can cover pretty much anything with chocolate and still have it taste really great. Here we have chocolate-covered almonds, pretzels, raisins, sunflower seeds, cookies, and espresso beans. Some of these are healthy snacks, right?

7. Chocolate Truffles

Truffles are the chocolate indulgence par excellence. They are so rich and delicious that sometimes we’ll eat just half of one at a time. A fancy box containing 6-12 truffles can make a very special gift for someone–maybe a star client?

8. Chocolate Buttons/Hard-Shelled Chocolates

Chocolate buttons are M&M-type candies containing various fillings (e.g., sunflower seeds) along with chocolate. The larger ball-shaped hard-shelled chocolates represent every imaginable sports ball, as well as globes.

The Best Chocolate Gifts

The best chocolate gifts are made with the finest ingredients, like premium chocolate, and that taste the best. Imagine a candy with buttery English toffee at the center, covered in chocolate, and topped with chopped almonds.

Or think of a salt-covered crunchy pretzel covered in that same rich chocolate.

Or what about that same chocolate–or the dark version of it–covering a caramel center made with real sea salt.

Now imagine the faces of your customers when they receive packages of luscious treat and adorned with your company’s logo. Aren’t you proud? And aren’t they all happy?

Custom Chocolate Gifts for Clients or Customers

Who are your clients and how do you show your appreciation for their business? Let’s consider some examples:


Many restaurant customers come for excellent meals and opt to have the main course and possibly a soup, salad, or appetizer. But they either don’t stay for dessert or simply opt for coffee,

What could be a more appropriate way to complete your service to these people than a logo-branded chocolate candy? How memorable! They will be back again–and maybe even stay for dessert

Retail Stores

How would your customers feel about being welcomed with the gift of a custom logo chocolate? The sweet taste and generosity of the owner will make them want to look around for a while and, chances are, make a purchase.

College Recruiting Fairs

College recruiters have the challenging job of convincing prospective students to choose their institutions over others. They share brochures and other materials with prospects and their families, sometimes lots of swag.

A chocolate treat with the college logo might be something they’re not expecting, though. It’s small, but something that could change their entire mood at this crowded and somewhat stressful event. You’ll get a smile and a thank you.

Maybe even a new recruit.

Insurance Agencies

Insurance agencies often hand out branded trinkets of various types–such as calendars or key chains. People take these home and tend to forget about them. But what about something satisfying in the moment?

How about a package of chocolate buttons? This would be especially appealing to anyone who has kids with them. Most kids don’t understand insurance and so they are bored waiting for their parents to finish their business.

Give them some packets of your custom chocolates. Mom and Dad can deal with the chocolate high later, and they might even remember your kind gesture the next time they need to renew their insurance policies.

You get the picture here. How does your own business connect with these scenarios? Why not have a piece of chocolate while you think about it and get back to us later.

When to Give Custom Logo Chocolate to Your Employees

While the winter holiday season might be the most obvious occasion for giving chocolates, this is hardly the only one.

Would you feel embarrassed to give your employees small chocolate gifts for Valentine’s Day to let them know how much you value them and love all they do for you?

How about April Fool’s Day? You could have some fun coming into the building late at night or early in the morning and leaving chocolate snack bags on people’s desks. Do you think they’ll guess who did it?

Maybe a little card that says something like “I was no fool when I hired you”?

Here’s an idea for the company’s summer picnic: snack bags with chocolate baseballs.

Trick or Treat! Who says Halloween is just for kids? Give your employees and coworkers mini trick or treat bags with chocolates and other candy just the don’t miss any part of this fun holiday.

And next comes Thanksgiving, a day of thanks. This is time for a chocolate gift forĀ those you’re thankful to have working for you. Thanksgiving is actually a good time for non-denominational gifts for people to share with their families.

And let’s not forget about those occasions when special gifts are appropriate for individual employees. Here are some examples:

  • Congratulations on a new family member
  • Condolences on a lost loved one
  • A special anniversary at your workplace
  • A retirement
  • Earning a graduate degree
  • Receiving an award or recognition
  • A housewarming

Since custom logo chocolate is sold in bulk, we realize you can’t buy a chocolate gift every tie one of these occasions comes up. However, you can order a supply of them ahead of time so that you’re prepared–for these and other occasions.

Public Events and Trade Shows

Let’s not forget your prospective customers here. Whatever business you’re in, you surely have events for the public–for example grand openings, sponsored events, career fairs, and presentations to groups.

These are events where you want people to leave with a good impression of your business. Maybe one of them will wind up doing business with your company. Maybe another will be someone you hire.

Give them recyclable grocery bags filled with written materials as well as branded items. Make chocolate one of them. And why not attach a note saying how nice it was to meet them, and slip in a business card while you’re at it?

Wrapping it Up With a Bow

Custom chocolate gifts are right for just about any occasion. And we’ve given you some great examples to confirm this, don’t you think?

The nice thing about chocolate is that it’s ephemeral–it lasts only as long as it takes you to savor it. Yet chocolate, especially the gift, of it is also memorable. It marks the moment when and where it was given.

Other branded items given out by businesses, such as key chains, frisbees, tee shirts, and so on might get used a few times, but are soon forgotten and left in a drawer or under the car seat. They don’t stay in your memory as chocolate does.

And you know we’ve convinced you, right? So why not go through our online catalog right now and start picking out the delicious chocolate products you want to see bearing your company’s logo? Mmmmmm …

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