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Buying Guide for Resistance Exercise Bands

Custom Exercise Bands - Resistance Bands with Logo

Resistance exercise bands are a great piece of workout equipment that can be easily incorporated into your existing fitness routine. Using resistance bands can increase flexibility and core strength no matter the fitness level you are at. These versatile pieces are small, portable and cost-effective. With a variety of colors and resistance levels to choose from the options can be overwhelming so we have put together a buying guide to help make choosing the right resistance band for your needs fast and easy. You can see all of our resistance bands by clicking here.  

Latex and Latex-Free

When choosing to purchase resistance bands the first decision you must make is between latex material bands or latex-free material bands. There are significant differences between them and it will pay to know them.

Latex is a milky fluid substance that is taken from the rubber tree. When the substance is exposed to air it coagulates. Latex allergies are often a concern when purchasing resistance bands but it is important to know that according to the American Latex Allergy Association, less than 1% (about 3 million people) of the general population in the U.S. are affected by a latex allergy. If someone has an allergy to latex and they are exposed to it, the reaction can vary from mild hives to severe chest tightening and abdominal cramps. See our latex resistance bands here.

Latex-free resistance bands allow you to be worry-free as they do not pose the allergy risk. These bands, however, do have a slight downside. When imprinting your logo to the bands for promotional purposes, latex-free bands do not hold the imprint as well as the latex bands. The nature of the latex-free material will cause your logo to wear-off very quickly. The latex-free bands have a wax coating on them that makes it difficult for the ink to adhere to. The wax coating will not transfer off onto skin or clothing and cannot be seen on the bands. Although the complication of a potential allergic reaction is avoided with latex-free bands, the rate at which the imprint can wear off can also be a complication. We require a written acknowledgment with any order of latex-free bands.

Although the latex and latex-free bands are offered in the same color options, the colors are not actually the same. The difference in material means a difference in color. If you have been looking at a green medium resistance latex band but realize you need latex-free, be mindful that the green color of the latex-free will not be the same green as the latex. The charts at the bottom show the differences for comparison.

Choose the Resistance Level

Choosing the resistance level of your bands is very important. The levels range from light to special heavy. The resistance level measures the thickness of the band itself. The thickness is measured in mils where one mil equals one-thousandth of one inch. The thicker the band the harder the resistance level will be.

Light resistance6 mils thick = 0.006 inch- Offers about 3-6 pounds of resistance

Medium resistance8 mils thick = 0.008 inch- Offers about 8-10 pounds of resistance

Heavy Resistance 10 mils thick = 0.01 inch- Offers 12 or more pounds of resistance

Extra-Heavy Resistance12 mils thick = 0.012 inch- Offers 16 or more pounds of resistance

Special Heavy Resistance15 mils thick = 0.015 inch- Offers 18 or more pounds of resistance (generally reserved for the most experienced user)

Each resistance level has a predesignated color to indicate its strength. For instance, if you want a special heavy resistance level, no matter the brand or the size, the color will be black. At the bottom of this guide, there is a helpful block of pictures that show each of the three brands, their specific widths, resistance levels and colors available. It is recommended to talk with a personal trainer if you are unsure of what resistance level you should be using. If you are considering purchasing a resistance band for rehabilitation of an injury, please consult your doctor before purchasing,

Determine the Best Size – Length and Width

The length of the resistance band is important when it comes to the types of exercise you plan on doing with it. Certain exercises require a longer band while for others a shorter band is better. Your height is also something you should consider when choosing the length of the band. Almost all our resistance bands come in 3 length options.

3 foot

4 foot

5 foot

6 foot

The width of the band is also important for the style of exercise you are planning. The wider bands can offer a better grip in certain cases and be more comfortable. The widths that are available are:

– 4 inches

– 5 inches

– 6 inches

Plan Your Art Around The Imprint Area

The imprint area of each band is determined by whether the band is latex or latex-free. If the band contains latex, the available imprint area will measure 4” wide by 14” long. If the band is latex-free, the imprint area will measure 2.5” wide by 14” long. This is not to say your imprint must be this size however, it cannot be any larger. Each band can be printed with just a single color. Every band is different on the imprint color that is available so check the specific product to be sure. The imprint colors will be either white, black or navy blue depending on the band. We do have a full-color imprinting option available.

Choose the Brand That Is Right for You

Body Sport Resistance Bands

All Body Sport resistance bands are available in lengths of 3, 4, 5 and 6 feet. Each block shows the width of the band, if it is latex or latex-free, resistance levels and corresponding colors.

Body Sport Resistance Exercise Bands

If you wanted a 5-foot-long Body Sport band that has a width of 4 inches and a resistance level of medium, the corresponding color would be orange.

If you wanted a 6-foot-long Body Sport band that has a width of 6 inches and a resistance level of medium you could choose from Blue, Grey, Green, and Red.

So you see, each resistance level and width chosen will have the band color predetermined. Below are the charts for Thera-Band and Dyna-Band as well.

Thera-Band Resistance Bands

Thera-Band resistance bands are available in 3, 4, 5, and 6-foot lengths. Each block shows the width of the band if it is latex or latex-free, resistance levels and corresponding colors.

So again, if you want a 3-foot-long Thera-Band that has a width of 4 inches and a resistance level of extra-heavy, the corresponding color would be blue.   Just follow the chart!

Dyna-Band Resistance Bands

The Dyna-Band resistance bands are also available in 3, 4, 5 and 6-foot lengths. These bands are only available in one width which is 6 inches and 2 colors, green and purple.

The Dyna-Band resistance bands are only available in medium and heavy resistance levels. The medium resistance is green and the heavy resistance is purple.

Resistance exercise bands have increased in popularity over the past few years. With a new focus on health and wellness, resistance bands make great gift items for friends and family. Resistance bands are perfect to give to new members of your gym as a sign-up gift as well. Be sure to check out all the custom resistance bands available to you from Perfect Imprints and feel free to call us with any questions.

Wishing you health and wellness,

The Perfect Imprints Team

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