Business Marketing Campaigns Using Custom Branded Products

Having a business marketing campaign using branded items results in more sales for your business.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Customer loyalty is guaranteed.
  • It builds your brand’s visibility.
  • Market campaigns strengthen customers’ relationships.
  • It’s an affordable marketing option.
  • Lead generation.

Marketing Campaigns that choose to use branded products know that this is a go-to strategy for most businesses. As seen in the benefits highlighted above, using branded products will take your brand to the next level.

Why Should You Use Custom Branded Items For Your Business Marketing Campaign?

There are many benefits of why you should think of using promotional items to market your brand. Read on to dive deeper into the ones listed above to understand why it’s so worth it.

Improves Brand Visibility

With little effort, a company can promote its brand using promotional items for a long time. For instance, if you use the commonly and frequently used items, your brand will continue to stay on people’s minds for longer. 

Most importantly for items like branded water bottles, branded t-shirts, branded caps, etc. These items are usually used often, thus allowing people to see your brand from time to time. So after a short time, a customer will instantly recognize your company’s logo when they see it on an item.

Customer Retention

Your customers’ loyalty always goes beyond your service to them and the products they purchase. Customers need to have a tangible reason why they should continue doing business with your brand. 

When customers own a promotional item from your brand, it develops a sense of connection. Your brand will attain top-of-mind awareness when a consumer needs your type of service or product. Whether yours is a startup or a fully-fledged company, you will always increase the chances of your customers choosing you over your competitors when you use branded items.

It’s Affordable

While there are many effective business marketing campaign options, most of them are not cost-efficient, especially for many startups. If you are running a startup business, you must choose what is effective and determine what is affordable for your company. For example, running advertisements from time to time is not only costly but also tiresome. 

However, promotional items such as giving out custom coolers will carry your brand logo everywhere for a long time. That means that more and more people will be aware of your company without having to run your pockets dry.

Strengthens Customers’ Relationship

Taking time to build a relationship with your customers goes a long way in your business marketing. A good relationship with them will make them refer you to their other friends and families. The referred customers eventually become your loyal customers who will guide you again, and the chain goes on and on. Using branded products for your business marketing campaign is a sure way of acquiring user-generated information that will help you boost your engagement with customers.

Lead Generation

Many marketing strategies will give you good lead generation for your business, but they don’t last for long. However, using branded items in your business marketing campaign will surely improve your lead generation.

Ways To Use Branded Items For Business Marketing

As you have seen, using promotional items for marketing is undoubtedly an easy way to keep your brand name going for past and future customers. Use the below advice to know how you can use promotional products while marketing.

Using Or Not Using A Logo

You might assume that the logo on your promotional items is prominent, but it’s not the case. Putting a logo on your promotional items is your choice, depending on what you want to achieve during your marketing campaign. Sometimes personalizing an item for your customer will go a long way. For example, designing your customers’ names on a water bottle is a good option. Then, when asked where they got the bottle from, they can talk about your company. Also, putting your logo on the items may not be wise, especially if you run a startup. Many people prefer putting on promotional items such as t-shirts from well-recognized companies. However, you can still add a logo and a personalized quote, which will keep things interesting for your customers.

What You Can Give Away

There is an endless list of stuff that you can turn into promotional items. However, some have proven to be successful over the years. These include;

  • T-shirts
  • Writing materials
  • Water bottles
  • Balls
  • Caps
  • Sunglasses, and more.

Choose Longer-Lasting Items

Every business is unique in its’ own way, so choosing the right promotional products can be difficult. Depending on the intended use, we have found that choosing specific items can be more beneficial than others. It is wise to hand out promotional items that will be around for a longer time. For example, using a branded tumbler instead of sticky notes will allow your brand to last longer and have more opportunities to be seen.

Be Keen On The Environment

Consider giving items related to your line of business or the environment that your business runs in. For example, if you are running an online business, you can consider giving out mousepads or flash drives. 

If you run a beach hotel, you can give out caps and beach balls. Niche-related items allow people to think about your brand whenever they decide to buy an item in your line of business. For instance, if people on a beach are thinking of accommodation, they can put it in their minds to choose your hotel when they see a cap with your logo.

Make Your Customers Choose

From time to time, allow your customers to choose from different promotional items that are not personalized. If customers choose what they want to have, they will use it, allowing your brand name to be seen more often. This also means that you should also have various options to give out as promotional items.

Campaigns Where One Can Use Branded Items

Depending on your business line, below are some ideas on the campaigns you can run and market your business while giving away promotional items.

Football Game

You can conduct a game to give the branded products to the winners or the people attending the game. For instance, you can give away custom koozies to the players to keep their drinks cold. You are free to give out more branded items like caps and footballs in such a campaign.

Food Industry Campaigns

If you are running a restaurant, you can give an excellent gift to your customers as a business marketing campaign. For example, you can choose to give away custom matchboxes, custom koozies, or even caps as promotional gifts in a campaign like this. 

Grocery Marketing Campaign

Here, there are a variety of things that you can choose to give out. For example, if you think of giving out branded bags, you can choose to personalize the bags for your customers. This idea might work well, especially for a startup grocery store. Give reusable shopping bags with your company logo and have them personalized for your loyal customers. This will, in turn, generate more referrals from the bags that you gave out with your company logo.

Those are just a few of the marketing campaigns that you can run to market your business. These are clever ways since you are also marketing your business in their environment, where your business will thrive.

What Makes Successful Business Marketing Campaigns?

When running a marketing campaign for your brand for the first time, you might be confused about all the things you need to have and do, mainly if you use branded products.

Therefore it is essential to sit down and draw out a plan that will work out for you and your line of business. It would be best if you had everything in order before you can start conducting a marketing campaign while using branded items. Below are a few points you can take into consideration when planning for a marketing campaign.

Set Specific Goals

Marketing campaigns may only seem like mechanisms to reach out to prospective customers for your business. However, for them to be successful, they must have a solid foundation. So before any gimmicks, social media, or any branded product giveaways, sit down and lay some goals that the campaign should achieve.

These goals should meet particular needs in the line targeted by the campaign. The most fundamental goals for most businesses are increasing the business’ sales and improving the awareness of your business. Other secondary goals for a campaign may be increasing exposure, challenging specific stereotypes around a product or company, promoting a new angle of your business, and more. Depending on what you want to achieve in your business, you can lay down specific goals to ensure you achieve by the end of the marketing campaign.

Engage Prospects Uniquely

Notably, of the many campaigns held yearly, very few of them last long. Moreover, they also do not leave a good lasting impression on their prospects. This should not happen to you. You may have used so many resources to fail to leave a lasting impression.

Many potential customers are bored with similar campaigns everywhere they are, and they might not be interested if you run identical campaigns with your competitors. So what do you do? First, ensure that you are running a unique marketing campaign to gain the interest of your prospective customers.

Conduct your deep research to find out what you can do that will be unique for most people. People will be more interested in engaging in something special or something they are not used to. So make sure you create something extraordinary out of your business marketing campaign.

Showcase Your Brand

It would be in vain to run an excellent marketing campaign and fail to showcase your products or services. Many campaigns target marketing a specific brand, but the emphasis is placed on another goal along the way.

Ensure that you have elements that remind the customers of your products from time to time. Take time to ensure that other features do not overshadow your main product or service.


The main goal of a marketing campaign, as mentioned earlier, is results. Therefore, a marketing campaign must show results. Although your business marketing campaign can have lots of elements, it will help if you make improvements and meet your goals as a result. 

For instance, if you are using custom coolers as promotional items to give away, you must focus on the product or service you’re selling and avoid going out of topic.

Set A Budget

Before starting the campaign, create a budget and follow it. You might get overwhelmed by the elements at hand for your campaign, but remember that your finances mean a lot for your business. Especially if yours is a startup, you might need to make sure that you set a budget that will save your pockets and still bring out results.

Now that you have set your goals and you know what you want, you should set your budget according to these goals. To properly create a budget, know the audience’s purchasing power to know how much to invest in marketing.

This will tell you how much you can spend on a campaign and your boundaries towards spending money.

However, avoiding spending too little ends up getting poor results. After you know the purchasing power of your audience, set a budget that will run the whole campaign. You don’t want to start a campaign and stop in the middle of it because of financial issues. You can also find a financial advisor who can help you with budgeting if you can’t seem to get the hang of it.

With all that said, running a marketing campaign using branded products is one of the most straightforward marketing strategies yet with mind-blowing results. If you plan well on each step, then your business will be on a different level.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding products that work best for your company, contact us at any time.