5 Best-Selling Luxury Beach Towels Wholesale

5 Best-Selling Luxury Beach Towels Wholesale

It is about summer and the time to enjoy the water. Yes, you thought it right; it’s beach time. Spending time with friends and family on the beach is a memorable experience. You can swim and have fun in the water, play beach games, and enjoy the fantastic weather. You may have seen several beach accessories you can easily carry. Today, we will tell you about luxury beach towels wholesale and other towels that you can customize comfortably at perfect imprints.

Our collection of beach towels is fantastic and comes in different sizes and colors. You will be amazed at some of our designs and unique products. And more importantly, personalizing these products is very simple. Just visit perfect imprints for all the details.

List of Different Luxury Beach Towels Wholesale

Check out the towels with various sizes, colors, and styles to choose from; you’ll have a perfect look for your next beach day. Enjoy a cozy, relaxing day at the beach with Luxury Beach Towels! Enjoy the softness and absorbency of these quality towels, and experience the superior comfort and style that only Luxury Beach Towels can provide.

1. 3.5lb./doz. 5.25x22in Scrubber Golf Towels

If you love playing golf, then we are sure you know the importance of keeping your golf balls always perfect. People are passionate about their golf set, so we introduced our scrubber golf towel. It is a heavy-weight towel that you can use to scrub your golf balls and clubs. It is made with 100% cotton and has a perfect tri-folded design to make it look classy and elegant. 

The towel comes with a grommet and aluminum carabiner clip that helps to attach the towel easily to your gold kit. And remember to get your company’s name or logo imprinted to make it a perfect personalized giveaway.

2. 12×12 Sublimated Microfiber Towels – 200GSM

Are you looking to buy a small hand-sized towel for regular use? Do you also want a lightweight towel made of good material that you can carry anywhere? In that case, you’ve come to the right place. Our 200GSM 12×12 sublimated microfiber towel is ideal for daily use and is composed of microfiber. It is very soft and dries quickly, making it popular. 

You can take it along on a game day, to your office, or even to a small get-together. At an additional cost, you can also get a grommet attached to this towel while you personalize it with your name or logo.

3. 100% Cotton Terry Velour Hem Color Sports Towels

Our fitness towel comes in five colors and is 100% cotton. You don’t need to be a fitness freak to use our towels. Even if you love to dance or party, take it with you. It is a perfect-sized towel that is neither big nor too small. 

It is created from the best materials, is simple to fold, and can fit in your pocket. In addition, you can customize the product with your company’s logo and name and choose a size that provides the best for your needs.

4. ProTowels Tru-18 Soft Touch Rally Towels

We have designed these towels, especially for game lovers out there. So pick our ProTowels Tru-18 soft-touch rally towel in your favorite color and get your favorite team’s name imprinted. 

Made with 100% cotton fabric, it will make the perfect giveaway for your employees, clients, friends, or anyone who loves sports and games. So don’t look around much to find a nice gift for your loved ones, and try these ProTowels from perfect imprints. 

5. Travel Face Towels

There is one thing about carrying a cotton towel, and there is an expanding towel. Yes, you heard us right. Simple and easy use and throw travel face towels that are among people’s favorite. These little expandable face towels come in a box that you can personalize. 

When you need to wipe your face, take out one small towel, pour water on it, and watch it open like a flower. Once opened, use it to wash or clean your hands or face and dispose of it. With these face towels, you will not have to worry about drying them before reusing them, and they are lightweight and can fit in any travel pack easily.

Summer Fun: Buy Luxury Beach Towels Wholesale for Less

As we said earlier, we have a wide range of collections in our luxury towels, and to explore all, you need to visit our website. We guarantee to spoil you with unlimited choices, leaving you with the only option of ordering great products from us.

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