How Your Business Can Spread Breast Cancer Awareness Promotional Products

In 2019 the CDC reported 264,121 new cases of female breast cancer in the United States. To put things in perspective that’s equivalent to filling up Caesers Superdome in New Orleans, which has a seating capacity of 74,295, three and a half times. Although this number is staggering the silver lining is that 264,121 women were able to detect their illness thanks to modern medicine. Early detection is a critical aspect of treating and preventing the spread of cancer. Hence, our nation’s campaign to spread Breast Cancer Awareness in October. Business– this presents you with an opportunity to collaborate with organizations such as Bring Your Brave Campaign or the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program. What’s an effective, efficient, and economic way to do this? Exclusive customizable promotional. Here’s how your business can spread Breast Cancer awareness using promotional products. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Social Media Shirt Contest 

Let’s talk t-shirts. Shirts such as Port & Company ® Fan Favorite Tee are great products to use in your Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. Shirts are: 

  • Economic 
  • Versatile Garment 
  • Infinite Brand Exposure Opportunities 
  • Fully Customizable 

Think of shirts as a blank canvas– you can literally design it however you want. But instead of hiring someone to compose a piece turn to your consumers with the help of social media. Social media is a great tool to promote new events your brand or business might be planning. It’s a free form of advertising and depending on your marketers’ skills your business can garner a large number of followers. Consider this social media project. A couple of months before you’re company launches its Breast Cancer Awareness campaign announces a shirt design contest. In this contest have your audience submit their shirt design for your Breast Cancer Awareness exclusive drop. Select three shirts and have your audience vote which shirt Breast Cancer Awareness design your brand should drop. Another feature of shirts is that there a various types from short to long sleeves. Use this to your advantage and offer options for your consumers to choose from. Kick off your Breast Cancer Awareness campaign right with the help of Port & Company ® Fan Favorite Tee

Spreading Breast Cancer Awareness With Wristbands  

Wristbands are valuable advertising tools. It’s the perfect Breast Cancer Awareness accessory for all ages. Consider the Breast Cancer Awareness Debossed Sili Band this October. Show your dedication to the fight with a long-lasting item that will stay in sight. These wristbands are made of 100% recycled silicone and are specially designed for the cause. Perfect for walks, marathons, charity events, or donation purchases. Customized these with your company name and logo for a promotional souvenir that will spread awareness for the cause all year around. The bands are 1/2″wide with a choice of size; adult or youth. An economic and eco-friendly way to spread Breast Cancer Awareness. 

Lace Up For Breast Cancer Awareness 

Here’s a trendy way to spread Breast Cancer Awareness. Shoelaces! The rise of exclusive shoe drops has vamped up the footwear market. Consumers treat their shoes like gold– taking extra precautions to keep them mint. Further, customers have also found a way to customize their shoes by swapping out the laces. The Breast Cancer Awareness 36″ Shoe Laces are a great way to reach the younger audience. Show your dedication to the fight against Breast Cancer with a long-lasting item that will be seen wherever recipients go. These youth-sized shoelaces are 36″ long and specially designed for the cause. A cool and fresh way to help spread Breast Cancer Awareness. 

Spread Breast Cancer Awareness Today! 

Join the fight by spreading Breast Cancer Awareness this October with the help of promotional products. Ranging from shirts to shoelaces we offer a variety of products to help the cause. Is your business ready to take the opportunity this October? Let us help! Contact Us today and ask about our express shipping!

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