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Custom Basketballs Buying GuideWhile football typically dominates America as the favorite sport, basketball is a close second. The sport of basketball involves continual action with players dribbling, dunking, passing, and shooting. Whether you prefer watching NBA, college, high school, or even middle school basketball, it proves to be a fun sport to watch.

Just like every other sport, it’s important to promote team spirit to keep the crowd involved and cheering. With basketball games, there are down times during timeouts, half-time, and those occasional times of play when players are purposely running down the clock to preserve their lead.

Another important aspect is raising money for your basketball team. This is often controlled by a team booster club or various clubs or organizations at a school. Funds are raised by selling basketball spirit items such as noisemakers, custom basketballs, and other memorabilia supporting the team name/mascot.

Below you will find an quick reference to easily find the right custom basketballs for your team. Choose between mini basketballs or full size basketballs.

Mini Basketballs

Plastic Mini BasketballsPlastic Mini Basketballs – This option offers the lowest possible cost for mini basketballs, other than stress reliever sized basketballs. These mini basketballs are made of plastic. They do not bounce and they can be painful if you are hit with them. However, they don’t lose air since they are molded into shape, rather than air-filled. Your logo is printed on the basketballs making these a great choice for low cost giveaways to give away in mass quantities.

Vinyl Mini BasketballsVinyl Mini Basketballs – These are also great low cost giveaways for your basketball games. These are the perfect items for cheerleaders to throw into the crowd during those lulling moments at the games. Since they are air-filled and made of soft vinyl, they won’t hurt anyone when they are thrown into the crowd. There are many different colors to choose, so you can typically find your team color. These are great to get local business sponsors to have their logo put on one side with your team mascot printed on the opposite side, giving your team “free” giveaways for the games.

Foam Mini BasketballsFoam Mini Basketballs – While the previous two mini basketballs are best for giveaways, these foam mini basketballs have a higher price point and are a great mini basketballs to sell to the fans. Whether you are selling as a set with a mini backboard or just the foam mini basketball, they are a great souvenirs for kids to take home from their high energy experience of attending a game. Some of the foam mini basketballs have an option for a full color imprint, so you can include a team photo on the balls! There are multiple sizes to choose with the most commons sizes being 4″ or 5″. If you want the extra-mini basketballs, the foam stress relievers may be the right choice for your purpose.

Full Size Basketballs

Full Size Custom Rubber BasketballsRubber Basketballs – These are not only functional, but they are the lowest cost for full size custom basketballs. Your logo is printed on one of the panels. The rubber texture allows a great grip with a plentiful bounce. Choose from a traditional orange color or choose a basketball with alternating color panels. These are great giveaways for participants at basketball training camps and workshops. They also make great giveaways for local businesses and individuals to support your team during the year, including financially and through volunteering their time.

Composite Leather Full Size Custom BasketballsComposite Leather Basketballs – These are also known as synthetic leather basketballs. This is the same material used for the NBA and college basketball. There is a noticeable upgrade from rubber to synthetic leather. You get a leather-like feel without the expense of true leather and they are more durable. This material is ideal for both indoor or outdoor use. These balls have an inner rubber bladder and are wrapped with layers of the synthetic composite. They look and feel great. If you want tournament quality basketballs, this is the type of basketball you need. These are also great for premium basketball giveaways.

Custom Printed Autograph/Signature BasketballsSignature / Autograph Basketballs – If you host an autograph session with a well-known basketball player, you’ll want to have basketballs available for an autograph. These balls have at least one panel that is white and smooth so it’s conducive for a signature. You just make sure a proper autograph pen or permanent marker is available. These balls are available in mini or full size. These balls are great fundraising items for autograph sessions and they make excellent displays to show off the autographs. These are also great to get for the end of a season, so players from a team can sign each others basketball as a souvenir to celebrate a successful season.

Depending on the type of ball you want or need, the production time can vary. Typically, the small stress reliever style basketballs can be produced with a 24 hour rush, while the 4″-5″ mini basketballs can be produced with a 48 hour rush. A select few of the full size basketballs can be produced with a 48 hour rush in limited quantities. Contact us for details with your in hands date for questions about rush production.

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