Best Promotional Jackets and Hoodies for Winter Workouts

Many people still love to work out in the winter, even outside. There’s something about the fresh air that exhilarates them that they can’t replicate indoors. But because cold weather can cause muscle and tendon injuries, it’s important to keep the muscles warm with promotional jackets.

Many men, women, and children don’t like layering up because it feels too bulky or uncomfortable, making working out difficult. But, our large selection of promotional jackets and hoodies are the perfect answer. They provide flexibility, warmth, and good looks. Our products consist of the lightest materials while providing exceptional warmth and of course while advertising your business with your personalized logo.

Check out our top picks for the best promotional workout gear for winter for men, women, and children.

Men’s Promotional Jackets for Winter Workouts

Men may say they don’t get cold, but let’s face it – everyone does at some point especially in the winter months. Even if they don’t feel cold, the muscles need time to warm up when working out in cold weather. Jumping into an exercise routine too fast with cold muscles may cause torn muscles and tendons, sidelining men longer than they want.

Men’s Dri-Power Sport Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

Two things are important when dressing for winter weather workouts – layering and flexibility. The Dri-Power Sport Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt offers both features for men of all sizes.

The full zip of the Dri-Power Zip Sweatshirt allows men to wear other layers underneath without feeling bulky. Dri-fit shirts and other moisture-wicking tops are great options as men heat up while working out. The 100% polyester and advanced moisture performance of the hoodie itself keeps the moisture away, while the three-panel hood wears easily even during the toughest workouts.

The hoodie’s smooth construction also helps men stay flexible. Winter weather creates stiff muscles and tendons. Many people have a harder time getting a good workout because of the cold but feel bulky when they layer up too much. The Power Sport Full Zip Hoodie has double-needle cover-stitching on all of the important areas, such as the neck, armholes, and waistband giving men plenty of durability during their tough workouts.

Most importantly, if they get hot – the sweatshirt easily unzips allowing them to cool down a bit while working out.

Customized with your company’s name and logo, the hoodie is a great way to advertise your business while your employees or customers are outdoors working out. Add your logo on the full front, full back, or either side of the chest or arms – the decisions are yours.

Color-blocked Performance Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt

Some people prefer the secure filling of a pullover sweatshirt. Still providing the flexibility and ability to layer, the Colorblocked Performance Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt provides the warmth and flexibility men need while working out in the elements.

The pullover style makes it easy to layer with other shirts, whether cotton t-shirts or dri-fit long sleeve shirts to keep the skin warm and the muscles supple while exercising. The sweatshirt has a lightweight performance fabric construction with a wicking finish that helps wick the moisture away while keeping men comfortable. The two-ply hood is easy to slip on in tougher elements.

Many people think hoodies make it hard to move around, but the Performance Hooded Pullover sweatshirt is lightweight enough that men can do just about any exercises, whether sprinting, jogging, or participating in an obstacle course race for charity.

Customize the color-block hoodie however you desire, whether you want a full-front or back print or you want something a little more subtle on the chest or arm. Your employees and customers are sure to wear the sweatshirt proudly, whether working out or running errands around town, helping you promote your company in style.

Women’s Promotional Jackets for Winter Workouts

Women get cold – plain and simple. They don’t hide it and they often fill their closets with layering options. Promotional jackets for women are a great way to get your business information out there because you know if it’s stylish, women will wear it.

Women’s Color-blocked Performance Full-Zip Sweatshirt

Women want to look and feel stylish while working out. The Colorblocked Performance Full-Zip Sweatshirt fits the bill. Its lightweight performance fleece fabric makes it easy to move while the zip-up, flattering fit looks good with just about any outfit.

The wicking finish helps women stay dry as they heat up during their workout, without any embarrassing signs of sweat. The full-zip style makes layering simple, whether they wear it over a dri-fit shirt, tank top, or t-shirt. Women love the high collar on the sweatshirt, as it blocks out the wind without messing their hair or making them feel uncomfortable.

The sleek side-entry pockets create a flattering appearance on the front while giving women options to carry keys, a driver’s license, or any other little items they feel are necessary while working out in the elements.

You have a few options to customize the Color-blocked Performance Full-Zip Sweatshirt. Add your logo to the back, taking up the entire area or make it smaller with a small logo on the chest or sleeve. The design and placement are up to you, depending on how you want to advertise your business.

Kids’ Promotional Jackets for Winter Weather

Even kids can jump on the bandwagon promoting your business with promotional winter wear. Whether they’re playing sports, burning off energy running around outside, or just want to look stylish like mom and dad, we have many promotional jackets for kids.

Digital Camo Youth Color-block Performance Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt

Let’s face it – all kids love camo! This Colorblock Performance Fleece Sweatshirt gives kids a design they love while keeping them warm and dry. The performance material keeps moisture away from their skin and the anti-microbial properties keep them dry. They won’t fight parents about layering up in cold weather with this great sweatshirt.

Made of 100% polyester, the Color-block Camo Sweatshirt has camo printed discreetly in the hood lining and the inner sleeve panels — it’s a design not everyone has, letting kids stand out with their ‘stylish’ hoodie.

Parents love it for its pullover properties, keeping kids warm while allowing room for layering up during the cold spells. You can customize the hoodie on the full front or back. If you want something more subtle, a logo on either sleeve or side of the chest looks great too.

Youth Dri-Power Crewneck Sweatshirt

Some kids don’t love the feeling of a hoodie. They’d rather have a crewneck sweatshirt that they feel comfortable moving around in, especially when parents make them layer up during the winter months.

The Youth Dri Power Crewneck Sweatshirt is made of a cotton and polyester combination. It has moisture-management abilities, keeping kids dry and comfortable. The ribbed cuffs and waistband keep the sleeves and waist in place even for kids that love to roughhouse.

Customize the crewneck sweatshirt with your logo and slogan on the front or back of the shirt or choose a smaller design on the chest or sleeves. Kids love to show off their logo sweatshirts, especially when it’s for their parent’s work or something that their parents endorse.

How Promotional Jackets and Hoodies Help your Business

Promotional jackets and hoodies are a great way to get your business name out there. Think of creative ways to give them away. Use the winter wear as an incentive for employees or as a gift on an employee’s work anniversary.

Personalized jackets also make great giveaways at events or as a ‘free gift with purchase’ option for your store. Everyone loves ‘freebies’ and most will wear the items proudly, especially when they’re made out of durable and comfortable materials.

Let us Help you Advertise your Business

Are you unsure of the best way to promote your business? Let us help you choose the right promotional jackets and hoodies for winter that will appeal to your audience. We have a fast turnaround time and will help you through every step of the process.

We make it easy to advertise your business. Get the word out by giving away exceptional winter wear for people that appreciate it the most!

Check out our selection, and ask us any questions. Have fun promoting your business while encouraging men, women, and children to get outside even during the coldest months!

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