Buying Guide for Custom Christmas Ornaments

Buying Guide for Custom Christmas Ornaments

The end of the year is a great time for companies to send out gifts to their top clients and to their employees. Showing your appreciation is a critical component of building customer relationships and strengthening your brand loyalty. Giving out custom Christmas ornaments is a great way to stay top of mind with your clients, especially during this season of gift buying.

The Christmas season for most people starts after Thanksgiving, although, buying for Christmas begins months before that. Stores are full of Christmas merchandise, including gifts and decorations.

Estimates show approximately 33 million real Christmas trees are sold each year in the U.S., plus another 9.5 million artificial trees *. When you combine those two numbers, plus the number of artificial trees still being used, this makes your customized Christmas ornaments an excellent giveaway each year.

Below you will find an easy buying guide for custom Christmas ornaments so you can find the best ornaments for your company. This simple buying guide will also help you quickly choose a different type of ornament each year so your clients and employees can create a collection of ornaments to decorate their holiday trees.

Buying Guide for Custom Christmas Ornaments


While there are ornaments available made from many different materials, the list below represents the most popular options.

Shatterproof – These are the most common Christmas ornaments. Why? Because they are shatterproof. No special care has to be taken when packing these up from year to year. In the past, the shatterproof option was only available with the traditional ball ornaments. However, many other shapes are available now such as the flat round ornaments, Christmas tree shape, heart shape, and more. If you love to support USA-made products, check out the USA Made Shatterproof ornaments. For the biggest impact when giving away your holiday ornaments, opt for a beautiful packaging or buy ornaments with your own unique custom packaging.

Glass – Glass ornaments are classic and beautiful. The fragility of these Christmas ornaments gives them a much higher perceived value over the shatterproof ornaments. it is true that glass ornaments must be carefully stored each year to prevent breakage; however, they are typically kept for much longer than lower priced ornaments. These come in many different shapes including round, arch, square, diamond, bell, star, and other festive shapes. Some of the glass is colored, while others options are clear glass that can be etched or laser engraved for a permanent decoration.

Crystal – These are a step up from glass. The weight with these Christmas ornaments let recipients know they are holding a high-quality ornament. The clarity is “crystal clear” and uniquely refract light in a beautiful way. Quite a few festive shapes are available and these are engraved or etched with your company logo. If you are looking for gifts for upscale clients, crystal ornaments are a great choice.

Metal – Many different metal ornaments are available including aluminum, stainless steel, brass, silver, gold, and pewter. Metal ornaments can be beautifully crafted to fit your branding with any type of custom shape or die cut. Or, you can choose from a variety of already created Christmas designs that can be printed with your logo. For the biggest impact, create a completely unique ornament in the shape of your logo, mascot, or top selling product.

Wood – Wooden ornaments have an appeal to those who love the environment. These materials are made of a natural resource and they look beautiful. One of the best things about wood Christmas ornaments is they can be laser cut into the custom shape of your choice. Alternatively, if you are on a tight budget, you can select a wooden ornament in a stock shape and have your logo printed on the festive shape.

Acrylic – This is a versatile material that looks a lot like glass, but it is more durable than glass. An acrylic sun catcher is one of the most popular acrylic ornaments, but you can also get custom shaped acrylic ornaments to really make your brand stand out!

Ceramic – If you are looking for a retro option, ceramic Christmas ornaments are for you. Think about those handmade ceramic ornaments you decorated as a kid. These ceramic ornaments come in several different stock shapes and some of them can be printed in full color to really stand out on the tree.

Other materials used to make custom Christmas ornaments include seeded paper, paper, and 3D lenticular.


The shape of your Christmas ornaments sets the mood of your giveaways. If you want traditional, you go with a ball ornament or a classic shape. If you want modern, find a more trendy shape such as the ugly sweater Christmas ornaments. If you want completely unique, create your own shape with many of our custom shaped options.

Ball Ornaments – These classic ornaments are the same shape used by your grandmother when she decorated her Christmas trees and they are still just as popular today. These traditional ornaments are top sellers year after year. If this is the style you like, you can mix it up each year by choosing various options such as hand-blown glass, traditional glass, shatterproof, and light-up glass ornaments.

Flat Round – Several years ago, a modification was made to the ball ornaments to create a flat version. These ornaments are lower in cost since it uses less material. These custom ornaments offer a little variation to the ever-popular ball ornaments.

Snowflake – This is perhaps the shape that is most consistently associated with Christmas. With so many people hoping for a white Christmas, the snowflake is a beautiful symbol of the Christmas season. That’s why snowflake shaped ornaments are popular choices year after year.

Christmas Tree– Of course Christmas tree ornaments are a popular shape. After all, where would hang your ornaments without a Christmas tree? You can choose from quite a few different materials for this shape to include shatterproof, metal, crystal, and even a seeded paper which can be planted to grow plants after the tree comes down.

Star – This is another common and popular shape associated with Christmas due to the Wise Men following the North start to visit Jesus after his birth. Like most of the other shapes, you can get this one in many different materials to best fit your budget.

Ugly Sweater Ornaments – This is a brand new option for 2016 that deserves mention. Custom ugly sweater ornaments are sure to generate some fun conversation when you give these away. ugly sweater parties have become an annual event so you can make fun of each other wearing hideous sweaters. Now the canvas is completely yours to create the ugliest sweater of all on the full-color ugly sweater ornaments.

*Source: Statistic Brain.

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