Advertising That Connects With The 5 Senses

Promotional Products - Reach all 5 senses when advertisingYou rarely see anyone smelling the TV during a commercial.

It’s not very often you get a glimpse of someone eating a billboard.

I doubt you see many sane people trying to reach out to touch the words broadcasted from a radio ad.

Research has proven that the more senses you can reach when advertising, the more lasting your message will be. So just hearing an advertisement isn’t as powerful as hearing and touching it. Seeing an advertising message on a billboard isn’t as effective as seeing an advertising message on a box of chocolates while smelling and tasting them.

Smell has been proven to create the most powerful impression in your brain. Automobile manufacturers use smell to connect with their customers. Think about that new car smell; it makes you want to ditch your old car and go out shopping for a new one! Those new car smells are intentional and not just a byproduct of new materials.

Think about grocery stores: Their deli is often at the front of the store and they actually pipe the smells from the chicken that is frying and the bread that is baking toward the entrance of the store. This powerful method of  marketing gets you hungry, and we all know grocery shopping when you are hungry is not good for your wallet.

So how can you incorporate more senses in your advertising?

When marketing for your company, there is only one advertising medium that can reach all 5 senses. These senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound can all be reached through the use of promotional products. The more senses you reach with your customers; the stronger bond they will form with your company. Below are options to reach each of the 5 senses.

Promotional Products to Smell

Custom Lip Balm - With hundreds of great smells

Custom Lip Balm

Lip balm is a useful giveaway for men and women. It comes in hundreds of different flavors (which you actually smell, rather than taste). You can choose from popular scents such as cherry, peppermint, coconut, green apple, or you can opt for more unique scents such as Mojito Madness, pumpkin, cotton candy, or even green tea. You can even choose a popular brand name such as EOS. These popular promotional items allow for 3 of the 5 senses to be experienced: touch, smell, and sight.

Custom Car Air FreshenersCar Air Fresheners

Think about how much time you spend in your car. If your car had a great smell that is linked to a logo that’s displayed prominently on an air freshener, that brand becomes firmly “imprinted” in your brain. Car air fresheners come in many different styles and smells. These are great giveaways not only for those within the automobile industry, but also for any business who wants to reach inside the cars of their consumers. You can choose from stock shape air fresheners or go with your own custom shape.

Promotional CandlesCandles

Promotional candles are excellent marketing items that will make their way into the most important parts of your customers lives: their home. Candles come in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and of course, scents. You can choose traditional votive or pillar style candles or go a less traditional route such as candles in a tin or even in a coffee mug! Candles make houses and office spaces smell great and look beautiful too. Women love receiving candles as gifts!


Promotional LotionLotion is a multi-billion dollar industry, which means it is an important item for most people. Skin care and health is a priority for many, so giving away promotional lotion is perfect to satisfy this need. In addition to satisfying the need to help with proper skin care from soothing lotion, you can reinforce your branding with a full color visual logo of your company on the bottle AND have the added benefit of a great smell to go along with it. Using 3 of the 5 senses with this products makes it a very effective marketing product!

Promotional Products to Taste

Promotional ChocolateChocolate

There aren’t many people that don’t LOVE chocolate. Most people love to not only receive chocolate, but they love to eat it. You can get promotional chocolate in any shape you desire. There are thousands of stock shapes available. If a particular shape isn’t available, you can have it made. Using branded chocolate gifts to reinforce your brand is a great plan since you also involve the sense of taste. You can choose from premium versions of chocolate gift baskets to low cost pieces of chocolate that are shaped to compliment your company or products you sell.

Promotional GumGum

Many people chew gum on a daily basis. For some people, be glad they do. Others chew gum as a way to release tension. Sugar-free gum has actually been proven to reduce tooth decay since it causes your mouth to produce saliva which kills bacteria in your mouth that can cause tooth decay. Gum comes in many different flavors, which uses one of the senses to further strengthen your brand when some chews it and sees the package that is printed with your logo. Choose promotional gum in a package, tin, pill bottle, or bag.


Promotional CoffeeThere aren’t many tastes and smell combinations that are quite as powerful at delivering a positive response than coffee. The popularity of coffee has increased so much over the past decade due to large coffee shop chains such as Starbucks. Giving away promotional coffee is a very powerful way to reach both the senses of taste and smell. The added bonus is that you also give away a product that millions of people love! You can opt for a coffee lovers gift basket with mugs and coffee or go with traditional ground coffee in a custom printed bag. You can even go for the more trendy K-Cup-style coffee pods that are customized with your company logo!

Promotional Products to Hear

Promotional earbudsEarbuds

While earbuds alone don’t create sound, they do generate the sound from your mp3 player or phone. Digital music sales in 2014 overtook sales of physical CDs for the first time. This increasingly popular way of listening to music is the new way of listening to tunes. Promotional earbuds with your company logo are a great giveaway to piggyback on the popularity of digital music. If you want to go with giveaways more substantial than earbuds, you can always check out the higher priced promotional headphones.

Promotional Kitchen TimersKitchen Timers

Giving away useful, yet unique, promotional items sets you far apart from your competitors. While most are giving out overused giveaways such as pens or koozies, you can give out promotional kitchen timers. These come in several different shapes and varieties, and they certainly come in handy while cooking your favorite recipes. If you can get your marketing items to stick around the kitchen, your brand will stick around in their head!

Bluetooth SpeakersBluetooth Speakers

Since listening to music is so popular, Bluetooth speakers have become increasingly popular. These speakers allow listening to digital music at a louder volume than most phones can output. They are also great for parties and get-togethers so groups of people can listen. You can choose from several types of Bluetooth speakers, from lower priced to premium speakers. If you give away Bluetooth speakers with your logo printed on them, your logo will be seen for years to come by your recipients.


If you go to a sports stadium, the chances are great that you will hear the loud banging of thundersticks. These inflatable sticks are about two feet long when inflated and are banged together to cheer on your team (or distract their opponent). These popular spirit items are great for sports fundraisers and to generate team spirit. They have a huge surface area to print your logo and every time those around hear the boom of them being hit together, your brand is further reinforced by combining both sight and hearing. Thundersticks come in either a reusable style or a disposable style.

There are many more examples of promotional items that can “touch” the 5 senses. Promotional products are THE ONLY advertising medium that can do this. That’s why they are so effective. Another advantage that promos have over other traditional types of advertising is the fact that the consumer receives a tangible item that can actually be used. For your next marketing campaign, think about products that your customers can taste, smell, hear, feel, and, of course, see.

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