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Promotional Kitchen ItemsAbout two decades ago, a woman stole my heart on our first date. She was smart, compassionate, and beautiful. She also cooked an amazing meal for me; it was then she captured my heart. Actually, the food was just icing on the cake that sealed the deal. Did I mention she also made cake? Food is at the center of so many great times. Romantic dinners. Family reunions. Celebrations. Christmas parties. And much more. Food is the substance of
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Kitchen Promotional ProductsMy kitchen at home has a great Viking range. It's one of those really nice ranges that has a large griddle, six burners, and two ovens. This abnormally large cooking apparatus serves our family well since dinner time at our house is like slopping the hogs. Our kids have huge appetites and love a wide variety of foods. Our nightly meals commonly consist of 5 courses. However, for the past 8 weeks, we have had a few issues with the range and have had repair companies in and out trying to fix it. It has been determined that a part that is no longer a stock part needs to be specially made to fix the issue. This custom part will tack on another 5-6 weeks before the range can be fixed. During this time, we have had to use a few alternate cooking methods to continue to eat our lavish meals that we love. Below are several kitchen promotional products that my wife and I regularly use, but miss using since our range has been on the fritz.
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The craft beer market has exploded over the past few years. While the entire beer market accumulated a whopping $101.5 billion in sales, craft beer was responsible for $19.6 billion. Not too shabby! Here's an interesting chart that breaks down the beer sales by type. [caption id="attachment_3936" align="alignnone" width="1100"]2014 Beer Sales - Brewery Promotional Products Chart courtesy of Brewers Association, Boulder, CO[/caption] Now that you know the financial impact that beer has on our economy, you will better understand
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Coffee Promotional ItemsSometimes it seems the world is becoming increasingly less friendly. A few decades ago, there was nothing weird about speaking to complete strangers in the store; however, while some people are fine with the start of a random conversation, many react in an uncomfortable way. You can see the look on their face as their mind races to try to figure out what your intentions are in speaking to them. I find this sad. I find it disheartening that the world is becoming more fearful of conversation. Maybe it has to do with the increased use of social media and texting? Maybe it is simply from apprehension of speaking to strangers. After all, the "Don't talk to strangers" mantra is drilled in the head of children. These types of awkward
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Lame Promotional ProductsIn the modern era of marketing and advertising, businesses must be strategic. No longer do mass advertising mediums bring in tons of sales. You can't just put out your message and expect people to come running. You have to market to a targeted audience. You must stand out. And, you must not be lame. Over the past 15 years as a promotional products distributor, I have had many people come to me to buy promotional products for their business. Many people say to me they want a "cool" giveaway and immediately follow with, "I was thinking about koozies. You know the cheap ones!" And every time someone says that, they see a prominent smirk on my face with a look that says, "Are you serious? You want "cool" and you think about cheap koozies?" Nearly every event I attend, someone is giving away