Top 3 Customized Business Calendar To Help Your Employees Stay Organized

Recall the last agenda or reminder you wrote down on a post-it note. Now recall the last reminder you set on your mobile device. The former was probably easier to remember than the latter. Why? Neuropsychologists have identified a memory phenomenon known as the generation effect.  This effect theorizes that memory performance improves when individuals produce material during the learning process i.e writing. How does this actually work? Cutting out all the science jargon and confusion when we produce material such as writing when learning it activates multiple brain regions that are responsible for retention. This of course can lead to ample benefits such as increased productivity and organization. In business, it is important to not only inspire your employees but also aid them in organization and productivity. There are multiple ways to go about this, but providing your employees with customized business calendars is a simple and economical tool to use. 

Ideal Industries: 

  • Corporate 
  • Hospitals 
  • Service 
  • Hospitality 
  • Construction

Customized Business Calendars For Desks

 A desk calendar was the first “adulting” calendar I ever purchased. I overpaid for it too. But, since graduating college I’ve found myself purchasing a new one each year. Desk calendars provide that quick and easy jot down space for quick notes or a “hey what you doing on [insert date]” scenario. Our Vinyl Desk Pad is the perfect customized business calendar for your employees. This vinyl desk pad features: 

  • Large overview of the month 
  • Lined note area 
  • Clear vinyl pocket-footer 

Your business logo will be hot stamped on the large pocket header made of heavy suede vinyl. A professional topper for any desk this customized business calendar is a great tool to help your employees stay organized. 

On-The-Go Customized Business Calendar 

As a famous blonde-haired country singer once sang: 

‘Working 5 to 9, you’ve got passion and a vision

‘Cause it’s hustlin’ time, a whole new way to make a livin’

Dolly hit the nail on the head. Monday-Friday can get overwhelming and stressful, which can lead to people forgetting meeting times or different events. A good way to combat this challenge is to get draft an outline for the week ahead but with anticipation that things could change in a beat. A useful tool to keep track of things while on the go is our handy dandy Standard Weekly Pocket Planner.  Two pages are dedicated to Monday-Friday slots giving employees the space needed to draft and edit their schedules. Additionally, the header for each week is an overview of the calendar of the month for tracking convenience. Your business logo will be printed front and center of the planner’s cover page (2 1/2″w x 4 1/8″h)  making this item the perfect customized business calendar. 

Send Encouragement With Customized Business Calendars 

Let’s say your company just hit a record-breaking number in sales or a record-breaking number in new clients. You’ve had the celebration office party or dinner. You’ve given your employees the proper compensation. But you want to give them something a little extra. Something personal that shows your appreciation for their hard work. Our Greeting Card With Magnetic Calendar is the sprinkles on top of the icing. This greeting card will reach your employees folded and sealed with a clear wafer seal. Send out your appreciation with a custom message on the inner top flap of the card. Additionally, the calendar magnet will be customized to your design and the front of the card will mimic this design. Consider, once your employee receives this they will most likely stick it on their fridge for the rest of the year. A small yet impactful tool this customized business calendar is simple and memorable.

Take Note And Contact Us Today! 

With the changing of office spaces and hybrid work from home schedules staying organized is critical but it can be difficult without the proper tools. Customized business calendars are simple and economical. An organizational tool that your business can easily share with your employees. Take the stress out of organization with these customized business calendars. Let Us handle the printing! Contact Us Today

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