Back to School Promotional Products

Back to School Promotional ProductsAugust is known for hot weather and, of course, back to school time. Department stores and retail stores are full of parents and students shopping for back to school clothing, school supplies, and dorm accessories. Each school year, a whole new set of gear is needed to equip students with the accessories they need to obtain their education.

As a business, you can utilize this nationwide dash of school supply shopping to promote your business. If you give away useful school supplies with your business logo printed on them, you will not only grab the attention of the student using that item, but also of the dozens of other students that are around that student. Once you find the right products that the students will use, they will use that same item around their parents too, which introduces your company to them.

Below is a list of common and useful back to school promotional products that make great giveaways during this busy time of year. With the back to school supply list growing each year, parents will certainly welcome some of these items from you since it will save them money on the huge list of supplies they have to buy.

Back to School Promotional Product Ideas

Custom BackpacksBackpacks

In order to carry around textbooks, notebooks, pens, and other necessary school supplies, a backpack is a must. However, if your goal is for the students to use the backpacks to carry around their school supplies, you have get a durable and large enough backpack. The drawstring type backpacks won’t work for this purpose. Opt for the 600D polyester backpacks so they can take the abuse of the heavy textbooks.

The drawstring backpacks are perfect for students to pack their clothes and other needed items for their after school activities such as clubs, sports, or band. These are much lower priced than the backpacks needed for their books.

Custom Lunch Bags - Lunch Box for Back to SchoolLunch Boxes

If students want a meal that is actually healthy and tastes good, they have to bring their own lunch to school. After all, some schools actually count french fries as a vegetable! Lunch boxes are a popular item to buy for back to school; however, rarely does anyone actually carry a lunch box, but instead a lunch bag. Why not give out branded lunch bags with your company logo? Choose a stylish bag that kids will be proud to carry. You might want to think about two different styles/colors for both boys and girls.

Water BottlesPromotional Water Bottles

Most schools have banned sodas and only allow students to bring water to drink during the school day. Whether your child packs a drink in their lunch bag or just carries it around in their backpack, a good, leak-proof water bottle is a necessary to stay hydrated during the school day. If you go with a double-walled bottle, you can fill the bottle with ice and water to stay cold throughout the day and prevent condensation from getting books and important papers wet. Tritan water bottles have become very popular because of their durability, expensive look, and the fact they are BPA-free.

Custom Academic Monthly PlannersAcademic Planners

You can’t be successful in school without planning. In order to plan appropriately, an academic planner is a necessity. These planners are great for both students and teachers. These types of planners include a calendar with large blocks on each day to write down when assignments are due as well as various activities for the day. These are a must to stay organized during the busy school year. Choose from several different cover colors to match the school colors.

Promotional PencilsPencils

The lower grades require students to write with pencils. Some of upper level students also prefer to write in pencil when doing math problems. By writing in pencil, mistakes can easily be erased, since they certainly happen in math! Pencils are very low-cost promotional giveaways that even small businesses can afford to give away thousands to elementary schools.

Promotional PensPens

Older students prefer to write in pen; therefore, a well-writing pen makes great giveaways for high school and college students. As students advance in their education, they have to take many notes. Promotional pens are excellent giveaways since they are useful and they tend to stick around for months or even years (until someone steals it). There are many options of pens from which to choose so you can easily match school colors.

There are many other back to school supplies that make great giveaways such as rulers, calculators, erasers, pencil pouches, highlighters, and much more. See all of the Happy Back to School!

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