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  Boating is a huge recreational activity for visitors and residents of coastal towns, as well as for towns adjacent to large lakes and rivers. In fact, last year in the U.S., there were 11,861,811 registered recreational boating vessels. (Statistic from the U.S. Coast Guard) If your business sells services or merchandise to boaters, this list of the top promotional items for boaters is for you. Boating is an activity that consistently requires the purchase of new supplies, new parts for your boat, and routine boat maintenance and cleaning. Your goal as a business owner who sells primarily to boaters is to not only obtain new boating customers but also keep them coming back.

Keeping Your Business Afloat With Boaters

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Beach balls are one of the most iconic toys for the beach. There are also so many ways to use them when marketing your business or event. That's why they are a top selling promotional item during the Spring and Summer seasons. So which beach ball is right for you? What colors are available? What are the sizes? How are the sizes measured? These are all common questions. We suggest you check out our Beach Ball Buying Guide for those answers. We have combined data with our beach ball manufacturers as well as our own internal data to create a list of the Best-Selling Custom Beach Balls. This list will allow you to quickly see the top selling colors and sizes.

The Top 25 Custom Beach Balls

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[caption id="attachment_6661" align="alignright" width="1200"]20 Ideas How to Use Custom Beach Balls Photo Cred: Pixel Cloud Productions[/caption] Beach balls are bright, fun and impossible to ignore, making them the perfect tool for promoting an event. Customize them with your logo or information about your event; then, start spreading the word -- and balls. Below you will find 20 creative (and different) ways to use customized beach balls to promote your business or your next event.
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Custom Foldable Wine BottlesA couple months ago, we were given the task of finding self-promos for an upcoming event. We are located on the Gulf Coast of Florida so I decided my item was going be beach-related. A coworker suggested a foldable wine bottle. This made sense as most people take drinks to the beach and glass is not permitted. She showed us a photo of the item and at first glance I wasn’t very impressed. The low cost of the item mademe suspicious about the quality. Having been in the industry for close to 10 years, I understand the importance of quality. If you’re going to use a product to promote your company or brand, you should feel confident of what you are presenting. This industry has something to offer every budget so the range of quality can vary. To make the right decision on this product I requested a sample from the vendor. 
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[caption id="attachment_6559" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Spring Break Promotional Items Your Guests Will Love Image source:[/caption] Spring Break is a fun time of year for many, yet a busy time of year for those in the hospitality business. Your beach town is likely inundated with out of town guests who want to rest, relax, and sometimes party hard. As a business owner or a marketer, you want to ensure a great experience for your guests so they will return to your business the following Spring Break, or hopefully sooner! Below are are few promotional products your guests will absolutely love and continue to use after they go back home. 
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Top 10 Essential Beach Promotional ProductsA day at the beach has many different meanings to different people. Tourists visiting a beach town are keen on spending a full day at the beach. No matter what the temperature or water conditions, they will make use of their beach time. After all, they may only be able to visit once per year or less, so they have to get in as much beach time as possible while visiting. Locals, however, typically enjoy shorter durations at the beach but much more often. If the weather or water conditions aren't ideal, we pass until better conditions arise. We live here so we don't have to spend the entire day at the beach.
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With warm weather already here, no other icon represents the beach more than beach balls. This classic beach toy has been a popular beach item for decades. Read some fun facts about the history of the beach ball and fun facts here. Custom beach balls are used in many ways to promote events, companies, and non-profit organizations. These simple, low-cost products automatically generate excitement for pool or beach related businesses or events. Beach balls come in many different sizes and color combinations, so you can typically find the right options for your purposes. If you quantities are large enough, we can do custom colors for you, just ask. Check out a few of the ideas below for using promotional beach balls to promote your cause. These are meant to get your own ideas flowing, so hopefully, some of these suggestions will get your creative thoughts going so you can conjure up your own unique use.

Creative Ways to Use Custom Beach Balls

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Custom Frio Vault CoolersLiving in Florida, coolers are a necessity since Floridians spend so much time outdoors at the beach, boating, at local parks and festivals, and many other outdoor events. Over the past few years, Yeti coolers have become incredibly popular due to their extraordinary ability to keep ice for days at a time. However, the cost of Yeti coolers is prohibitive for most companies when looking for custom printed ice chests. At the most recent PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, I ran across some custom coolers that boasted similar results to the Yeti coolers, but had a much lower price point. With the soft-sided coolers, I liked that these coolers were actually soft, unlike the rigid "soft-sided" Yeti coolers (Hopper 30).