Finding the Right Official Size Full Size Custom Basketballs

Top Selling Full Size Basketballs - Official Size and Intermediate Women's Size

So you are thinking about ordering full-size custom basketballs, but want to make sure you buy the right size?

This guide will help you quickly find the top sellers for the size you need for your team or event. There are several different “regulation” sizes, so it’s important to check with your league first to verify the official size which is acceptable for use in league play. However, not all basketballs are intended for gameplay, nor are all custom basketballs needed for league play.

Most promotional basketballs are not tournament quality, so be sure you are getting a tournament quality ball if that is what you need. And remember, “Official NBA Size” doesn’t mean “NBA Quality.” The Official NBA Spalding Game Basketballs actually cost around $140! That’s why you can’t expect that same quality if you are buying a $20 basketball. Nonetheless, there are many great quality basketballs available to brand with your company or event logo. Below you’ll find the most popular choices!

Full-Size Men’s Basketballs

  • 29.5 inches in Circumference
  • Size 7
  • 22 oz.
  • Also used by most high school boys leagues

Top Sellers

Baden Contender Official Men’s 29.5″ Full Size Basketballs

Baden Contender Full Size Custom Basketballs

Wilson Official Full-Size Men’s 29.5″ Basketballs

Custom Full Size Wilson Basketballs

Full Size 29.5″ Rubber Basketballs

Full Size Custom Rubber Basketballs - 29.5" - Size 7

Full Size 29.5″ Wilson Signature Basketballs

Custom Full Size 29.5" Wilson Signature Basketballs

Full Size 29.5″ Signature Basketballs

Full Size Custom Autograph Basketballs

Full Size 29.5″ Red/White/Blue Basketballs

Full Size 29.5" Custom Red, White, and Blue Basketballs

Full Size 29.5″ Synthetic Leather Basketballs

Full Size Synthetic Leather Basketballs - 29.5"

Full Size 29.5″ Basketballs With Alternating Panel Colors

Full Size Basketballs with Alternating Panel Colors

WNBA & NCAA Women’s Basketball Sizes

  • Intermediate Women’s size
  • 28.5″ circumference
  • Size 6
  • 18-20 oz.
  • Also used by most high school girls leagues

Top Sellers

Baden Contender Intermediate 28.5″ Basketballs

Baden Contender Full Size Intermediate Women's Custom Basketballs

Baden 28.5″ Intermediate Women’s Rubber Basketballs

Women's Intermediate Size 28.5" Rubber Basketballs

Intermediate Size 28.5″ Women’s Basketballs With Alternating Panel Colors

Intermediate Size Women's Alternating Panel Color Full Size Basketballs

The basketballs above represent the best sellers in both men’s full size and women’s intermediate basketballs for stock styles which can be printed with your logo.

Completely custom overseas options are available allowing you to customize the size, panel colors, and decoration method to your specification. Custom overseas orders start around 200 pieces or more. Contact us if you are interested in customized basketballs.

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