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Barbecue In Style: The Best Custom Aprons

Want to show your employees you appreciate them, break down departmental silos, inspire gratitude and create a family-friendly environment?

A company barbecue can achieve all these aims and more.

Maybe it’s an in-house celebration to mark the completion of a successful season or the kickoff to an exciting new project. Or, you might host a larger get-together and invite your regional partners and clients to join in.

Regardless, attendees want to stand by the grill in style. Custom aprons are an ideal way to let them showcase their brand loyalty while also keeping them protected at the same time.

Instead of pulling the same raggedy hand-me-downs from the company closet every time it’s time to flip some burgers, why not invest in a few of these creative accessories?

Today, we’re taking a look at some of the best barbecue aprons on the market, all of which are perfectly designed for you to add your custom company touch.

Ready to learn more? Let’s fire it up!

Why Buy Barbecue Aprons?

Even if you’re just throwing a barbecue for your internal teams and their families, any event such as this can quickly turn into a chaotic, fast-paced gathering. This is especially the case when you bring in outside customers or partners.

Suddenly, everyone is talking to each other and potential connections are being made, but if no one is identified, these opportunities can be missed.

To make sure everyone knows who works for your company, custom barbecue aprons are key. Let your grillmasters wear them and keep a few on hand for the side buffet line as well.

Not only do they help unify your teams, but they are also practical, to boot. No one wants to throw a piece of meat on the grill just to be splashed by grease and ruin their work clothes. These aprons are designed to serve as protective coverings that also pull double-duty in the marketing department.

1. The 100% Cotton Original

Sometimes, the most basic design is the best, as it allows your company logo to truly stand out.

When you’re looking to buy personalized aprons in bulk, a solid-colored, 100% cotton version is ideal. Washable, great-fitting and endlessly customizable, these are the go-to choice for companies around the country.

Choose from royal blue, black, red or a natural background color based on which hue will look the best with your logo. The large front pocket is a great spot to screen print or heat transfer your design, and it can also be placed on the center chest location.

The tie straps make this one-size-fits-all apron both adjustable and comfortable for a full day of wear. Looking for more color options and a slightly sturdier fit? A cotton canvas apron includes a neck strap for added support.

2.  The 3-Pocket Bib for Accessories

Do you take a more sophisticated approach to grilling, using a few accessories to get the most out of the experience?

From your grill brush to your tongs and spatula, you’ll need to come prepared, especially if you’re cooking for a crew.

In that case, a one-pocket apron might not offer you enough storage space. To keep all of your necessities at arm’s reach, a 3-pocket bib apron is perfect.

With an adjustable neck strap and waist ties, it’s as comfortable as it is stylish, made from a polyester and cotton twill blend. Choose from among black, royal blue, hunter green, white and burgundy to make your logo pop.

While screen print, full-color, and heat transfer options are available, you can also amplify the quality by opting to have your design embroidered on each apron.

Need a little more coverage? This full-width apron comes with a divided patch pocket.

3. The BBQ Pro Version

Want to celebrate a particularly special employee? Perhaps it’s your CFO, who’s led your teams to unparalleled financial success this quarter. Or, maybe it’s a standout team member who went above and beyond on a client deliverable.

Either way, this BBQ Now apron and 3-Piece Set is the way to go.

These screen printed aprons are attractive and professional, and each comes equipped with a spatula, tongs, fork, oven mitt, as well as salt and pepper shakers. Their nylon material makes them durable and long-lasting.

Print your logo on the front flap and turn heads at your next outdoor company party. Available in black only, this apron highlights your design and is well-suited for even the simplest motifs.

4. The Denim 3-Pocket Apron for Style

Looking to add a little personality and style to your barbecue aprons? This dark denim version is an unexpected way to do just that.

Featuring three pockets for convenient storage, these aprons allow your company logo to take the stage front and center.

With an adjustable neck strap and side ties, they’re comfortable for all-day wear. They’re also a great choice if you’re hosting a more professional gathering of both outside clients and in-house employees. Paired with khakis or neutral slacks, they offer a classic look that leaves an impression.

The most fashion-forward authorities agree that denim is in style, and in a big way. It’s gracing the runways, the retail centers and now, your company barbecue. Embrace this trend with a denim apron that’s as polished and long-lasting as your brand reputation.

5. The Buckle Style for Class and Comfort

An adjustable neck strap is a mainstay for the top-quality barbecue aprons, but sometimes you need a little extra reinforcement. This is where a buckle-style apron comes in.

Slide the buckle to raise or lower the apron and adjust sizing. This way, employees of varying heights can all make use of the same style. With three lower pockets, a pen pocket and the option to screen print, heat transfer or embroider your logo, you can’t go wrong.

Affix your logo on the top left, right or center of the apron. Or, if you’re looking to really stand out and get noticed, create a full-front design that’s unmissable.

6.  The All-in-One Super Grill Apron

Want everyone to know that you’re at the helm of the grill? Leave no questions as to your authority when you slip on this Super Grill apron.

Fill the three front pockets with the included stainless steel, wooden-handled accessories, including a serrated spatula (with bottle opener), cooking fork and tongs.

The 600D polyester apron will hold up in the wash and is impenetrable by splatter. Ensure a great fit by using the built-in snaps to securely close the apron around your waist. When the party is over and it’s time to unwind, the apron transforms by rolling up into a convenient carrying case for the included tools.

With an adjustable neck loop and extra-long side straps, this apron is suited for anyone at your gathering and can turn any attendee into the star of the show.

7. The Striped Version for the Chef

Nothing says “respectable chef” like a classic, black-and-white apron. When you want to display your professionalism, this striped bib apron is a great choice.

Heat transfer your logo right above the pocket to display your company affiliation. The 100% cotton canvas material wipes down easily and can be thrown in the wash without a second thought.

With two included pockets for handy storage, it’s one apron that will never go out of style.

As they aren’t quite as long or heavy as other models listed here, these are ideal for sideline servers dishing up baked beans, casseroles and desserts. Buy these in bulk and keep them in the company kitchen for easy access any time you have a reason to celebrate!

8. The Heavy-Duty One for Durability

Planning to host an all-day barbecue full of sauce, seasonings and all kinds of grease-slinging fun? If so, you’ll need a durable apron capable of standing up to all kinds of splatter.

This heavy-duty one is perfect, with plenty of room to allow your logo to shine. With left, right, center and full-front layout options, you can choose a subtle or oversized design depending on your style.

Made of 100% heavy cotton canvas, this bib apron is a slightly heavier weight than our other versions, which also makes it our strongest one.

The waist ties secure with metal eyelets to ensure a snug fit and the adjustable neckband knot also comes equipped with a metal eyelet detail.

As an added bonus, this apron is OEKO-TEX certified. This is an independent product label that tests textiles to ensure against the inclusion of harmful substances. Materials that pass this test are devoid of such chemicals, from their general fabric and coating to their accessory parts including buttons, studs, and zippers.

This way, you can rest assured that even though it’s bulkier than some models, this heavy-duty apron offers the utmost in product safety and reliability.

9. The Medium-Length Standard

Looking for customized aprons that are a little longer than bib options but not quite as full-length as longer ones? This simple medium-length apron fits the bill.

Available in a range of colors from kelly green to khaki, you can customize these to complement your logo design.

Made from a polyester/cotton twill blend, they feature a 1-inch wide neck strap with built-in slider adjustment. To ensure quality, these aprons are reinforced at stress points that normally see the most wear and tear. This is especially important if you plan to keep these on-hand for all kinds of company events.

The bottom apron is triple-divided, affording you three different pouches to hold all your grilling gear and accessories.

Screen print, heat transfer or embroider your company design on this apron for a clean and minimalist look that delivers.

10. The Complete Grill Master’s Kit

Sometimes, you need more than just a few basic tools to get the job done. When you’re ready to up the ante and really bring the flavor, this Grill Master Apron is where it’s at.

When it comes to design options, this one has tons of variety, allowing you to display your logo against a camouflage, royal blue, black or red style. When you purchase the kit, you’ll not only receive the apron.

You’ll also get a detachable bottle opener, padded oven mitt and grilling towel so you can handle those juicy burgers and all-the-way hot dogs with ease.

Want to make sure your cold one is never too far away? One of the front pockets on this apron is insulated and the perfect size for a beverage to slip in. When you’re ready to wash it, the neck strap comes off easily, as do the side tie strings. Toss it in the machine without a second thought.

Find the Custom Aprons You Need Today

Are you planning your next company barbecue? If so, you’ve likely got your hands full.

Between preparing the menu, assigning duties, reserving a space and fine-tuning your guest list, you may forget the minor details that can make your event one to remember.

Buying custom aprons in bulk is a step to remember, as it instantly gives a sense of solidarity to those behind the grill. This way, as attendees come up to fill their plates, they instantly know who each cook works for, making it easy to strike up a conversation and make a connection.

Ready to mark this step off of your event planning to-do list? We can help.

Browse our full inventory of customizable BBQ aprons here. Looking for a promotional gift you can give away at the event? These BBQ gift sets make a great party favor!

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