Bring Your Brand to Life With Vibrant Company Christmas Ornaments

Bring Your Brand to Life With Vibrant Company Christmas Ornaments

Branding company Christmas ornaments require a great amount of detail. The main design involves three simple choices: material, shape, and color. 

Why Material Is Important

Material options for ornaments can seem almost endless, and determining the right one requires care and lots of background knowledge. Who has the time to research Christmas ornament materials, though? That would be us! We have all our findings on company Christmas ornaments and the available materials here to make it easy for you!

Choosing materials is important for many reasons. The obvious reasoning is that your material is the first thing people will note about the ornament. It tells your customer about what you consider important, and it shows how much you financially invested in the piece. Some event favors may mean lower budget items are okay, but if you’re going for luxury gifts for clients you’ll need to find a material that communicates that. 

Your material also has the strongest influence over cost–both item cost and shipping cost. Heavy, bulky, or fragile ornaments will cost more to ship. While this isn’t a concern if you’re simply shipping them in for a corporate Christmas party, it can become a quick budgetary concern for drop shipping distributions. The material also impacts the item cost. At this point, we have all learned in society that limited resources mean higher prices. Choosing a material can require some current market analysis. 

Material also impacts the speed of production in many ways. Some materials are quicker and easier to produce from a manufacturing sense. Some can be shipped cheaper, allowing you to opt into faster shipping options. And sometimes, it all comes down to seasonal demand. Production schedules can book up quickly for holiday items, so ordering early can give you more options to choose from as far as guaranteed timely deliveries.

Material Options

Die-cast ornaments are metal ornaments that include enamel logos and printing. These ornaments have an elegant, luxurious appearance that never goes unnoticed. But, they will be heavy and require a specialized process to produce, so manufacturing and shipping costs are higher than some options. These make a great luxury company Christmas ornament for a reasonable budget. 

Wooden ornaments are lighter, and wood gives a more environmentally conscious, rustic look. These can be laser etched or printed with full color. Either option lends itself to a simplistic branding that makes your logo the focal point. Wood is lightweight to ship and durable. Depending on your distribution plan for ornaments, the flat, unbreakable nature of wooden ornaments may appeal to you the most. 

Embroidered fabric ornaments are the lightest of all and offer far more color options than wooden ornaments can. These company Christmas ornaments are colorful, bright, and simple to transport. If you are mailing them out as holiday party invitations, or you know you’ll store many of them for years to come— these are the best way to go!


Shape options can be endless, but ultimately it all comes down to one choice: stock or custom. Stock shapes are those that are pre-made and your logo can be printed on. Custom shapes are designed alongside your campaign or branding guidelines. You, then, can have your designs printed on them.

Stock-shaped ornaments are a great option for a classic company Christmas ornament. The coziness of getting that traditional Christmas ornament is unbeatable! Stock shapes don’t have to be just a plain ball ornament either! Some of our stock shapes include ugly sweaters“Joy” lettering, and nutcrackers. Stock shapes come at lower costs and faster production than custom, usually. This is due to a more intense setup process for custom ornaments, which adds to the cost and time of printing. 

A custom shape ornament will always be the easiest way to make sure your ornament stands out, though. You are sure to get your branding across when your unique logo is the shape of that ornament. Custom shape ornaments can be made in virtually all materials. With that said, some custom shapes can take longer to be produced than stock shapes, so ordering early is critical for custom shapes.


Color can be brought into any of the shapes and materials, but some are certainly easier to incorporate colors into than others. 

One of our most vibrant options is an acrylic ornament which provides a clear surrounding that ensures the bright colors are all your eyes can focus on. Another option is our embroidered ornaments. The threading of these ornaments gives such an incredible vibrancy that it’s truly an immersive branding item. 

Finding a more subtle and sophisticated color scheme would be to utilize our stained glass ornaments. In classic, beautiful shapes, these ornaments can communicate elegant brands with subtle religious undertones. We love the traditional stained glass look in general, but on a Christmas ornament… there just isn’t anything more lovely! 

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas ornament, and this article just gave you too many good options, we encourage you to contact our team at to get assistance on finding the right company Christmas ornament for your brand!

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