Top 5 Appreciation Gifts For Healthcare Workers

Top 5 appreciation gifts for healthcare workers

An estimated 180,000 healthcare workers have died from Covid-19 from January 2020 to May 2021. In the United States, over 3,600 US healthcare workers died due to Covid-19–California (332), Texas (349), and New York (453) having the highest death toll. Covid-19 has dramatically impacted our society. Healthcare workers became the frontline of defense as many global governments struggled to prevent the spread of the virus. With resources depleting and stress escalating, local and commercial businesses have shown support by donating their goods and services to hospitals. How can your business do the same? Although donations of medical supplies such as N-95 masks and other PPE are hard to come by, your business can still show support with these 5 appreciation gifts for healthcare workers. 

The Health Care Workers Trusty Tool 

The pen. Having worked as a therapy tech myself, I can stand by this claim. Everyone shares pens, which really means they’re lost forever after that. Pens are a must-have for healthcare workers. Not just any pen. It needs to be a click-action pen like the Coleman Ballpoint pen by Perfect Imprints. Fully customizable, it features a plunge-action mechanism, matte sliver body, colored soft grip, and chrome trims. This pen is perfect for the fast pace note-taking hospital environment, which makes them great appreciation gifts for healthcare workers. 

Help Healthcare Workers Elevate Pain 

The standard 12-hour shifts that healthcare workers undergo put stress and discomfort on the body. Especially the joints. Evaluate the aches and pains with the Ultra Soft Hot/Cold Pack by Perfect Imprints. This gel-filled pack with a soft cover is gentle on the skin while providing relief. Hot/Cold therapy is known to smooth aches and pains and can relieve symptoms such as: 

  • Muscle aches, spams, and pain 
  • Lower and upper back pain 
  • Stiff, swollen, or tender joints 
  • Neck stiffness 
  • Finger, hand, wrist pain 
  • Knew pain 

The heat boosts blood flow and nutrients to an area of the body ideal of warming up muscles and healing, while the cold slows blood flow to reduce swelling-ideal for curving the pain. Hot/cold packs provided a fast relief to healthcare workers’ aches and pain. 

Staying Hydrated 

For healthcare workers, taking a small water break is a luxury. Especially during busy periods. It gives them a chance to take a moment to themselves and get off their feet for a few minutes. Supply these hard-working healthcare workers with Perfect Imprints 17 oz. water bottle with fruit infuser. This borosilicate glass bottle features a wide mouth opening with a single wall bottle equipped with a removable fruit infuser and is BPA-free. Add some flavor to these health care workers’ water break while adding some color to your brand. 

Handy Dandy Sanitizers 

Aside from handwashing with soap and hot water, hand sanitizers are the second-best method to prevent the spread of germs. Hand sanitizers

  • Require less time than hand washing 
  • Act quickly to kill microorganisms 
  • More accessible than sinks 
  • Reduce bacterial counts on hand 
  • Less irritating to the skin 

Perfect Imprints has a wide selection of portable hand sanitizers like the SanGo L. This on-the-go sanitizer bottle is equipped with a carabiner to enable easy portable so that no healthcare worker leaves the house without their handy dandy sanitizer. The bottle contains 1.8 oz of citrus-scented antibacterial sanitizer gel that meets FDA standards. 

Other Antibacterial Cleansers 

Another item that is often touched is our phones. The average cell phone harbors 25,127 bacteria per square inch. For healthcare workers, this number could be much larger. Perfect Imprints has the tool to combat this problem. The spray phone sanitizer. By giving this gift to healthcare workers, you are helping reduce their germ exposure while your brand gets the right kind of exposure. 

Comfortable Cover Up 

While on duty, healthcare workers must wear PPE-such as an N-95 mask. Although it gives full protection, these masks can be uncomfortable after long periods of wear. While healthcare workers must wear N-95s in a hospital setting, your brand can provide them with a comfortable alternative for non-hospital settings. The Husky Fandana by Perfect Imprints is a thick 170 GSM fabric that is an all-purpose unisex accessory-face mask, headband, skullcap, scrunchie, neck warmer, and muffler. Give healthcare workers a comfortable cover-up while featuring your brand.   

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Acknowledge your local hospital and the workers in your area with these 5 appreciation gifts for healthcare workers. A little appreciation can go along, especially in times of uncertainty and stress. Let us, Perfect Imprints, help you! 

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