All About Custom Foam Fingers and Why You Should Get Them

After a long wait- sports will of course come back. Then you can spend your weekend or afternoon at the stadium having an incredible time.

While you’re there, you’ll likely notice the reliable presence of foam fingers throughout the stands, seats, and bleachers. The foam finger has been a staple of the sports-going experience for many years and is a ubiquitous symbol of enthusiasm and ambition.

Have you ever considered using the ingrained power of a foam finger to promote your business, spice up your event, or create a memorable corporate gift? Foam fingers come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures and there’s certainly one that could be a perfect fit for your needs.

Want to learn everything about foam fingers and see why getting custom ones might be the right fit for you? Read on and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know.

History of the Foam Finger

You might feel as if the foam finger is ingrained into the very history of sports and sporting events. It’s hard to think back to going to any sort of game without seeing people holding these foam memorabilia pieces above their heads, shaking them with joy and passion.

However, the foam finger’s origins are truly more recent than you might imagine.

The very first sight of what later would become a foam finger is credited to Steve Chmelar, who made a giant paper-mache hand to support his high school basketball team in 1971.

Chmelar was an inventive high school senior who attended Iowa High School and wanted an excuse to show off his school spirit. His creation was much bigger and grander than the simple foam-finger we know of today, but it marks the first time that someone thought to inflate the idea of ‘we’re #1’ to massive visual size.

The Foam Finger As We Know It

The actual idea for the foam finger as we know it? That came from none other than a Mr. Geral Fauss, who had the concept come to him while at a high school football game back in 1978. Fauss, who was a teacher at Cy-Fair high school in Houston, Texas, was a frequent attendee at these games and an avid football fan.

While attending these games, he would notice that fans would hold their pointer fingers up and yell at the other team that ‘they were #1.’ What comes next you can probably guess: he came up with the idea to give fans a truly larger than life way to show off their school spirit.

He encouraged the industrial arts club to help him make one-dimensional oversized hands in the shape of the number-one sign. They would make these cut-outs in the color scheme of the Cy-Fair.

The fingers were expectedly a huge hit. Fauss decided to scale up, creating plywood versions of his #1 fingers and bringing them with him to the 1978 Cotton Bowl game taking place later that year. Once again, the fingers were a huge hit and Fauss sold out of entire stock before the game even began. This gave him the confidence to move forward with the fingers as a true business.

A Foam Finger Empire

Fauss took the success of his early enterprises and opened a factory in his father’s old sheet metal factory. He and his father experimented with many designs for the fingers until they landed on the polyurethane foam design that we’re all familiar with today, with the hole in the bottom that you can slide your hand into.

Today, the foam fingers are a national icon almost everyone is familiar with.

The finger itself has even earned its own coveted spot, believe it or not, in the National Football League’s Hall of Fame.

The Foam Finger in Sports and Elsewhere

If you’ve attended a sporting event at any point from the eighties onward, you’ve likely spotted these eye-catching attractions on the hands of many screaming fans. They’re still out there today, thrust around in the air with as much enthusiasm as when they were first invented.

Most commonly, you still see the foam creation used to show support for specific sports teams during games. They follow the same concept: an oversized depiction of a hand with the index finger extended straight up. They contain a slit in the base of the hand which allows a person to slide their real hand inside.

Often, the foam fingers are imprinted with some sort of design. They might say ‘we’re #1,’ or they might be the color of a particular team, with that team’s logo on the front.

Over the years, these foam fingers have been made in an endless array of colors, designs, and sizes. They’ve been as big as a person and in every color of the rainbow.

Their presence has also been co-opted for use in a variety of other locations and formats as well. Over the years, they’ve cropped up in just about any situation where competitiveness or team spirit was called for. They’ve shown their face prominently in political campaigns, most recently in support of the election of President Donald Trump.

They’ve also become popular at concerts, at fan conventions, and in parades and rallies of any kind. The energy and symbolism of the #1 mentality are so flexible that the foam fingers make a perfect addition to so many different types of events.

It’s for this very reason that you might want to consider investing in some custom foam fingers yourself.

Why Custom Foam Fingers?

There’s a lot of reasons why you might want to consider putting in a custom foam finger order yourself. There is a multitude of reasons why a custom foam finger can be advantageous for any company.

Foam Fingers to Promote Your Brand

If you run a business, foam fingers can provide the perfect way to promote your brand. You could give foam fingers away with purchases at your business, or have them available as an extra purchase.

Having foam fingers ready to hand out to clients will not only make them happy; it’ll also give them a reason to keep your company on their minds after they return home. With any luck, they’ll also bring your foam fingers to the next sporting event they attend.

Foam fingers are quite eye-catching, and you can be sure there’ll be many others at the game who will get familiar with your brand just by catching sight of this large and in-charge foam finger.

It’s a perfect and cost-effective form of marketing that will make your clients just as happy as you are.

Foam Fingers to Boost Morale

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve probably heard it a hundred times: keeping morale up at your company can be essential in hitting the levels of success. Motivated employees will put in stellar work, and you need that stellar work for your business to succeed.

It’s essential that your employees feel invested in the company, and that they want to root for its success as if it was their own.

There’s no better way to encourage this kind of team mentality than with custom foam fingers. If you’re holding a big morale-boosting event for your business, including custom foam fingers can give your whole workforce a reason to cheer.

There’s no better way to tackle business goals than with a ‘we’re #1’ mentality firmly in place. The foam fingers also serve as a perfect gift that your employees can take home, share with their family, and take to the next big game.

If you need to fundraise for your business, selling foam fingers is also a great and cost-effective way to raise funds.

Celebrate the Good News

It’s not all business and work, either. There are a lot of reasons why you might want to bulk order custom foam fingers. For example, you’ve recently taken over organizing the perfect bachelorette party.

If the special friend in your life has something to cheer about it, why not make that cheering more literal with custom foam fingers? This kind of gift can be a great addition to any sort of celebration, party or event.

Whether someone is getting married, promoted, or getting over an illness, foam fingers display that their community is rooting them on.

Foam fingers double as a perfect gift for guests to take home and enjoy as memorabilia.

Benefits of Custom Foam Fingers

When it comes to deciding upon a gift or item to spice up your next event, consider foam fingers for multiple reasons.

For one, they’re incredibly affordable and cost-efficient. You need a gift that can be high-impact and enjoyable without breaking the bank.

The exact cost of a batch of custom foam fingers will depend on the specifics of your order, but it’s not hard to work towards your budget and still come out on top.

If you’re in a pinch before a major event, have the foam fingers sent to you in no time.

If you’ve really left yourself no time to get the job done, you can always rush order for faster processing.

A foam finger, despite its affordability, is also a gift that can last a long time. A person who takes their foam finger home likely only will take it out for sporting events. The rest of the time they will display in prominent view in their home for guests to see.

Each recipient of your foam finger might hold onto it and display it proudly for years to come.

That’s quite a long time for such a simple, affordable, and effective item! They can keep the conversation around your business or event going for a long time.

All About Foam Fingers

Custom foam fingers can be an amazing way to spice up any event. Get the word out about your business or simply commemorate a good time with foam fingers.

Have questions about designing the perfect foam finger for your own purposes? Reach out to us anytime for help and assistance.

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