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Best Laid Plans Bring In The Bucks: 10 Ways To Use Custom Beach Towels For Summer Fundraisers

You’re always looking for creative ideas for fundraisers.

Charity and giving back to your community is a huge part of your company culture. But you also want to make sure you have something to show attendees and donors your appreciation.

This year, you’ve decided that your fundraiser should take place on a beach. You want to find themed promotional products that will be useful long after the fundraiser is over.

Enter the idea of custom beach towels.

These branded beach towels are much more versatile than you might initially think. So, what can you use them for?

Keep on reading this post to find out.

1. As a Contest Prize

Let’s face it: without a few contests to spice things up, typical fundraisers can get dull fairly quickly.

It’s up to you to keep people interested — and giving to your cause.

Luckily, custom beach towels are the perfect prize to give to contest winners. Plus, there is no shortage of ways to tap into your competitive side while also enjoying a day at the beach.

Start things off with a rousing game of beach volleyball. You could do a men vs. women tournament, a client vs. corporate match, or even create teams at random.

Other popular beach games include bocce ball, cornhole, or even badminton.

Everyone on the winning team walks away with a custom beach towel with your brand’s logo on it. This way, they’ll always remember the fundraiser — and your company’s generosity.

The goalofh promotional items is to find branded products that are actually useful. You also want to think outside the box. While, yes, branded pens are a safe staple, you want to show off your creative side a bit more.

You need to think of these promotional items as a form of cost-effective advertising. In addition to keeping your brand’s name in the minds of winners? Everyone else who sees someone using their branded beach towel will learn about your brand, too.

2. As a Picnic Blanket

After a rousing day of playing competitive beach games, we’re willing to bet that your fundraiser attendees are going to need some chow.

Custom logo beach towels make for the perfect picnic blanket — because no one wants to eat directly on the sand.

Plus, giving the fundraiser attendees a towel to sit on shows that you’ve truly thought of everything. When you can make it clear that you’re a considerate company, people will be much more likely to give to your cause.

You can serve your beach food buffet-style, or pack a few individual coolers that a few people can share.

Remember that lunchtime is a great way for people to mingle and learn more about your cause. Ensure that one of your team members is sitting with someone who may give to the cause. You could even use the lunch break as a time to make a quick speech and explain what you’re raising money for in greater detail.

If you really want to take your branding to the next level, you can pick up some decals or bumper stickers and place them on the side of a cooler or picnic basket.

3. To Decorate a Table

Beach towels with logo also make for wonderful makeshift tablecloths.

The goal here is to show off your branding as much as possible, to make it much more likely to stick in the minds of your partygoers. Plus, putting a beach towel down on top of a table makes cleanup a lot easier!

In addition to having your beach towel act as a tablecloth, consider other forms of branded, beach-themed decorations to make the perfect table setting or scape.

You could add a few small branded beach balls, some sand buckets and shovels with branded stickers on them, or even scatter a few pairs of branded sunglasses across the table.

As a bonus?

Remember that a well-decorated table also makes guests likely to snap a photo to upload to social media. In addition to peppering the table with branded items?

Also, place a card with a hashtag you’ve created for the event on the table. That way, guests can upload their photos — and you’ll be able to learn more about your target market after the fact.

4. As Wall Decor at a Party

After a long day out in the sun, you may decide that it’s time to head indoors for a little while.

We love the idea of connecting with a local bar or restaurant near the beach to continue the second half of your fundraiser. This is where you can deliver your “hard pitch” when it comes to actually raising the money you need.

Of course, just because you’ve transitioned off of the beach doesn’t mean you have to stop using branded items to promote your event.

Keep in mind that custom beach towels make for perfect wall decor. Get to the bar a bit early, and hang them from the rafters to make it clear where your guests should sit.

This won’t just help make sure that everyone attending the fundraiser knows where to go.

It will also let other bar or restaurant patrons know more about your company, and the cause you’re raising money for. Who knows? The branded beach towels may even help you to raise funds from generous patrons who happened to be in the bar.

And even if those patrons don’t give?

They’ll still want to learn more about your company.

5. To Make Forts for Kids

Children are welcome at a fundraiser, but let’s face it: sometimes it can be a serious challenge to keep them entertained.

You don’t want the adults attending your event to spend so much time chasing after their kids that they can’t enjoy themselves — or learn more about your fundraiser.

If you’ve made your fundraiser a kid-friendly event, then you need to be proactive.

Luckily, custom logo beach towels can help.

You can set up a few clotheslines, put out some clothespins, and even leave out some poster paper, stickers, and markers so kids can make signs. Your custom beach towels make for the perfect fort-building material.

Not only will the kids stay busy.

The parents will thank you for giving them some much-needed time off. If you’re on the beach, just designate a team member or create a rotation schedule that ensures someone is watching the children at all times.

6. As an Item in a Beach Kit

Perhaps a raffle is a part of your fundraising strategy.

We love the idea of auctioning off a few beach kits to the highest bidder — with all the proceeds going to the charity your company has decided to support.

A custom beach towel makes for the perfect “central item” in your SWAG beach kit.

You can also include tons of other beach-themed items.

For example, order some branded sunscreen and toss the bottles in the bag. You can get custom sunglasses, some lip balm with your company’s logo on it, and even some branded frisbees to let the games begin.

If you want to take things to the next level, you can also invest in branded flip-flops to toss in your beach kit.

Finish by placing all the items in a branded tote bag.

Now that’s a kit worth bidding on!

7. For a Day in the Sun

Of course, logo beach towels also make the perfect mat for just sitting or laying out in the sun.

While it’s important to have activities for your fundraiser, you also want to give your attendees plenty of time to relax.

To make it as easy as possible, get to the beach early and stake out your claim. Set out a few rows of your branded beach towels, and place rocks or even books on the corners to stop them from blowing away.

Of course, there may be some people at your event who prefer to hang in the shade.

For those folks, consider ordering larger beach umbrellas or even a tent with your brand’s logo on it.

This way, you’ll be able to catch the eyes of everyone on the beach.

Don’t be surprised if a few random beachgoers come up to you, and are interested in learning a bit more about your company and fundraiser.

8. Draped over the Back of Team Member’s Chairs

When you’re hosting a fundraiser, you want to make it as easy as possible for your guests to find your team members.

Draping custom logo beach towels over the backs of your team’s chairs makes it easy for them to stand out. That way, your guests can ask them questions about the cause and, in the process, your company.

If you want to take things to the next level, you can also pick up some branded beach chairs.

Especially if you know that the attendees are serious beachgoers, they’ll definitely use the chairs again in the future. That means more cost-effective advertising for your brand!

9. To Clean up After a Race

Perhaps the main event at your fundraiser is a 5k run or walk.

This is an awesome way to get people enthusiastic about giving ahead of time, and it’s perfect for those who are geared towards a more active lifestyle.

If you’re having a race on the beach, we also suggest that you invest in branded tee-shirts for runners to wear. That way, your company will get some serious attention as the runners race along the waterfront.

Of course, your runners will also need a way to clean themselves up after a tough race.

That’s where your custom printed beach towels will come in handy. You can order smaller sizes that they can wipe down with after a race.

Or, you can give them the larger sizes that they can drape over themselves after they’ve finished running.

Either way, we know they’ll love it!

You can even create gold, silver, and bronze medals or trophies to hand out to the race winners. Having a silly “awards ceremony” is a fun way to incentivize people to take part in the race.

You could also give out discount coupons for your goods and services to the winners.

10. The Old-Fashioned Way

Of course, the best way to use custom logo beach towels is sometimes the old-fashioned way.

Beach towels are the perfect way to dry off after a day spent swimming in the water, whether at the pool or the beach.

They’re also ideal for making a sarong to wear while you’re out of the water. You can even use a beach towel to protect your hair while you ride a few waves.

There’s pretty much no limit to what you can use a custom beach towel for.

Are You Ready to Order Custom Beach Towels for Your Event?

We hope that this post has helped to serve as a reminder that there are countless different ways you can use custom beach towels to promote both your fundraiser and your company as a whole.

Remember, you don’t have to spend the day at the beach to make use of awesome logo beach towels! You can use them as decor, in gift baskets, and even to make forts for kids (and fun-loving adults.)

Are you ready to place an order for custom beach towels for your company? Interested in picking up other beach-themed promotional items?

Don’t settle for anything less than the best.

We know you’ll love both the quality and the selection we offer. So, place your order with us today.

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