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Custom Stainless Steel Drinkware - 10 BenefitsStainless steel drinkware is all the rage. However, it's for good reason. Vacuum insulated stainless steel tumblers and water bottles work and THEY WORK WELL! In fact, the stainless steel tumblers are so popular, you can now find accessories for your tumblers such as these EZ Grip Tumbler Handles. Stainless steel drinkware is not simply a fad, though. There are many benefits of drinking from stainless steel cups, tumblers, and bottles as opposed to plastics and ceramics. Below are a few of the main reasons why we feel these are superior drinking vessels, making them excellent giveaways for your clients and prospects.

10 Benefits of Stainless Steel Drinkware

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[caption id="attachment_6346" align="alignright" width="358"]Copper Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles and Tumblers See some of our Copper Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles here.[/caption] Stainless steel drinkware is not a trend. It is a movement toward drinkware that is far superior to plastic drinkware. It's not a fad that will fade. Stainless steel tumblers and water bottles have become so popular because they work so well to keep your drinks hot or cold for many hours. All the popular name brand stainless steel tumblers such as RTIC or Yeti as well as many of the high-quality off-brand tumblers and water bottles are manufactured with vacuum sealed double wall insulation technology. All vacuum sealed tumblers and bottles are double walled, but all double wall tumblers and bottles are NOT vacuum sealed.

What does Vacuum Sealed Insulation Mean?

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Custom Stainless Steel Tumblers and Water BottlesVacuum insulated stainless steel drinkware has become insanely popular in both the retail sector and in the promotional products industry. Once you actually use one of these high quality drinking vessels, you quickly understand why. They work and they work well. Most of the vacuum insulated stainless steel tumblers will keep ice in your drink for at least 24 hours. They typically keep your coffee hot for 4-6 hours. The vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottles work even better! Some of these water bottles boast 48 hours of cold retention and heat retention for up to 12 hours. When shopping for stainless steel tumblers and bottles, you'll notice huge differences in pricing. Here's why.
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Hexcup Beer Pong Sets and their Custom Beer BucketsOur friends at Hexcup recently bought some custom beer buckets from us with their logo on them and gave them out to several Country music singers (see the photos below)! What/who is Hexcup you may ask? Hexcup is the world's best beer pong cup. These beer pong cups are similar to the ever-popular red Solo cups, but better. As their name implies, the cups are hex-shaped (that's 6 sides) instead of round like the typical, cheap beer pong cups. The unique shape means the cups fit perfectly together AND they have sufficient weight so they aren't knocked out of place with each turn.
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Here's Why You Shouldn't Buy Yeti Ramblers For Company Christmas GiftsIf you are thinking about giving Yeti Rambler tumblers to your employees or clients as corporate Christmas gifts, stop it right now. It's a terrible idea, and here's why. When you gift a Yeti tumbler, you are spending money to advertise for Yeti and NOT your company. The YETI logo is boldly stamped across the bottom of the stainless steel tumbler and on the top of the lid. Nowhere on the tumblers is YOUR logo. When you give this to clients, they will quickly forget who gave it to them, however, the Yeti brand will consistently be branded into their mind. Yeti tumblers are excellent in quality and functionality, but there are many other options at half the cost (or lower) that can be branded with YOUR company logo. Yeti Ramblers have been an incredibly hot item in the retail sector, so thinking of these items as gifts for your clients is a step in the right direction. The product will certainly be well-received, but after the deed is done, it has very little on-going value for your company.

You Can Do Better Than Yeti

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High school sports are back in session in most parts of the country and that means it's game time! Stadium cups have become a great, low cost souvenir for fans to take home from games as well as a way to promote your team. Custom stadium cups printed with your team mascot or business team sponsors add value to your concession stand customers and help increase your fundraising efforts. This fun PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints is a reminder that we can help your team stand a little higher through the eyes of your fans who purchase drinks from your concession stand. PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints - Stadium Cups We can help grow your fundraising strategies with great-looking and functional school spirit items to raise the money needed to support your team.
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It's getting very warm outside and a great time for swimming. Today's PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints features our friendly and fun-loving character, Booger, going for a swim to cool off in these sweltering temperatures (in Florida). He takes a dive into this customized beer bucket. Unfortunately, he didn't find any cold beers in the bucket this time. The featured product is a 2.5 Gallon Party Bucket, which can be personalized with your logo. Additionally it includes an attached bottle opener that can be either printed or blank. While these may not be suitable for swimming inside for the average human, they are, however, great to hold ice and bottles of beer! With plenty of ice, they can hold 6-7 beer bottles. These durable beer buckets have built-in handles on the sides for easy carrying. They are great for bars to offer beer bucket specials to sell more beer. Custom Buckets - PromoDoodles by Perfect Imprints