Calling All Nature Lovers: 13 Ways to Capture Your Outdoorsy Brand with Cool Promotional Items

Promotional Products for Nature Lovers

Did you just sign up to attend some trade shows and events for your company?

You may think that a large sign, an outgoing personality, and a good sales pitch will be enough to draw people to your table and sell them on your company.

However, competition has been getting more intense at events. It’s no longer enough to just have a table. Your potential new customers will have dozens of other tables to peruse, so you’ll need to find a way to convince them to stop and chat with you.

Promotional items are a great way to do that. Let’s face it; everybody loves free stuff. But you’ll want to choose your promotional items carefully.

There are tons of tables that are going to give out pens, pencils, and tote bags. You want to cool promotional items that stand out from your competitor’s giveaways and capture your brand.

Is your target customer outdoorsy? Does your product or service relate to fishing, camping, hiking, or the like? Then keep reading to discover our top 13 outdoorsy promotional items that are sure to grab the attention of your target customer.

1. Campfire Mugs

Do you have fond memories of camping with your family as a child? Well, you’re not alone.

There are over 75 million households in the United States with active campers. And that number is just expected to grow as millennials are showing a large interest in the great outdoors.

To really get your potential customer’s attention, consider giving away something they can really use. Of course, camping equipment is all about durability and convenience.

This is why campfire mugs make the perfect promotional item for any outdoorsy brand. They’ll show your customers you know what they want and are knowledgeable about the best camping products. This will then make you appear as an expert in your field, making customers more likely to choose you.

2. Drawstring Bags

Whether they’re camping, hiking, or biking, your target customers likely have a few things they need to take with them. This may include bug spray, sunscreen, and a water bottle.

But where are they going to keep all these small odds and ends when hiking through the woods? A drawstring bag offers an immediate solution. It’s small and lightweight, making it convenient to carry a few necessities without weighing them down.

For this reason, drawstring bags make great promotional items for your next event. Plus, it’s not just the outdoorsy type that benefits from drawstring bags. They are also commonly used family days, like hitting amusement parks or going to the zoo.

This means your drawstring bags will bring a large number of potential customers to your table. Even if they aren’t the outdoorsy type, they may know of someone who is and can pass the word of your company onto them.

3. Performance Tees

It’s no secret that hiking, biking, and the like can make your sweat. And when that starts to happen, whatever clothes you’re wearing immediately feel uncomfortable.

But when you’re on a multi-day trek or camping trip, you can’t exactly change clothes multiple times a day. So, what do you do?

You can provide your customers with the perfect solution by offering performance tees as giveaways at your next event. They wick moisture away to keep the wearer cool and dry longer.

Not only will they be thanking you, but anyone they’re camping or trekking with will be sure to notice, too.

4. Multi-Use Tool

When your customers are planning a big outdoor activity, they’re likely thinking of ways they can limit what they bring. Nothing takes the fun out of backpacking more than being weighted down with unnecessary items.

For this reason, they’re going to be on the lookout for multi-use tools. You can help them out by purchasing these as promotional items.

Better yet, when one tool has things like scissors, a knife, a flashlight, and a bottle opener, you can rest assured knowing that they’ll be using it often and, thus, will be exposed to your brand name several times.

5. Lip Balm

Of course, winter doesn’t stop nature-lovers from going on adventures. If your customers love to ski, snowboard, snowmobile, or take winter backpacking trips, they’ll need a special set of products.

One thing that often gets left forgotten is lip balm. The dry, cold air that comes with winter can damage and chap lips. While it may not seem like a big deal, it is an extra annoyance when your customers are trying to enjoy their winter adventures.

Consider giving out lip balm at your next trade show. It’s small and easy to pack. Bonus points if you get lip balm with SPF!

6. Sunscreen

It doesn’t matter what type of nature-lover you want to promote your business to. They can all benefit from sunscreen.

Even those who like the enjoy the outdoors during winter will need it. Many people forget about the risk of sunburn since it’s so cold outside, but being out and about all day puts any exposed skin at risk. This is especially true if snow or ice is present since they reflect about 80% of UV rays that touch the ground.

Getting sunscreen as a promotional item is a great way to attract a large audience. You’ll get to share your products or services with all sorts of outdoorsy people who may benefit from it.

7. Nature-Themed Keychains

Not all cool promotional items have to be ultra-useful. Sometimes it’s the cute little keychain that draws interested people to your table.

Think about it; you could give away any type of keychain. But choosing to give out a nature-themed keychain, like one in the shape of a fishing bobber, will tell people right away what your company does.

Furthermore, people who don’t enjoy fishing or know anyone who likes fishing will be less likely to take one. Meaning the people who come to your table will be in your target audience. So, you can spend less time talking to people who aren’t interested in your products and more time talking to those who are.

8. Portable Grills

Portable grills are a great way to enjoy delicious food while camping. While cooking over the campfire may seem like the best way to get in touch with nature, many people don’t want to deal with the hassle of building a fire and waiting forever for their food to cook.

Instead, they decide to bring portable grills or use one provided at their campsite. For more of an impact, includes some popular grilling tools they’ll need.

Using a portable grill as a giveaway is sure to turn some heads. When most tables choose to stick with affordable, small promotional items, you’ll be blowing them all out of the water by giving away Coleman grills!

With a handy case with your logo on it, they’ll see your company name and logo every time they open the case to grill, and everyone who is camping with them is sure to be impressed, too.

9. Lanterns

Sure, flashlights make a great promotional item. They are useful and show off your brand’s outdoorsy side.

But if you want to take this to the next level or focus your efforts only on those who like camping, you can’t go wrong with promotional lanterns.

Flashlights are sure to attract tons of people. Everyone could use a flashlight, especially if it’s compact or fits on a keychain.

But not everyone is going to want to grab a lantern. It’ll weave out those who don’t enjoy camping and thus won’t benefit from your company, and brings in your target audience.

Plus, your potential customers will be impressed that you’re giving out a more expensive item.

10. Reusable Water Bottles

Anyone who spends all day outside should be sure to stay hydrated. This is especially true if you’re outside during the summer or partaking in strenuous activity.

If your target customers are active when outside, they’re sure to be on the lookout for reusable water bottles. Of course, not only does it help them stay hydrated, but it also helps the planet by decreasing the number of plastic water bottles needed.

Using water bottles as cool promotional items is sure to attract a large crowd. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors will want one, so you’ll have tons of people to talk about your company with. If you really want to stick with items with superior temperature retention, be sure to go with vacuum insulated water bottles. No other products can keep your drinks colder for longer.

11. Waterproof Phone Pouch

Just because your target customers love the great outdoors doesn’t mean they don’t love technology too. In fact, more and more people are looking for ways to get Wi-Fi and phone access while camping. And with gadgets coming out to do just that, they’re taking their phones on vacation.

They may want to post that perfect sunset picture on Facebook or Google how to cook a fish. But no matter what they use it for, they’ll still want to protect it from the elements.

A waterproof phone pouch is an affordable and effective way to protect their phone from the rain or from dropping it in a puddle. They can even take pictures while on the lake without worrying about damaging their phone!

While this is a very useful invention, many people still haven’t discovered it yet.

Offering this as a promotional item will make your company appear as unique and modern. Your potential customers will view you as knowing how modern technology can be integrated with traditional outdoor activities, which could be good news for your brand and bottom line.

12. First Aid Kits

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Maybe you tripped on your hike or cut yourself on a fishing hook.

Either way, a simple first aid kit is a must for any nature-lover. But many don’t think about it beforehand.

Make sure your potential customers are never without the necessities by giving away first aid kits. If they ever need to use them, they’ll see your logo on the cover and remember your company.

These also make great promotional items for anyone with small children. With all that excess energy to blow, kids tend to be more susceptible to injuries than adults.

So, if your company focuses on family-friendly outdoorsy products, or something similar, you can’t go wrong with a first aid kit handout.

13. Bug Spray

Of course, you can’t enjoy good, old mother nature without enduring some bugs along the way. But nothing is worse than itching throughout the whole vacation because you couldn’t keep them at bay.

Bug spray is the obvious solution to this problem. However, many people procrastinate buying it, and it remains an annoying last-minute necessity to pick up before they hit the road.

Offering bug spray as a promotional item is sure to attract a lot of attention. Anyone who has ever camped or spent the day in nature will be sure to stop by. This gives you the perfect audience to talk about your company with.

Choosing Cool Promotional Items for Your Outdoorsy Brand

If you want to attract the right people during your next trade show or event, consider choosing cool promotional items that relate to your business.

If your company is outdoorsy, that means purchasing things like lanterns, camping mugs, and waterproof phone pouches. You’ll stand out from all the other tables who decided to stick with pens and tote bags, and your target customers will be interested right away.

These are great products to use to piggyback on Great Outdoors Month to push sales of your products and services.

Do you want more ideas? Check out our section of outdoor promotional items today!

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