Cashing in on the Green Revolution

Green Revolution - Marijuana Promotional ItemsThe legal marijuana industry is growing fast (like a weed?) A little over 10 years ago, California was the first state to legalize the use of medical marijuana. In the last 5 years it has become a green revolution. As of this writing, 28 States and Washington D.C. have now legalized medical marijuana and according to Forbes Magazine, sales totaled $6.7 Billion in 2016. Polls are telling us that 54% of Americans are in favor of legalization and total sales in North America are expected to reach over $20 billion by 2021, $20 Billion! To put this in perspective, that is bigger than the 90’s cable boom, bigger than the .com boom! For dispensaries and related businesses this is an exciting time to take advantage of green profits (or red, blue, gold or purple profits!) 

As with any sprouting industry there are hurdles to overcome, Federal and State regulations involving banking and location, etc. And, then there are also advertising restrictions that can make it difficult to get the word out about your product or service. And that’s what we are going to discuss today. Because location is important, product is important, banking is important, but if you can’t let customers know where you are, how to contact you, you can’t sell, no money to put in the bank, to pay rent, no business! So, how do you get the word out?

One of the best ways to get your message in the hands of consumers is to determine what type of product or products will your customer find the most useful and will have the have the greatest visual impact (impressions per day.) I’ve been spending some time researching the topic, looking through the various paraphernalia and catalogs and asking friends who are 4/20 friendly, what they think is crucial, what would work for them? What tool or tools would really enhance their experience and thus stay in front of your customer’s bloodshot eyes day after day?

So I accumulated a list of items, actually 12, that according to many of the people I interviewed, pplier sites, shops, and articles in various magazines, would make the most effective promotional products printed with your logo, to put in the hands of the medical marijuana user. So over the next weeks and months I’ll be blogging about effective use of these products for your marijuana or marijuana related business. Just for a preview, the items include, Lighters (Zippos are Back!), Water Pipes, Rolling Papers, Pipes, Vape Pens, Humidity Packs, Humidors, Storage Containers, Concentrate Containers, Glass Jars and the one I found most interesting, an Herb Grinder.  ­

I had never heard of this product myself, save for grinding cardamom or black mustard seed for Indian dishes with a coffee or spice grinder. It turns out that grinding your weed has a lot of benefits that I would have never considered and that your customers would surely appreciate.

  1. Using a Grinder keeps your fingers out of the weed and from picking up THC crystals of your stash and improves the potency of your marijuana.
  2. Grinding your, I mean your customers’, buds into small evenly ground bits will make for a much tighter roll and prevent “canoeing” of the marijuana cigarette, making for a smoother more effective use of the product and smoother smoke.
  3. It makes for a more evenly packed slower smoking bowl in your pipe.
  4. I’m told the taste and scent is better and again, the smoking is milder.
  5. Cost and time savings. A grinder can break down the pot and remove seeds in a quarter of the time it would take to do by hand and they won’t be knocking valuable strands all over the floor.

Marijuana Grinder CardsI decided to focus on two of the grinders we offer in our medical marijuana category. First is the Grinder Card. As you can see, it looks like a metal credit card that can be kept in your wallet or purse, kind of like a miniature cheese grater. The pros of the grinder card for the business owner are that it is cost effective and it makes an attractive business card/grinder with options like etching and enamel coloring to make your logo pop, it has become one of the most popular promotional items for marijuana dispensaries. For your customer, it is portable and easy to use and works best with dense, sticky buds and they will always have your name and number in their wallet!

Plastic Custom Marijuana GrindersThe other item is a Plastic 2 Part Grinder fitted with sharp angular teeth like a tiny round Iron Maiden. Great imprint area for your shop. On a 3” diameter product, 2” are dedicated to your logo and or contact information, website, whatever you want out there. They are low cost, light and convenient. They easily shred a small amount of weed to rolling paper sized bits, open carefully and roll away! Your customer’s will love this.

The most powerful thing about the grinders is that your customers will see your message every day, several times a day. The products’ low cost, visibility, and usefulness put these at the top of the list as effective advertising tools.

If you are in the Medical Marijuana business or associated businesses you owe it to yourself to check out the Medical Marijuana section of our website. There is a growing list of products that will be sure to keep your name and products in front of your customers and build your ever expanding client base.  Call our office if you have any questions about this exciting industry and the promotional products we carry. It’s time to get to work comrade, the revolution is here.

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