Custom Scarves: Embroidered or Printed Scarves with Logo

Custom Scarves: Embroidered or Printed Scarves with Logo

Embroidered Scarves: A Timeless Elegance When it comes to custom scarves with logos, one option that exudes timeless elegance is undoubtedly the embroidered scarf. With its intricate designs and exquisite craftsmanship, an embroidered scarf goes beyond being just an accessory; it becomes a true work of art.  Scarves with embroidery are luxurious and durable. The […]

Choosing the Best Custom Hoodies: What to Look for and Why?

Choosing the Best Custom Hoodies: What to Look for and Why?

Choosing the Right Fabric That Feels Great When it comes to choosing the best custom hoodies, comfort should be your top priority. After all, what’s the point of wearing a hoodie if it’s not cozy and pleasant to the touch?  Look for hoodies made from high-quality fabrics that provide a soft and comfortable feel against […]

Custom Uniforms and Workwear: A new approach to brand advertising using Aprons!

Throughout my undergraduate career, I worked a part-time job at a local butcher shop. The shop was known as one of the best meat specialty stores in town and customers associated us with our delicious Prime Ribs and our bright red aprons. Customers would often remark that they would be reminded of the store every […]

Inspire Cohesion With Customized Attire

customized attire

I once worked at a pub because I wanted their employee shirts. True story. I had no desire to work in such a busy environment up until I saw their employee’s fresh uniform. It was a simple black shirt with the pub’s vivid brand printed on the left chest, the pub’s name printed in large […]

ESports Edition: Level up Your Team With Promotional Apparel

Esports apparel

Remember those days where you and your group of friends would head down to the local arcade and spend hours gaming? The group would huddle around screens to see who would reign supreme, and whoever the victor was would get some kind of street credit for being the best in town. When game consoles started […]

Top 3 Promotional Jackets Your Company Needs This Winter

Trending promotional jackets your company needs for winter

The most wonderful time of year is here! That’s right, Q4 is well underway and it’s critical your company capitalizes on the market’s spending spree. What do consumers love more than seasonal coffee? Promotional products! According to a PPAI 2019 study, 96% of consumers want to know ahead of time when companies offer promotional products, and nearly […]

5 Winter Apparel Pieces to Boost Fourth Quarter Sales

5 Winter Apparel Pieces To Boost Your Fourth Quarter Sales

Temperatures have dropped, but fourth quarter sales don’t have to!  North America is one of the largest markets to support customized apparel. According to global research, custom apparel is predicted to rise in numerous markets worldwide. While the fourth quarter (Q4) is often the busiest time of year–heading into the holidays and all, it is […]