Using Blue Santa Hats To Aid Your Local Police Department

On Christmas Eve 1976 San Antonio police officer Tom Preston along with his fellow officers started a tradition. Operation Blue Santa. Preston knew of several families who could not afford toys under their tree and with his own earnings, he and his colleagues purchased and distributed toys to underprivileged children in the San Antonio community. Preston’s project quickly drew interest from more police officers- one suggesting that Preston dress up as Santa himself. A blue Santa Claus outfit was tailored for Preston and San Antonio’s Blue Santa was born. Operation Blue Santa was officially sanctioned and since then the SAPD has served over 8000 families each year. As one might predict several local businesses began participating in the program. Here’s how your business can join the cause using blue Santa hats. 

Toy Drives and Blue Santa Hats 

The simplest way your business can Operation Blue Santa is by hosting a toy drive. Consider. Once December 1st rolls around promote that your business is hosting a toy drive for Operation Blue Santa. To help get into the spirit of the project make blue Santa hats part of your employees’ uniform for the month of December. The Embroided Navy Plush Santa Hat is the perfect employee blue Santa hat for the occasion. Made from quality material and thick fuzzy fabric this blue Santa is durable and cozy. 

A Blue Santa Hat For The Youngsters 

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Getting the youth involved in community activities such as toy drives is a great way to promote unity and humility. To encourage children to partake in this event give them their own uniform in the form of a Premium Youth Santa Hat. This blue Santa hat is an economic way to ignite pride amongst the youth in the community. It is comparable to getting a badge in boy/girl scouts. Watch as youth participation increases in your local Operation Blue Santa with this blue Santa hat. 

Limited Edition Blue Santa Hat Sale 

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Picture this. Your business wants to sell a Christmas product this year but you also want to join in on Operation Blue Santa. We have the solution. Our Patriotic Holiday Blue Santa Hat.

This blue Santa is fully customizable. Want to bring the USA flag on it alongside your brand? Can do. How about printing a “Thank you Police Officers” message on the blue Santa hat? Check! Or do you simply want your company logo printed in patterns on the blue Santa hat? Absolutely. Have these patriotic holiday blue Santa hats as a ‘limited edition’ item in your store and people are sure to buy one or two. Take it a step further and promote that a certain percentage of the profits with this blue Santa hat will be donated to Operation Blue Santa and people are sure to buy hats for their whole family. Who knows this limited edition blue Santa hat may end up in the family holiday card. 

Say Cheese With Blue Santa Hats 

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Every year parents take their children to get their annual picture with Santa. Give this tradition a spin with our Metallic Blue Santa Hat. Here’s the plan. Reach out to your local photography business for an Operation Blue Santa Collaboration. Set up a day/time slot that features the metallic blue Santa hat as a promo item. Clients get to wear the metallic blue Santa hat in their pictures if they donate X amount to Operation Blue Santa. Not only is this a fun way to raise money but it is effortless on the part of the consumers. Further, it is a great way for your business to foster stronger relationships with other local businesses. 

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Get creative this holiday season with blue Santa hats! Help support your local police department’s Operation Blue Santa by incorporating blue Santa hats as either limited edition items or promo tools. Build a stronger relationship with your community this holiday with blue Santa hats! Contact Us Today!

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