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These, along with your time and attention, are what build relationships with potential customers. Earning their trust is huge.

Spend time contacting new accounts, win the sale, and your profits increase. Why not use tech items with your strategy?

Everyone uses earbuds for a variety of reasons on a regular basis. A set of promotional earbuds might be the one item that your potential client uses over and over again. They’ll see your logo and remember you along with good feelings because music’s associated with pleasure.

Read more below about how listening boosts the brain and can boost your business and theirs through a gift like earbuds.

Earbuds and Learning Styles

Because people learn in different ways, visual and kinesthetic learners may think that they can’t benefit from listening. About a third of people are auditory learners, but the other two-thirds can boost how much they remember when they listen, too.

Auditory learners remember rhythms and tone better than pictures, shapes, gestures, or body movement and position. Studies show that people learn best when they use all the learning styles, rather than focusing on the one style that they tend toward.

When you give someone earbuds as a promotional item, they can use auditory learning in addition to their other methods. You’ll have them better remembering what they’re listening to or studying. And they’ll associate your company with their success.

Boost the Brain

Music gives your brain a boost because of its many health benefits. Give the gift of music and health to your customers and help them boost their business, all while promoting your own company.

Listening to Music Lubricates Socialization

When hosting a business networking event, it is crucial to  play the right music. The business connections people make will be easier and more fluid when you do. In fact, play music at all and people will be more likely to connect with each other.

When we listen to music, it boosts our oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is the chemical in the brain that mothers have when they give birth. It helps with contractions for delivery, but it also helps the mother bond with the baby right after birth.

This is why the golden hour is so important, and also why music and oxytocin bring people together in social situations. Oxytocin is a hormone that helps increase trust and helps us feel bonded and connected.

Think about the last time you were at a bar or a wedding and “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond came on. It gets to the chorus and everyone raises their glasses and hollers at the top of their lungs. The flush in your cheeks isn’t only because of alcohol but also your feeling of belonging.

Music helps us feel connected, even more so when we engage with the music (singing along, tapping our fingers or our toes, clapping along, dancing). Whether you’re listening to oldies or classical, music helps people sync up with each other.

Build connections and bond with potential clients by using promotional earbuds as your next giveaway item.

Listening to Music Reduces Stress

Because music is so closely related to feelings, it also helps you feel relaxed, which can reduce stress.

One of the ways music helps people lower their stress is by reducing the amount of the hormone cortisol in their systems. Cortisol is important for helping your body manage stress because it keeps you from getting too tired (and other important things like strength in muscles and balance and equilibrium). But too much cortisol isn’t good either.

Music helps slow down your heart and pulse, along with decreasing your blood pressure. And many people forget about their music when they get stressed. Whether they’re too busy or think of it as a distraction, they stop listening to music, even though it can help keep stressors at bay.

To help your clients with their stress levels, encourage them to use their new earbuds to keep their cortisol levels balanced and healthy.

Listening to Music Boosts Immunity

We know that listening to music can help reduce pain. But it can also help you be more immune, not only recover faster.

When you listen to music, you have higher Immunoglobulin A counts and more natural killer cells, or NK cells. NK cells are part of your immune system, and they’re the ones that go attack infections and other dangerous things that invade your body.

Immunoglobulin is part of the mucous system in your body. Mucus helps trap germs and other threats, to prevent your body from getting sick. Music boosts all of these parts of your immune system and keeps you healthy.

The natural boost to immune systems makes earbuds the perfect promotional item for medical groups, schools, non-profits, and more! Keep your clients healthy and happy with earbuds.

Listening to Music Gets Rid of Depression

When people listen to music, it makes them happy. The music makes you experience the emotions you already associate with the song all over again, rather than just recalling a memory of the emotions.

Another way that music makes you happy is it helps trigger your brain’s release of dopamine. That’s a chemical that your brain releases when it feels satisfied or when you’re having a pleasurable experience, including arousal. It’s also a big part of why people develop addictions, and why it’s so hard to break free.

These same chemical releases happen even when people listen to music they haven’t heard before and enjoy it. Your company’s earbuds can help customers get rid of their depression.

Business Brain Boost

When you give earbuds as a promotional item, you’re boosting your customers’ brains. You’ll help them be healthier by reducing stress and depression, facilitating social interaction, and boosting immunity.

Business Listening

If you’re giving the gift of earbuds, why not give something else with it? Suggest lists of audiobooks or podcasts that can help people grow their businesses. A lot of professionals have long

commutes, and these types of media are becoming more and more popular to pass the time.

Best Podcasts for Business Professionals

One popular podcast is IdeaCast, which is put out by the Harvard Business Review. Sometimes we don’t have time to read a publication, but if we listen to interviews with big names, we can get helpful information just the same. There are episodes about becoming better listeners, understanding how good decision-makers work, boosting your career at conferences, and reducing stress in the office.

Another great podcast is called Inside LaunchStreet. Tamara Kleinberg created this one, and it’s helpful for all kinds of professionals. She wants you to innovate more, a buzz word that actually does make a difference in industries like sales and marketing and many others.

Stretch your thinking and stand out when you listen to episodes like how diversity can boost innovation, why entrepreneurs are so important, creating your own happiness in business, and making a difference.

You can also try other ones like these:

  • The Tim Ferriss Show
  • The Content Champion Podcast
  • Entrepreneurs on Fire
  • Weird Work
  • Duct Tape Marketing

AudioBooks for Professionals

As for books about how to grow your business, the NY Times bestseller list always has great recommendations. And the good news is most, if not all, are available in audiobook format.

Try authors like Brené Brown, James Clear, Angela Duckworth, and Roger McNamee. You could also try some older books that have become business standards, like:

  • Good to Great by Jim Collins
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey
  • The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
  • Business Adventures by John Brooks

And if there are business greats that you admire, why not try to find biographies about them? Reading about the habits and lives of the people who have made it big could help your clients listen their way to being more like them, using those promo earbuds you provided.

QR Codes and Promotional Earbuds

Your audience might be spring breakers who are excited about listening to loud music and relaxing on their vacation. Or it might be businessmen and women in the city who haven’t taken a vacation in years. Either way, when the case for the earbuds allows an extra imprint besides your logo, add a QR code.

QR codes don’t need a special app on the smartphone for a user to scan and visit a website. Instead, cameras on smartphones now have built-in QR code readers that already know what to do.

How to Create A QR Code

QR stands for quick response, which means that customers don’t have to type in a URL to get to your promo video or your company website. They can watch it right away after scanning the code, or access another type of data instead of a website.

The codes are square, and they look a little like a barcode. But instead of vertical lines with numbers at the bottom, there are pixelated patterns without any digits. Clients can use this to get a coupon, a text message, or other types of information.

It’s easy to create a QR code to use for your imprint on the promotional earbuds. First, search online for QR code generator. There are several websites that help you through the process for free, and any of them will work.

Choose your type of information next. Whatever you want to communicate to the customer, you can do that in the next window that pops up after you select the type.

Next, if you choose a dynamic QR code, you can change the information even after the image gets created. Otherwise, you’ll need to create a new QR code to communicate something different. For promotional items like earbuds, it’s a good idea to make a dynamic code, because you can’t change the image after you print all those items.

The last step is to tailor the code to look unique for your company. It can look like your logo or another image, and any number of other custom changes. After that, you’re ready to test the code. If you need help with the look of your logo, contact us today. 

Other Ways to Use QR Codes

You can use QR codes in other places, not just on promotional items. Put the image of the QR code in emails and advertisements. In particular, this works well with dynamic QR codes because you can change the content.

Here are some other ideas for using QR codes in business:

  • Post a code in a waiting room to lead customers to an order page, so they can order while they wait
  • At a trade show, where visitors to your booth can enter to win or engage with your company in some way
  • Add subscribers to an email list, or deliver information sheets via email
  • On social media, scavenger hunts to lead customers to a new location or a prize
  • On a closed sign, because you can’t be open all the time, so customers can still shop online (you can even pre-fill their shopping cart this way!)
  • On a sticker on the back of your iPad or tablet, so customers see it while you use that tool during a meeting or sale
  • To initiate a call from the user’s phone
  • On social media in posts or profile pictures
  • On slides during a presentation if you want the audience to participate in some way

Remember that QR codes should make your client’s life easier, not harder. To use a QR code only because it’s cool and you can isn’t the best practice. Try to use them in ways that simplify your business and advertising, instead of over complicating it.

Marketing for You

From boosting brain power and helping entrepreneurs learn, to making their commute more profitable, promotional earbuds can help your clients make great strides in their company.

And they’ll remember you along the way, helping them to boost sales and grow their business.

For more information on how to use trending promotional items to boost your business sales, contact us at Perfect Imprints today.

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