Are You Communicating To Your Customers Through Their Desired Medium?

Are you communicating to your customers in their desired format?Just last week, a client texted me a request for an order of promotional products. Another client called my personal cell phone. A different long-term client sent me a Facebook request for an order. I had 2 requests through LinkedIn for estimates. Countless others emailed and called my office phone number to place orders. We had many online orders from our website and even a few through our Live Chat system. Others stopped by my office in person. About the only type of communication that I did NOT receive this past week is a mailed letter.

Wow! What a variety of ways to communicate!

As I looked back on the busy week, it is obvious that every client has their personal preference for communication. Some are shy and find more comfort in communication through social media, while others like the old fashioned face-to-face chat or just a simple phone call. Email is certainly an easy and very popular means of communications. E-commerce continues to grow at a phenomenal rate! I’m sure there will be other ways of communicating soon.

Are You Communicating Effectively?

Because of the diverse preferences of customers, you must be willing to experiment with many different communication platforms to reach your potential customers. If you don’t, your competitors will. If you don’t begin to embrace social media and technology, your company will fail to reach its full potential. You will become obsolete.

The Challenge

Of course, monitoring too many social media platforms can be time intensive and non-productive. Therefore, assess the bulk of your customers and find out what platforms they are using. Wherever they are; you need to be there.

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