Buying Guide for Custom Flip Flops

Custom flip flops are perfect promotional items for the summertime. No matter if you are from a beach town or the mid-west, when the heat rises, the flip flops come out! When it comes to choosing the best pair of promotional flip flops to buy, the options can be overwhelming. We have scaled the customizable flip flops down giving you enough to choose from in respect to price and style without overwhelming you with endless pages of the same product.

This buying guide will help to better explain a few of the custom options offered on our flip flops and help you get the best product for your budget. Let’s get started!

Flip Flops have two basic parts, the strap and the sole. Each piece offers you an array of fun custom options that will make your flip flop unique and exciting. Your existing company logo, design, fonts and colors when making your selections to ensure your flip flops are a representation of your brand and will help advertise your company when worn.

First, let’s talk about the straps.


The strap is a common imprint location on flip flops as it is always visible even while being worn. Straps can be made of a variety of materials including vinyl, rubber, fabric and more. Below are examples of each of the strap types.


The Laguna Zori Flip Flop with Vinyl Straps – One of our most popular flip flops! It’s hard to beat this basic flip flop when you need a reasonably priced option. This flip flop features 9 exciting colors of vinyl straps to choose from including translucent colors and either a black or white sole. Vinyl “Jelly” straps are the most affordable in comparison to natural rubber or fabric so these are perfect if you are on a tight budget.


The Rio Brazilian Style Flip Flop with Natural Rubber Straps – These flip flops were inspired by a popular retail brand! Choose from black or white 100% all-natural rubber straps then select from 8 awesome sole colors. The rubber straps are worth the upgrade from the vinyl straps. Natural rubber straps are comfortable and durable. Rubber straps will last through extend use.


The Laguna Surf Style Flip Flop with Fabric Straps – The surf style flip flops are a classic! These flip flops offer 4 fabric strap colors: All Black, All White, All Royal Blue, or Red with Black Trim. Fabric straps are durable and hold up through extended use. The perceived higher value and large embroidered imprint area, make the fabric strap option a great bang for your buck!  Fabric straps are embroidered which means your logo will not wear or rub off.

It is common for the price to include a one-color imprint on one strap. Strap options allow you to be creative and have a one-of-a-kind look for your flip flop. Some of the typical options you will see with straps are variations in color including translucent versions of those colors. It is important when choosing your imprint color to remember how it will look against the strap color itself. A white imprint on a black strap will look great but a blue imprint on a black strap is not likely to be clear.


The sole of the flip flop is where real creative opportunity lies. The sole of a flip flop can be a solid color all the way through or can be broken down into 3 layers. The top layer or the insole allows for a large imprint. The insole layer imprint is sometimes available (for additional charge) with a full-color imprint, so your most intricate designs are possible. It is important to remember that this layer may be subject to the imprint wearing off faster due to constant contact and rubbing between the flip flop and the wearer’s foot. Many of our custom flip flops already include a one-color imprint on the insole however, upgrades to full-color are common and can still be within budget.

The next layer is the middle layer also known as the sandwich layer or the racing strip. This layer does not allow for any imprint due to the fact that it is squished between two other layers. Selecting an offsetting color for the middle layer gives the flip flop a “racing stripe” look. The sandwich layer is not available for customizing on all of our flip flops, but if it is an option you want, check out the Collegiate 3-Layer Flip Flop Sandal. Oh, did I mention the custom-colored sandwich layer is free on those?? Free is always good!!

The last layer of the sole is called the out-sole. This layer is the part that touches the ground, also known as the bottom of the flip flop. The out-sole may seem like an odd area to brand, but wait, this layer actually has the best decorating option of them all.

“Talking Footprints”

Talking Footprints - Custom Logos Left Behind in the Sand
Leave your logo behind in the sand with Talking Footprints!

The out-soles of many of our custom flip flops feature an option called “Talking Footprints”. Talking footprints make an impression in the sand with every step taken. Your logo or company name is cut or stamped into the out-sole of the flip flop so that when a step is taken in sand, your company logo is left behind. This practice dates itself back to Ancient Greece when courtesans would carve the words “Follow Me” into the bottom of their shoes so clients knew where to find them.

Die-Cut Method Think of this one like a cookie cutter! Your logo is cut out of the out-sole as well as part of the middle sandwich layer. The good thing about the die-cut method is that it makes a deeper impression in the sand than the stamped method meaning your logo is left more clearly in the sand with every step taken. With this method, small detail does not work. Your logo is “stenciled” to create letters that leave a great impression when pressed into the sand.

Stamped Method Although the impression is not as deep as with die-cutting, the stamped method has its own great attribute. With the stamped method, a mold is created and pressed into the out-sole of the flip flop. These stamped impressions look great and are awesome to display front and center in a gift basket or door prize. Since nothing is cut out, smaller details in your logo or design work better with this method. Minimum charges and quantities apply with the stamped method as a custom mold must be made for your flip flops.

Click here to view all of our promotional flip flops with “Talking Footprints”

Talking Footprints are a very popular option with custom flip flops. When you opt for this decoration technique, we recommend you keep it simple. Since it is cut into the bottom and is intended to leave an impression in the sand, the more complex the design, the poorer quality the impression will be. The Perfect Imprints Graphics Design team can help adjust your existing logo or design for the Talking Footprints feature. If you choose a Talking Footprint, it is recommended your letters be no more than 1 inch tall and that the thickness of the lines be at least 3/16” or more. Simple, bold designs tend to yield the best footprint.

Talking Footprints can cost as little as $2.00 per pair additional to the cost of the flip flop, plus the die charge, which varies per style of flip flop. It is important to note that if your logo consists of more than 6 characters, there may be an additional setup cost per character of up to $50.00 per character. Choosing the Talking Footprint will increase regular production time by an average of 5 additional days. We love Talking Footprints since it offers a unique branding opportunity to an already useful product.


As promotional products go, one of the most important characteristics is the usefulness of that product to those receiving it. You want to give something to your customers that they will use on a regular basis as opposed to throwing it in a drawer. Buying custom flip flops in bulk means having to order multiple sizes so that each customer can have a pair to fit their feet. For example, the size medium flip flops will fit a women’s shoe size 8-10 and will fit a men’s size 9-10. Besides the small, medium, large sizing you can also go by the length of the flip flop. Each size has the length measurement in inches as well.

If you want an equal breakdown based on a 50/50 male to female ratio and assuming you are buying all 5 sizes from extra-small to extra-large, we recommend the following breakdown:

  • 5% Extra Small
  • 30% Small
  • 35% Medium
  • 25% Large
  • 5% Extra-Large**

**Additional charges may apply for Extra-Large size flip flops

You can apply those percentages to any quantity you order. If you only want to order 3 sizes for that same 50/50 ratio we recommend the following breakdown:

  • 35% Small
  • 35% Medium
  • 30% Large

Some of our custom flip flops have youth sizes available as well. The youth sizes are Youth Small, Youth Medium and Youth Large. Youth Small measures 7.5” long ; Youth Medium measures 8.25” long ; Youth Large measures 9” long. Other youth flip flops just have 2 sizes available which fit an age span of children 5 to 9 years old.

Need them in a hurry??? 

We  hope this buying guide has helped to further explain the custom options available when buying promotional flip flops. Once you have made your selection, it is time to find out how long it will take to get them. As an added convenience, we have provided the state from which each flip flop will ship. Selecting a state closer to you not only saves shipping transit time, but it also saves money on the shipping cost.. Our selection of promotional flip flops come from either:

By clicking on each state, you will be able to see which custom flip flops come from that state. Standard production time is listed on each product page. Production time differs on each product as well. Rush production/delivery availability is based on the specifics of each order. Call (800.773.9472) one of our customer service reps about the rush options available to you. Or alternately, Contact Us by email with any questions.

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