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Marketing your company effectively requires careful planning as well as a balance of several advertising mediums. If weakness occurs in one part of your marketing plan, it can negatively affect your overall success and ultimately your bottom line. These weaknesses in one area of your...

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It's an interesting question that many sales people, marketing directors, and business owners completely overlook. How much are your clients worth? It's easy to push through with your sales methods and systems without evaluating how much your existing clients are worth to your business. Sure, you know those top clients you service are vital to your revenue, but do you know exactly how valuable? It's very important to know how much your clients contribute to your revenue so you can properly show them some love! Go ahead, crunch those numbers.

Don't be this guy.

"Thank you for your $50,000 in business this year, Mr. Smith. Please enjoy this 99 cent pen as a token of my heartfelt appreciation." Personalized Customer Appreciation Gifts - Promotional Products Funny Cartoon
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In a measly poetic attempt to sum up the upcoming new year, I hope this promo limerick relates to my friends in the promotional products industry! Before I get dozens of emails and comments about the "proper" rules of limericks, I do realize I didn't exactly follow the rules for limericks, so just go with it! As we approach a new year, The promo industry is calm and full of cheer. While planning our goals we want to accomplish, Everything becomes crystal clear. With last year so amazing, a better year will be hard to wish.   As we reflect on our past good deeds and occasional mistake, 
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Scooter Scooper - Table Scraper at Trade Shows Within every industry, the level of professionalism varies between between the involved individuals and businesses. As you look specifically at the sales approach, you find many different styles, some good and some not so good. Within the promotional products industry, this is no exception. In this light-hearted article, Bill Petrie of Brandivate and I dive into the various types of promotional product distributors. When we put our heads together, our goal was to classify every type of distributor within our great industry. As we thought of friends and colleagues within the industry, we wanted to make sure we didn't leave anyone out. Hopefully you find the category in which you best fit. If you don't, ask a co-worker which category he/she feels you fit. You may learn a thing or two that you want to change or, hopefully, you find your reputation precedes you with great quality traits.

10 Types of Promotional Product Distributors

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When buying promotional products, the per piece pricing is lower as the quantity purchased is increased. That's common knowledge. However, at a certain quantity, the pricing simply can't go any lower. This cartoon is a spoof on that principle that sometimes buyers don't understand. Enjoy! *Cartoon was...

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There is a serious illness sweeping across the nation which has risen to near-epidemic proportion in the U.S. at many companies. No businesses are immune, whether large or small. Those that are most susceptible are not the elderly and children, but those who are directly involved in marketing. This condition actually seems to specifically target marketing directors. This ailment can cause some serious problems to your marketing campaigns and ultimately to the overall demise of your business. This condition is known as Hoard Marketing Syndrome (HMS). Read on to see if you or someone you know suffers from HMS. Treatment is available, so there is hope. Promo Vault for those who suffer from Hoard Marketing Syndrome (HMS)Merriam-Webster defines the word, "hoard" to be this: