Did you know there is a “perfect temperature” for all the most popular beverages on the market today?

From beer to wine to soda, people should get into the habit of downing these drinks at the right temperatures to maximize their flavors.

But more often than not, this temperature can be summed up using just one word: cold! And this cold can take a toll on people’s hands if they’re not careful when they’re sucking back their favorite beverages.

Your business can help people out with this problem by providing them with customized koozies. This koozie buying guide will help you learn more about what koozies are and how they can help to promote your company when you put them to good use.

What Is a Koozie?

First things first: before we begin breaking down the koozie in this koozie buying guide, let’s make sure that you have a good understanding of what exactly a koozie is.

Koozies have been around for almost 40 years now. They were first invented back in 1981 by a woman named Bonnie McGough from Idaho, who called the original koozie an “insulated drink cozy.”

Since then, koozies have gone by a bunch of other names. People often refer to a koozie as a:

  • Huggie
  • Coldy holdy
  • Beer hugger
  • Stubby cooler
  • Bottle jacket

But regardless of what you call koozies, they have one very specific job: keeping drinks ice-cold while preventing people from having to put their hands directly on the outside of them.

You’ll often find people using koozies in all kinds of different locations. Some use them at home while they’re watching a big game on the couch, while others use them out at bars and in restaurants.

Koozies have turned into hot items for those who enjoy cold drinks. They’ve come a long way over the last four decades, but they remain every bit as popular as they were when they were first released in the 1980s.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Koozie?

It’s not all that difficult to figure out why koozies are as popular as they are today. They have become essential for those who drink cold beverages on a regular basis thanks to the benefits they provide.

First and foremost, koozies help people avoid having to come into direct contact with ice-cold cans and bottles when they’re drinking beer, wine, soda, and more. This allows them to steer clear of having to deal with things like ice burns and even frostbite on their hands.

Koozies also help people keep their hands dry when they’re drinking any of the beverages that we just mentioned. They don’t have to worry about their hands getting soaking wet while they’re sipping on one of their favorite drinks.

Additionally, koozies help people identify their beverages when they’re at a party or another social gathering. This makes it easy for them to stop the spread of germs, which is something that’s more important than ever before right now.

For all these reasons, most people keep at least a few koozies in their homes these days. They can come in handy in a wide variety of situations.

What Are Some of the Different Types of Koozies?

In the beginning, most of the koozies that hit the market all looked and felt the same. There wasn’t a whole lot that differentiated one koozie from the next.

But over the years, companies have started to produce koozies made out of a number of different materials. They’ve also come up with all kinds of crazy koozie designs, which is why there are so many different types of koozies available at the moment.

If your company is thinking about investing in koozies and using them as promotional products, you should consider all your options before choosing the one you like best. Here are some of the koozies you’ll be able to pick from:

You should carefully consider each of these options—and check out some of the other options that are out there—before settling on the best koozies for your specific company.

Why Have Koozies Become Such Popular Promotional Products?

Once upon a time, people had to spend their hard-earned money on koozies for their homes. But today, they don’t have to do that anymore since many companies have started to hand koozies out for free as promotional products.

Koozies have turned into popular promotional products for a number of different reasons. Here are a few of the reasons why so many companies have invested in koozies as part of their marketing campaigns:

  • They can be customized with business names, logos, contact information, and so much more
  • They’re very affordable, with many koozies, like the Collapsible Foam Kan Cooler, selling for less than $1 each when purchased in bulk
  • They don’t take up much space and are easy to pass out

In addition to providing businesses with these benefits, koozies are also known to last a long time and are items that people won’t throw out. They’ll use them over and over (and over!) again throughout the course of time, which makes them well worth the initial investment that companies make in them.

What Kinds of Businesses Can Benefit From Using Koozies as Promo Products?

Outside of everything that we just talked about, there is one other big reason why koozies have transformed into such popular promo products over time. It’s largely because there are so many different kinds of businesses that can utilize them.

At first glance, you might think that koozies would be a natural fit for restaurants, bars, and maybe even hotels looking for promo products. And you would be right. All these kinds of businesses can benefit from using koozies as promo products in a big way.

But the list of businesses that should consider investing in koozies doesn’t end there. Koozies also make great promo products for:

  • Golf courses
  • Auto repair shops
  • Fishing charters
  • Jewelry stores
  • Hunting lodges
  • And so much more

You could argue that koozies are some of the most versatile promo products on the market at the moment. There are very few businesses that wouldn’t be able to use koozies to promote their products and/or services.

What Should Your Company Look for When Investing in Koozies?

If you’ve made it this far in our koozie buying guide, there’s a decent chance your company is considering investing in koozies and using them as promo products. Before you do, it’s a good idea to learn about the things you should look for in koozies prior to purchasing them.

When buying koozies, you should take a close look at:

  • What kind of material they’re made out of
  • What types of beverages they’re designed to hold
  • How much space they have for customization purposes
  • How much they cost

As we’ve alluded to, there are a lot of companies using koozies as promo products these days. This illustrates how beneficial they can be to businesses.

But it also suggests that you’re going to have to make sure your koozies are unique enough to stand out in the crowd. By thinking about the different factors we just laid out, you can find the right koozies for your business and ensure they’re unlike the other koozies being passed out by businesses in your area.

How Should Your Company Customize Your Koozies?

One of the best ways to set your company’s promotional koozies apart from the pack is by customizing them. You will have the option to customize your koozies so that they look and feel like whatever you want.

Take advantage of this by customizing every aspect of your company’s koozies from top to bottom. Whether you invest in a Collapsible Koozie Bottle Kooler, a Full Color Neoprene Collapsible Coolie, or something else, you’ll have options when it comes to customization.

You can:

  • Pick out which colors you want to appear on your koozies
  • Decide how large you want your business name and logo to be
  • Incorporate other information about your business (slogan, phone number, website, etc.) into the mix

Make it your mission to make your koozies special by thinking of everything when it’s time to customize them. People are going to be using and looking at your koozies for years to come, so you should work hard to make your koozie designs count.

Are There Other Koozie-Related Promo Products Your Company Should Consider?

Koozies are hands down some of the most effective promo products that you and your business are going to find. Once you invest in them, it won’t take you long at all to see why so many companies have used koozies as promo products in the past.

But why stop at koozies? There are also lots of other great drinkware promo products that fall into the same category as koozies. You might want to think about picking up a few of them to go with your koozies.

Some good examples of other drinkware promo products are:

  • Tumblers
  • Flasks
  • Beer buckets
  • Coasters
  • Wine glasses

Obviously, not all these promo products are going to be a great fit for your company. You might not get a lot of mileage out of, say, wine glasses if you run an auto repair shop.

But if you’re going to pick up custom koozies for your restaurant or bar, why not pick up something like beer buckets to go along with them? They’ll complement one another and help you market your business even better than you’ll be able to market it with koozies alone.

Use This Koozie Buying Guide to Purchase the Right Koozies for Your Company

At this point, you should have a much better idea of what koozies are and how they can benefit your business. As you’ve seen, there are so many advantages that come along with using koozies to market your business to the masses.

If you’re interested in investing in koozies after reading this koozie buying guide, we would love to help you do it. We have one of the largest selections of custom koozies that you’ll find on the internet today and can help you select the right ones for your business.

We can also help you customize your koozies so that they look and feel their best when you begin passing them out to your customers. They’ll appreciate the time and effort that went into them, and they’ll be sure to use them for a long time when they’re durable and made out of the right materials.

Reach out to us today with any additional questions you might have about koozies. We would be more than happy to answer them and to point you in the right direction when it comes to stocking up on custom koozies.