Custom Apparel, Promo FAQs / 10.11.2016

Screen printed t-shirts and other custom apparel sales make up about 32% of our industry sales. That represents over $6B in sales annually by companies offering decorated apparel. Screen printed t-shirts are a staple for festivals, races, clubs, schools, organizations, company giveaways, retail shops, and many other events. The most common question we receive is:

What T-Shirt Sizes Should I Order?

Estimating the number of shirts to order can be tricky and vary depending on who is receiving or buying the t-shirts. However, most of the time you don't know the demographics of volunteers or tourists who will be receiving the shirts. In that case, you have to go with the Law of Averages. We have analyzed hundreds of orders over the last 2 years to get an average to make it easier for you to decide which sizes to order. [caption id="attachment_6145" align="aligncenter" width="600"]T-Shirt Size Estimator for Events Note: For the 2015/2016 data used, we ignored XS and all sizes above XXXL size.[/caption] These sizes should give you a good range of sizes when you have volunteers at festivals or you are giving out t-shirts at events. We only analyzed 2015 & 2016 data since the size trend is for a higher number of the larger sizes. Due to the "growing" population, we will revise this estimate every few years.
Custom Apparel, Marketing / 10.02.2016

Boring, Out of Style Custom T-ShirtsNo, unfortunately the basic, cotton t-shirt is not dead. I only wish it was. It seems like most events I go to I get a t-shirt. Theoretically, I'm okay with that. I LOVE t-shirts. Let me clarify that statement. I LOVE cool and stylish t-shirts. Those who go cheap on the t-shirt style are typically the same ones that go cheap with the design and the print quality. However, the problem I most often see when companies give away t-shirts is the shirts are often sourced as cheap as possible, which leads to an extremely boring one color, lame design on a cheap, box cut, cotton shirt. Inevitably, those t-shirts never get worn, except for when repainting the walls in my house or changing the oil in my car. There are 3 major factors in determining the success of your t-shirt giveaways. All 3 are critical to make your project a success. If one is lacking, it can negatively impact the effective of your t-shirts.

3 Requirements For Great T-Shirt Giveaways