Client Spotlights, Marketing / 24.07.2017

We often mention that we have clients in all 50 states. It's not an expression or something we just say. We LITERALLY mean it. Not only do we have clients in all 50 states, but also in D.C., Canada, and a number of other countries. Just for fun, we uploaded the locations our current clients to a map. Check out the clickable map below to view the specific locations we currently serve. Simply click on the numbers on the map to drill down deeper to the city levels. We very likely have clients in your hometown.

Can you find your city?

See the full screen map here.

Why does this matter?

Client Spotlights, Promotional Product Ideas, Sports & Outdoor / 12.12.2016

Custom exercise bands such as Therabands are very popular promotional items to help stretch and strengthen your muscles. These exercise promotional items are great for yoga studios, physical therapists, fitness centers, and other health-related businesses. They are also great for dance teams. Check out this Boomerang from Metropolitan Dance Theatre of New Orleans. They are happy with their Therabands to use for their dance team! We'd like to extend a BIG thanks to the MDTNO Team for sharing! Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram: @mdtdance

Our therabands are in!

A video posted by Metro Dance Theatre Of NO,LLC (@mdtdance) on

Client Spotlights, Drinkware / 12.12.2016

Hexcup Beer Pong Sets and their Custom Beer BucketsOur friends at Hexcup recently bought some custom beer buckets from us with their logo on them and gave them out to several Country music singers (see the photos below)! What/who is Hexcup you may ask? Hexcup is the world's best beer pong cup. These beer pong cups are similar to the ever-popular red Solo cups, but better. As their name implies, the cups are hex-shaped (that's 6 sides) instead of round like the typical, cheap beer pong cups. The unique shape means the cups fit perfectly together AND they have sufficient weight so they aren't knocked out of place with each turn.
Beach Promotional Items, Client Spotlights, Promotional Product Ideas, Seasonal and Holiday / 20.06.2014

Happy National Flip Flop Day! This celebration/observance began in 2007 by the U.S. restaurant franchise, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, as a fundraiser for their charity of choice, Camp Sunshine. This non-profit organization provides free-of-charge programs for children suffering from life-threatening illnesses. Tropical Smoothie Cafe offers FREE 24 oz Jetty Punch smoothies...