9 Reasons Why Screen Printed T-Shirts Make the Best Promotional Items

Promotional products may not look like much, but they make a big difference for your business.

After they receive a promotional product from your business, 79% of people take the time to research your brand. Over 83% of consumers who receive promotional products are more likely to make return purchases of products or services with your brand.

So now that you can’t argue that promotional products aren’t effective for marketing goals.

But what’s the best type of promotional product? It will depend on your industry and the season- but one trusty go-to item is always a t-shirt.

We’ll take a look at 13 compelling reasons you should be using t-shirts as promotional products for your business.

So let’s dive in.

1. They’re Cheap and Easy to Produce

The exact price of your t-shirt order will vary depending on what you get, but if you play your cards right, promotional t-shirts can be pretty inexpensive.

There are three main factors that impact the cost of these shirts.

  • The Printing Technique 

There are several different types of printing techniques to choose from when it comes to promotional t-shirts. Some are more expensive than others.

You should spend some time looking over your options, but screen printing is a good place to start. It can handle a variety of styles and designs, and the cost won’t set you too far back.

  • The Order Size

The number of shirts you order has a lot to do with the end price. While smaller orders might seem cheaper, you’ll end up paying more per shirt. So buy in bulk.

You might be surprised how affordable a bulk order of shirts can be.

  • The Design 

Large, complicated designs will cost more than simple ones. If you’re working with a tight budget, stick with your logo.

Screen printing your logo onto promotional shirts is fast, easy, and recognizable.

2. You Can Get Your Shirts Fast

Screen printing promotional t-shirts doesn’t take an extended period of time. Figuring out the t-shirt design can take longer than actual printing.

In some cases, you can order your promotional shirts one day and get them the next. Orders can also be rushed if needed.

3. They’re Versatile

A promotional t-shirt starts out as a blank canvas. You can do anything you want with it. Find ways to get creative and personalize it for your brand or target audience.

You can add logos, catchphrases, images, colors-the opportunities are endless. No matter what message your brand reflects, you can model a shirt after it.

And it’s not just what goes on the shirt that’s versatile.

You can choose the style of shirt. Want short sleeves? Long sleeves? A hood? V-neck? Baggy? While a traditional t-shirt might be the most common promotional option, it’s not the only one.

The material and quality of the shirt can also change depending on your brand. Is your brand eco-friendly? Order sustainably made t-shirts. You can find just about any type of shirt you want.

When it comes to promotional t-shirts, there are a lot of options to choose from. You can make your shirts match your brand in design, style, and material.

4. They Give You Free Advertising

Every time a customer puts on your promotional t-shirt, they are advertising your brand to everyone they come in contact with. Depending on the customer’s lifestyle, that can be hundreds of people a day.

Here’s a closer look at how this works.

Let’s say one of your customers puts on one of your promotional t-shirts on a Saturday morning. They then wear that t-shirt on their morning walk, when they go grocery shopping later, and out to dinner that night. While they’re out, they take a picture with some friends and post it on social media.

Your shirt was shared with everyone who saw that customer when they were out doing their normal day-to-day activities. But perhaps more importantly, it was also shared with millions of people through social media.

And that’s just one person who has your shirt.

Imagine how many people will get exposed to your brand with hundreds of customers wearing your shirts.

The cost of producing these shirts is small considering the return you get from all that free advertising.

5. They Last a Long Time

T-shirts can last for years and years.

In other words, they last longer than almost any other type of advertisement out there. A well-maintained t-shirt can outlive a TV commercial or an online ad.

Don’t believe us?

Think about some of the t-shirts in your closet. You probably have at least one that’s ten years old or even older. That could be your promotional t-shirt in someone else’s closet soon!

6. People Like Them

Almost everyone wears t-shirts.

People like them.


Because they’re easy to wear. They’re comfortable. You can dress them up for a nice event or throw one on and wear it to bed.

If you invest in promotional t-shirts, they’re going to get worn. And that means you’re getting your money’s worth.

7. They Function as a Conversation Starter

Promotional t-shirts are a great way to introduce new people to your brand in a positive light.

Here’s what we mean by that.

When a customer wins one of your promotional t-shirts from a giveaway or gets one as a gift, they’re going to associate that shirt with good feelings and satisfaction. If someone asks them about their shirt, that customer will tell them all about how they got it, good feelings included.

And people will ask about your promotional shirts.

People will be curious about your shirt if it has an appealing design and stands out from the crowd. They’ll want to know where it came from so they can get their own.

Your customer can then point them toward your business.

But how often does this really happen?

More often than you might think.

For example, let’s say one person asks your customer about their promotional shirt a month. This will give you business one potential new customer a month.

Don’t think that sounds like much?

Multiply that by the number of customers who have one of your promotional shirts. Suddenly, that number could be as high as several hundred new customers a month.

8. They Promote Brand Recognition

Brand recognition refers to how correctly a consumer can identify a service (or product) just by seeing the business’s logo. Brand recognition is important because it helps consumers decide to use your business rather than a competitor. It also leads to repeat purchases and increases your market share.

Promotional t-shirts help consumers develop brand recognition with your business.

Here’s how….

Your shirt has your logo (or tagline, etc.) on the front. Every time a person puts your t-shirt on, they think of your business. In this way, they become more familiar with your logo and your brand.

But this isn’t just important for the people wearing the shirts.

Anyone around that consumer begins to develop brand recognition as well. Their family and friends will see the shirt almost as often as the person wearing it.

After getting associated with your brand, these people will most likely take an interest in it. That means more people are looking into your business products and services.

9. They’re More than a Trend

T-shirts aren’t a trend, but they are trending.

How does that work?

Well, people have been wearing t-shirts since before the early 1920s. Since then, t-shirts have only grown in popularity. In the 60s, t-shirts became a part of everyday wardrobes. People wore them to express themselves, and businesses started using them for advertising purposes.

Today, t-shirts are still being named relevant fashion trends by fashion magazines.

T-shirts have been in style for decades, and that won’t be changing anytime soon. Your promotional t-shirt will be just as impactful 20 years from now as it is today.

And that means people will still be wearing them.

10. They Create Return Customers

One of the best ways to give out your promotional t-shirts is through contests.

Win people win a contest and get a prize (a free promotional shirt in this case), they feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction. They’ll associate those feelings not only with the shirt they won, but with your business and your brand.

This will create loyalty. Because the consumer feels successful and satisfied with your brand, they’ll keep coming back for more products and services.

The harder and more engaging the contest, the more satisfaction a consumer will feel when they win.

Hosting contests and giveaways like these can a lot of return customers. These same customers will also turn into your “shirt ambassadors” when they wear your shirts in public.

In short, you’re essentially creating a spokesperson for your brand. And you’re spending hardly any money in the process.

11. They Won’t Get Tossed

Let’s face it. A lot of cheap promotional products end up in the trash can. That’s not doing you, or the environment, any good. While shirts may be a little more expensive than lanyards or tote bags, it’s worth the investment to keep them out of the bin.

Wearables are the most popular promotional items out there. Couple that with the popularity of t-shirts, and you can rest easy knowing your shirts won’t just get thrown away.

Shirts get used, but even more importantly, they leave the house.

What do we mean by that?

Think about other popular promotional items. These could include pencils, mugs, calendars, notebooks, etc. Those products might be useful, but for the most part, they stay inside the house or office building.

That means they’re only exposed to a limited number of people.

T-shirts go everywhere the consumer goes. This allows your brand to be spread to hundreds of people at a time. Because of this, t-shirts are more valuable as a promotional item than other, smaller products.

12. They Give You Constant Promotion

The brand promotion a t-shirt can give your business never stops.

This doesn’t mean your customers will wear their t-shirts every day of the week. But if you give out enough t-shirts, someone will always be wearing one somewhere.

In other words, promotional t-shirts give your business around the clock advertising.

People will wear your shirts to work, to school, to the gym, to parties, etc. The list is endless. With promotional t-shirts, your business is getting introduced to people everywhere at all hours of the day.

And this comes at a much cheaper price than your normal marketing campaigns.

13. They Increase Brand Loyalty

Consumers like getting free products. When you give them a free product that is also high quality, their brand loyalty is going to shoot up.

Giving your customers something free will help you earn their trust, especially when that free product is something as enjoyable and useful as a shirt. These customers will stick with your business and keep coming back.

Why T-Shirt Screen Printing Makes the Best Promotional Items

T-shirt screen printing can create some of the best promotional products for your business at an affordable price.

For a small investment, you can market your brand to thousands of people that might not have seen you otherwise. When a consumer wears your shirt, they introduce your business to their family, their friends, the people they pass on the street, and thousands of people on social media.

These t-shirts also increase brand recognition and create loyal, returning customers. As soon as a consumer wins a t-shirt from your business, they become one of your spokespersons.

This makes promotional t-shirts more valuable than most other promotional items.

Are you interested in ordering some promotional t-shirts for your business? Click here to take a look at some of our options.

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