Benefits of Using Custom Exercise Sliders

Now that we are all working out at home, it’s important to find ways to make it the most beneficial- like adding in custom exercise sliders. Switching up the type of exercises you do as well as the equipment used is crucial. If you repeat the same workouts using the same equipment, your muscles get used to it and don’t respond as quickly or even as much any longer.

One way to shake things up and give your muscles many different ways to work out is with exercise sliders. While they may not seem like much at first glance, exercise sliders offer numerous benefits for the body. If you’re a company looking to switch things up and provide your employees or clients with a beneficial gift, our customized exercise sliders are the perfect choice whether you’re a fitness company or just a company that takes fitness seriously.

Are you looking for ways to engage with your customers and employees? Maybe you want to encourage them to take care of their health right now, as it’s more important than ever. Working out helps boost our immune systems, which we all need in great condition right now in order to stay healthy.

Gifting exercise discs helps encourage your employees and clients to try something new, which we could all use some encouragement to do right now. Gift the discs with a little card that explains the benefits and watch your employees and clients relish in the excitement of this giveaway!

Check out the benefits of exercise discs below.

Engage the Core

If you’ve ever tried using custom exercise sliders while in a stationary position, such as the plank, you know all about this. The sliders take what may have been the most stable position (you excel at planking) and made it unstable instantly.

What does this mean for your core? It has to work even harder to maintain that balance. Brilliant! Now your muscles that are so used to planking that they can stay in that position all day have to work harder and in different ways. You just made it easier to create new muscles in your core, giving you the body you’ve dreamt of but couldn’t figure out how to achieve.

Why is balance important? You need balance all throughout your life. As you age, balance becomes something that may lessen, especially if you don’t practice it. Strengthening your muscles now to properly balance will set you up for even better health as you age.

Work your Muscles Harder

Do you feel as if you don’t quite work out as hard anymore? It could be your muscles getting used to the same old exercises. If you love these moves, but just need something more, consider custom  exercise sliders. Just the addition of this little piece of equipment makes the muscles work in a different way.

You’ll work the same muscles harder, but you’ll also engage those even smaller muscles behind the bigger muscles that would otherwise get unworked and unloved. What does this mean for your body? You’ll see more definition and you’ll likely even feel sore after working out. When was the last time you felt sore? That’s how amazing these little discs can be for your body.

Even if you aren’t looking to be a ‘bodybuilder’ working your muscles harder doesn’t mean you build huge muscles. It means you’ll make your core stronger, which increases balance and stability. It may also help you have more endurance and build the body definition you desire.

A No-Impact Exercise

Now’s not the time to try new high-impact exercises and take the chance of getting hurt. Custom exercise sliders give you a full body workout without the high impact. This means the workout is easy on your joints but hard on those muscles.

Working out ‘hard’ doesn’t have to mean beating your body up until the point of exhaustion. It means working your body smart, not necessarily hard. Engaging the right muscles, giving them the right amount of resistance, and switching up what you do is crucial and sliders make it incredibly easy. Anyone can use them, even if you have knee pain, for example. You don’t have to worry about putting unnecessary pressure on joints that could make it impossible to work out at all.

We find that sliders are actually a great option for those with joint issues because it gives the body that extra resistance it needs to push it to the next level without risking your joints. Whether you have knee pain, elbow pain, or any other joint paint, the sliders don’t put any pressure on those joints, but help you take your exercise to the next level allowing you to build more muscle.

Works your Brain Too

This may sound crazy, but let’s think about it. If you add custom exercise sliders to your workout, suddenly your body has to slow down. Your brain has to be engaged and you have to slowly think about how you’re going to regain your stability. Suddenly working out is a full-body and mind experience, not just a numbing time that you go through the motions and hope that you see results.

You must engage your brain so that it tells your body what to do. Whether you use the sliders on your feet for lunges or your arms during a plank, it takes time and careful thinking to engage the right muscles and keep your stability. It’s okay if it takes time, just think of it as exercising your body and brain – what a great workout!

Get More Flexible

How many of you have wished you could have your flexibility back? It’s one of those things that if you don’t use it, you lose it. Custom exercise sliders help bring it back. You don’t have to get all crazy with workout positions you could never imagine doing at your age. Instead, you just place the sliders under your hands or feet and do the same workouts you normally do. Your body will naturally become more flexible because it has to work harder to keep the positions.

Sliders help you get flexible in areas you wouldn’t even think about. For example, your inner thighs are often a hard place to work out and make more flexible. Add sliders to your workout and you’ll earn that flexibility faster than you thought possible.

Use Promotional Exercise Sliders in Many Types of Workouts

Don’t think that sliders are only for stationary exercises, though. Yes, they are great to enhance the plank or other yoga and Pilate positions, but they are great for aerobic and dance workouts too. Lunges, reverse lunges, plank jack slides, and mountain climbers have never been more hard working before without sliders! Have some fun and see how you can incorporate the custom exercise sliders in your favorite workouts.

Custom Exercise Sliders for your Clients and Employees

Now is a perfect time to encourage your clients and employees to try something new. As we all figure out our new normal, we have to find ways to keep our bodies engaged. Working out at home may feel so different and even lackluster, which is why gifting customized exercise sliders now is a great option.

Our sliders are affordable, yet high quality. They come in sets of 2 and can be customized with your company name and logo. What a great way to thank your employees and clients for helping keep your business going, especially in times like now?

The sliders work well on the carpet or hard floor. They are also small enough to transport around with you to other places. Once gyms open, the sliders can easily be brought along to class. What a great way to engage others in a conversation about your company or just provide even more advertising for your business all because you provided a gift to your employees or clients.

If you’re looking for a unique way to gift your employees or clients, consider the customized exercise discs we offer. They are available in black, red, or blue and completely customizable for your business. They make a great giveaway for fitness companies, health coaches, doctors, therapists, or any company that likes to encourage their employees to work out and stay healthy.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about how to choose the right promotional products for your company.  We are happy to help you choose the products and understand the best way to customize them to reward your employees/clients as well as advertise your business. We look forward to working with you soon.

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