Bringin’ the Heat: Top 10 Cold Weather Promotional Products to Give Away This Winter

Top 10 Cold Weather Promotional Products

Just because temperatures have dropped doesn’t mean that your profits have to!

It can be tough to keep up sales when the weather gets rough. Or, perhaps you do most of your business in the winter and are looking for great ideas to inspire your clients to continue to work with your company in the future.

No matter the size of your business, where you’re located, or the industry you work in, promotional products are an incredible marketing tool. From fabulously toasty blankets to socks, dry bags, and more, we’re sharing with you some of our top wintertime wholesale promotional products.

Read on to figure out which products will blow your clients away — and have them coming back to do business with you as soon as possible.

1. Waterproof Dry Bags

If you’re looking for wholesale promotional products that can stand up to the tough winter weather, we suggest investing in waterproof dry bags.

You can look for bags in a variety of sizes, and those that can hold lots of different products.

For example, if you’re an electronics retailer, we know that your customers will be on the lookout for how they can protect their purchases. After all, getting caught in a winter downpour of snow and sleet can quickly spell disaster for a phone or tablet.

Invest in waterproof bags, and consider including them as a free gift with purchase when someone buys one of your products.

We know that your customers will appreciate your level of care and attention, especially in a world where it feels like many electronic companies make things with an intentionally short lifespan.

These waterproof bags and pouches are also an awesome choice for outdoor companies. If you know your consumers are going to be roughing it, look for promotional products with a super seal.

2. Custom Beanies

It’s no secret that colder temperatures and high winter winds make people much more likely to come down with a cough or the flu.

So, why not invest in branded custom beanies that will help to keep your customers feeling nice and toasty — while also representing your company?

There are tons of different looks to choose from: waffle beanies, poly microfleece options, or even knit beanies. The choice is up to you, but all of these will help ensure your customers’ ears don’t turn red from the cold.

You can have the name of your company printed on them, or just elect to include your logo on the front of the custom beanie.

These beanies work well for fashion companies, medical practices, and even athletic suppliers that want their customers to stay warm while out for a winter jog.

3. Branded Scarves

Continuing with the trend of winter-friendly promotional clothing, why not also consider picking up a few orders of branded scarves for your company?

A scarf is a great addition to any outfit, and truth be told, you can never have too many.

Plus, the wonderful thing about using any kind of clothing as a promotional product is that people are likely to upload pictures of themselves wearing it on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Make sure that you don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with your customers! Consider including a card with a hashtag where customers can upload their photos in the scarves.

We especially love the idea of having scarves made if you’re looking to promote your local soccer/futbol club.

However, they also make for great marketing tools for ski resorts, winter apparel shops, and even colleges/universities.

To really upgrade your wholesale promotional scarves, look for some that come with a pocket. Your customers will love being able to slide their keys and wallets inside.

4. Custom Coffee Mugs

During the winter season, everyone loves cozying up in front of the fireplace with a nice mug of coffee or tea.

And you likely already know from a quick glance at your own collection (and the pile of dirty mugs sitting in your kitchen sink) that you can never have too many coffee mugs.

These promotional products are a crowd-pleaser no matter your market. However, we think they work especially well for gourmet food shops and manufacturers, bookshops, and even personal chef businesses.

Of course, coffee is far from the only wintertime drink that your customers can enjoy in their custom coffee mugs.

We love the idea of including a recipe for the best hot chocolate inside of your mugs. Trust us when we tell you, your customers will certainly thank you!

5. Personalized Socks

Did you know that more than half of all people don’t change their socks every day?

If you choose the right wholesale promotional products for your company, you can be a part of the sock solution.

Plus, especially during the cold winter months, you don’t want to be walking around with socks that have holes in them.

It’s important to remember that, for many companies, winter and the holiday season is also the time to volunteer or raise money for a worthy cause.

Since socks are one of the most-requested items at local shelters, we think that branded socks present a great opportunity to promote your business and do some good at the same time.

Plus, especially if you’re interested in targeting your local market, this is a great way to show that you care about what’s happening in your community.

6. Christmas Stockings

The average individual will spend about $700 per year on Christmas gifts for their friends and family members.

With numbers like these, it makes sense to give your customers promotional items that will give them some place to put all of those presents.

Personalized Christmas stockings are an awesome — and definitely unique — choice when it comes to promotional products.

Especially if you do the majority of your sales during the holiday season, sticking with a Christmas theme is always a smart idea.

Plus, giving out these Christmas stockings is also an awesome way to unload any extra stock that you’ve accumulated throughout the year. If you have items that you know aren’t going to sell, why let them go to waste?

Instead, we love the idea of turning smaller trinkets into stocking stuffers. Your customers will enjoy getting a little gift at the end of the year from a company they support.

It’s an awesome way to build great relationships with your clients, and to show them how much you appreciate their business.

If you don’t have any excess stock? Look for smaller, classic promotional items, like pens or USB keys, that would go perfectly inside of a stocking.

7. A Comfortable Blanket

Let’s face it: when the weather outside is frightful, few of us feel like venturing outside in the ice and snow.

Instead, we’d much rather relax on our couches and snuggle up with a comfortable blanket.

However, especially if you’re a brick-and-mortar store whose sales might be affected by bad weather, you need to make sure your brand sticks in the minds of your customers.

One of the best ways to do that is by investing in branded plush blankets.

We think that this works best as a gift to some of your most loyal clients, or as a free gift with larger purchases. You could even make the blankets a prize for a giveaway on social media.

Your customers will associate your brand with warm, happy memories.

We think that a cozy blanket is a great option for baby-focused retail stores, home decor shops, or even gyms that want to let their clients know it’s ok to take a few days off to relax.

We’re willing to bet that the blanket will soon have a place of honor on the backs of your customers’ couches! Plus, the blankets will probably have their friends and neighbors so envious, that you’ll be treated to an influx of new customers.

And as a bonus?

If your clients have smaller children, plush blankets make excellent material for building wintertime forts.

8. A Warm Jacket

Another one of our favorite cold weather wholesale promotional products?

A fabulously warm and toasty jacket.

Remember that clothing is especially popular as a promotional product because it’s an awesome way to start a conversation about your brand.

So, the initial investment of a branded jacket will quickly pay off, because you’re marketing to more than the person you’re giving it to. When someone sees your brand’s logo when the customer wears your jacket out, they may be curious about what your company does.

Then, they head home, do some research online, and maybe even make a purchase or an appointment with your business.

In fact, you might even consider slipping some branded jackets into your employees’ stockings! We love the idea of sending out an employee Christmas card featuring everyone on your team wearing their jackets!

9. Some Epic Touchscreen Gloves

Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean that your customers are willing to part with their precious electronics.

After all, that text message isn’t going to answer itself!

We love the idea of investing in pairs of touchscreen gloves that have been decorated with your company’s name and logo. You can even order them in your company colors, to further increase your overall brand recognition.

This is one of those wholesale promotional products that everyone will love. It’s an incredibly useful and thoughtful gift, but also one that people rarely remember to get for themselves.

We think that branded touchscreen gloves are especially great promotional ideas for non-profits and corporate businesses alike (after all, you want your clients to know you’re always available!)

They would also work for construction companies and other contract-based businesses, gardening shops, and of course, tech companies.

If you run your own fashion retail shop, throwing a pair of branded gloves into a customer’s shopping bag will help them to complete the outfit they just purchased.

In short: the sky is the limit here since we’re willing to bet that pretty much anyone you know owns a smartphone.

10. Christmas Ornaments

If you’re looking for wholesale promotional products that help your customers really get into the holiday spirit, then it’s true that branded Christmas ornaments are pretty hard to beat.

You can even look for options that allow you to slip a photo inside of them. This is an awesome idea if you’re hosting an in-store event or a big holiday sale.

Your customers can have their photos taken, you can develop them while they shop, and then give them their new ornaments when they check out.

They also make for awesome gifts for your employees!

Christmas ornaments as promotional products also give you a unique opportunity as a business. They allow you to start the tradition with your clients of giving them a new ornament for their trees every year.

This way, you can build a lasting relationship, and create a kind of “collectible” feel to your promotional products. Make sure you upload photos of your own tree, decorated with your company ornaments, to your brand’s social media accounts.

Ready to Find High-Quality Wholesale Promotional Products?

Whether you’re looking for a great jacket, a personalized stocking, or more classic wholesale promotional products like a pen and notebook, we hope that this post has you inspired.

There’s truly no limit to the power of promotional products. They make clients feel appreciated, can bring your team together, and are an incredibly cost-effective form of marketing.

Of course, to do it right, you need to find the top promotional products in the first place.

No matter the industry you work within or the product you’re looking for, we want to work with you. Browse through our awesome inventory, and don’t hesitate to place an order when you find something you like!

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