10 Best Promotional Fitness Equipment Ideas For Fitness Brands

10 Best Promotional Fitness Equipment Ideas For Fitness Brands

The world of fitness is a tough one to get into. Finding the best promotional fitness equipment that fits your style and budget can be difficult, even if you’ve been running a health and fitness business for years.

That’s where promotional fitness equipment comes in! Promotional equipment can help fitness companies grow by giving them something unique and easy to use that their customers will want.

But which ones are right to promote your business? We’ve covered everything you need to know about promotional products for your brand.

Promotional Fitness Equipment: Helping Fitness Companies Grow

As a fitness company, you need to grow your business. And what better way to do that than by offering your clients the best training and exercise experience? Promotional fitness equipment can help you achieve this goal by making it easier for people from all walks of life to get fit.

What Is Promotional Fitness Equipment? 

Promotional fitness equipment is any product or service local businesses use in their marketing efforts. It includes gym bags, t-shirts, and bottles with logos printed on them.

Best Promotional Fitness Equipment Ideas

Look no further if you’re looking for the best promotional fitness equipment ideas. These are some of the best options available today, and they can help your brand stand out from competitors.

1. Fitness Balls. 

Your customers will love these fun fitness balls because they will encourage exercise and improve their balance, strength, and flexibility. They’re also great for group classes or team-building exercises as well!

Best promotional fitness equipment
Best promotional fitness equipment

2. Jump Ropes. 

Jump ropes are another excellent way to get people moving during group workouts or competitions; make sure you’re using one with multiple handles, so everyone has an equal opportunity at participation!

This is a great promotional idea for any brand looking to attract youth.

3. Wireless Headphones.

Wireless headphones are an excellent promotional fitness equipment idea because they’re helpful for runners, cyclists, and swimmers. People who work out at home, including seniors or those with disabilities, can use them. 

In addition to being portable, they’re easy to carry around—and they don’t require any cables or ports. Wireless headphones allow you to listen to your favorite music while working out without having your hands complete with bulky accessories like Bluetooth speakers or other pieces of equipment that would detract from your workout routine!

If you want something more than just wireless earbuds, then consider checking out these other great promotional fitness items that come in many different styles:

4. Massage Guns.

Massage guns are a great way to give them away as a gift to clients. You can use them as part of your business’s marketing strategy. Clients will appreciate that they’re receiving something they need and want besides getting the treatment from you.

You can use massage guns in many ways:

  • To promote your brand.
  • As giveaways at trade shows and other events where people may be looking for new fitness equipment ideas.

5. Yoga Mats.

Yoga mats are a great way to promote your brand. Your customers can use them for classes and other purposes, such as playing games on them or using them for stretching exercises. 

Best promotional fitness equipment

Yoga mats come in many colors and sizes, so you can find one that fits your budget and style. The best part is that they’re inexpensive, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank while promoting your business!

6. Cooling Towels.

Cooling towels are a great way to promote your fitness company. People use them for hot yoga, running, and for athletes. The cozy material in these towels absorbs water and keeps it cool for hours! 

These towels are helpful for athletes who don’t want to carry around a water bottle but need relief from the heat of their workout.

You can use cooling towels after workouts as they absorb sweat, so you won’t feel gross when getting dressed afterward.

7. Pedometer.

A pedometer is a valuable tool for fitness professionals who want to help their clients achieve their goals. They can track steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned. 

Pedometers can also help you achieve your fitness goals by monitoring your progress and motivating you when you need them most! Having one is essential if you’re selling fitness equipment or services as part of your business offering. 

People receive information about what “good” looks like or where exactly their body has gone wrong due to a lack of knowledge regarding proper form when doing push-ups. So to avoid getting doomed by this trauma, pedometers can help. 

Pedometers are easy for people interested in starting an exercise program (or improving existing ones) but aren’t sure how much they should commit themselves to each session without feeling overwhelmed. 

8. Resistance Bands.

Resistance bands are a great way to build strength and flexibility. Your customers can use them for stretching, resistance training, or both. These rubber bands come in many different sizes and resistances, ranging from light to heavy. 

The best part? They are inexpensive! They’re also portable—you can take them anywhere for promotion! 

Besides being portable enough for storage in small spaces like backpacks or gym bags (which makes them perfect for travel), these products provide resistance training and cardiovascular benefits when appropriately used after warming up beforehand. 

If your audience is looking for a way to stay fit at home or in office space, resistance bands are the perfect tool for getting started on an active lifestyle for them (and who doesn’t want one?). 

9. Smartwatches.

Smartwatches are becoming more popular and for a good reason. They can track fitness, make payments, and even help people track heart rates.

There are many different styles and features available on smartwatches these days. Some have GPS, some have built-in cameras (for taking photos), and others have basic things like timers or stopwatches. 

If you’re looking for something more advanced, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider investing in one of these devices as part of your promotional efforts!

10. Gym Bags.

You can use gym bags to promote your fitness company. Gym bags are a great way to envelope your customers and make them feel special while giving them something valuable.

Try these ideas:

  • Give out free protein powder samples or energy bars in your branded bag (and include a coupon for future purchases).
  • Pack small sample packs of protein powder inside the bag so people will want more when they get home! This is especially helpful if you’re selling products online because people may not know how much protein should be taken at once (or how long it lasts).


These are just some of the best promotional fitness equipment ideas. You can use them to help promote your business or to build excitement for a new product. Want to get customized a bunch of the best promotional fitness equipment for your brand? Get in touch with Perfect Imprints right now. We can’t wait to help you with the best! 

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