Best Tradeshow Banner Ideas for Your Next Event

Best Tradeshow Banner Ideas for Your Next Event


If you are attending a tradeshow, you need to have a banner. You can use a step and repeat banner. Flip-out banners are also a good option. A roll-up banner is better than a poster. A popup banner can be used if you plan on being at the tradeshow for longer than one day. Choose a banner that matches your business branding Many companies make their booth in the shape of their logo.

Top Tradeshow banner ideas

Check out some of the best tradeshow banner ideas for your next tradeshow to make a better impression on your audience.

Banners Are Necessary for Tradeshows

A tradeshow banner can be used as an attention-grabbing tool that will draw people’s eyes toward your booth and make them want to learn more about what you do.

Banner size depends on the size of your booth, but it is best if the banner is large enough so that people can read it easily from across the room or even from afar. If you are attending multiple shows simultaneously (or if this will be one of many shows), consider having multiple banners in case one gets lost or damaged by water or other means during transport between venues. You should also remember how long people may spend looking at your display while they wait outside before entering!

You Can Use a Step and Repeat Banner

Step and repeat banners are a great way to attract attention. They’re easy to set up and take down, so you can use them for multiple events in one day. You can also customize the banner by adding your logo or other graphics if you want, but we recommend sticking with the basics so that people know exactly what they’re looking at when they see it.

You’ll find step and repeat banners at trade shows, conventions, and festivals all over the country—and even if you don’t have an event coming up soon (yet), there are still plenty of places where this type of signage could prove invaluable!

Flip-Out Banners Are Also a Good Option

Flip-out banners are the perfect solution if you’re looking for a way to bring your brand’s message to life at trade shows and conventions. These versatile printed fabric pieces are easy to transport, set up, and can be used at many events. They’re also great for holding logos or other information that needs to be visible during an event.

For example, if you want a flip-out banner with text on it but also need something bigger than just one piece of paper (or two pieces of paper), this is the best option for saving space in your booth!

A Roll-up Banner Is Better Than a Poster

Roll-up banners are better than posters because they’re more professional looking and can be used to advertise multiple products or services. They’re also easy to transport, store and reuse. In addition to being durable, roll-up banners are lightweight, so they don’t take up your entire booth space.

Popup Banners: Best for Tradeshows

Popup banners are the best for a tradeshow if you plan to be at the event for longer than one day. They take up very little space and come out quickly, making them easy to transport and set up. 

The only downside is that they need someone to help hold them up while erecting, which can sometimes be difficult, depending on where your booth is located. But if you don’t mind doing this part yourself (or have some friends nearby who will), then popup banners are an excellent choice!

Choose a banner that matches your business branding

When you’re choosing a trade show banner, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  • Seamless integration with your existing logo, brand colors, and website design. A good banner will look like you designed it. For example, if you have an elegant company logo that features a bird or flower in some way (maybe even both), don’t use an image of a dog sitting on top of a toilet because people might think they’re looking at someone’s business card!
  • The size and shape of your banner should match the dimensions of your booth space for guests who visit it during events like tradeshows and conferences not to feel lost in this new world where everything is bigger than ever before (even if things aren’t).

Pushup banners are great because they are set up easily and are very portable. They’re also lightweight, so you can transport them easily without worrying about breaking them or damaging the fabric.

The best part about these banners is that they can be used for multiple events—you can use the same banner repeatedly!

Hangable Banner: A Great Option 

A hangable banner is great if you have no room at your booth for other kinds of banners. You can hang it from the ceiling, walls, or floor (or all three). You’ll probably want to add some hook on the back so people can hang their handbags or backpacks from it.

A digital standee is another option.

A digital standees are great for displaying your company logo and can be used anywhere, such as at trade shows or conventions. They’re also portable, so you don’t have to worry about setting up a large display for one day. You can easily store them afterward, and they’re easy enough that even someone unfamiliar with the technology can set them up without any problems.

Importance of Tradeshow Banners 

Tradeshow banners is a great way to get more attention. They can be used as a backdrop for your booth, or they can be hung around the perimeter of your space and attract people who might not otherwise come. This increases traffic and allows you to collect valuable information from attendees.


Tradeshow banners may be used as an attention-getting strategy to attract attendees’ attention to your booth and pique their interest in your product or service. The greatest technique to get attention at trade exhibitions and conferences is using step and repeat banners. Tradeshow banners are a fantastic method to increase visibility and draw in visitors who would not otherwise attend. Want to order customized tradeshow banners in bulk? Get in touch with Perfect Imprints today.

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