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In their 300+ year history, the umbrella has helped keep our heads dry, advertise for us, and has even become a fashion accessory. The umbrella has a rather simple design that is easy to operate and manufacture. Maybe that is why it has remained relatively unchanged in 300+ years. Breaking it down, there are 4 basic types of umbrellas with which most of us are familiar.
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Nail Snaps - Logo Fingernail PrintsI recently attended an industry trade show in Las Vegas, My mission was to find the Latest and Hottest Trending Promotional Items of 2017. In an industry with over 3,900 suppliers and hundreds of thousands of products this was no easy task. But…I discovered NailSnaps. The industry’s only salon quality vinyl nail decal beauty brand. In today’s Instagram-Pinterest world, Nail art or should I say #Nails has reach over 100 million posts and climbing. As one of the top 5 most shared posts, tweets, and pics on social media, Nails are how millennial women connect and share the love of fashion, enthusiasm for sports, and even their political views.  This opens the marketing question, "Why isn't your brand using these products?" Consumers today expect brands to reach them on a personal level The Hype: NailSnaps claims to be the world’s best way to transform brand images into salon-quality nail wraps that can be applied at home in-minutes.
Product Spotlight, Promotional Product Ideas / 07.03.2017

Green Revolution - Marijuana Promotional ItemsThe legal marijuana industry is growing fast (like a weed?) A little over 10 years ago, California was the first state to legalize the use of medical marijuana. In the last 5 years it has become a green revolution. As of this writing, 28 States and Washington D.C. have now legalized medical marijuana and according to Forbes Magazine, sales totaled $6.7 Billion in 2016. Polls are telling us that 54% of Americans are in favor of legalization and total sales in North America are expected to reach over $20 billion by 2021, $20 Billion! To put this in perspective, that is bigger than the 90’s cable boom, bigger than the .com boom! For dispensaries and related businesses this is an exciting time to take advantage of green profits (or red, blue, gold or purple profits!) 
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Custom Foldable Wine BottlesA couple months ago, we were given the task of finding self-promos for an upcoming event. We are located on the Gulf Coast of Florida so I decided my item was going be beach-related. A coworker suggested a foldable wine bottle. This made sense as most people take drinks to the beach and glass is not permitted. She showed us a photo of the item and at first glance I wasn’t very impressed. The low cost of the item mademe suspicious about the quality. Having been in the industry for close to 10 years, I understand the importance of quality. If you’re going to use a product to promote your company or brand, you should feel confident of what you are presenting. This industry has something to offer every budget so the range of quality can vary. To make the right decision on this product I requested a sample from the vendor. 
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Top 5 Corporate Christmas GiftsIt's time to be thinking about corporate Christmas gifts for your employees and top clients. Whether you give out gifts specifically for Christmas or as "end of the year" gifts, both employees and clients appreciate them...especially if they are useful gifts. Many companies give away gift cards, retail merchandise (such as Yeti), or other non-company branded items, but this is a wasted opportunity to strengthen your company branding. There are many high quality and extremely useful items you can get decorated with your company logo that your recipients will LOVE! If you think about popular retail gifts that consumers are buying, you can typically find the same or a very similar promotional option that allows your logo to be printed on the products. Below are our favorite corporate Christmas gifts.

Top 5 Corporate Christmas Gifts

Stainless Steel Tumblers are great Corporate Christmas GiftsStainless Steel Tumblers Why have these items been so hot? Because they work and they work well. Most of the double wall stainless steel tumblers are the same or better quality than the beloved Yeti branded tumblers. However, at less than half the cost, you can have your company logo branded on the tumblers. Choose from the larger 30 oz. sizes, which are perfect for ice water, or the smaller 20 oz sizes, which are perfect for coffee. These ultra-functional tumblers will keep ice for over 24 hours and keep coffee hot for 5-6 hours! No wonder everyone loves them! 
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Custom Frio Vault CoolersLiving in Florida, coolers are a necessity since Floridians spend so much time outdoors at the beach, boating, at local parks and festivals, and many other outdoor events. Over the past few years, Yeti coolers have become incredibly popular due to their extraordinary ability to keep ice for days at a time. However, the cost of Yeti coolers is prohibitive for most companies when looking for custom printed ice chests. At the most recent PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, I ran across some custom coolers that boasted similar results to the Yeti coolers, but had a much lower price point. With the soft-sided coolers, I liked that these coolers were actually soft, unlike the rigid "soft-sided" Yeti coolers (Hopper 30).
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[caption id="attachment_5256" align="alignright" width="300"]Jamie Foxx Rescues Man From Burning Car Pictured is Jamie Foxx embracing the father of the man whom Foxx rescued from a burning vehicle. Photo Cred:[/caption] Most promotional products aren't designed to save lives. In fact, most promotional products are designed to promote your brand, event, or organization. However, there are a select few items that are designed specifically to save a life, should the time arise. Recently, in the news, the heroic story of Jamie Foxx has been airing. Right in front of Foxx's home, a truck wrecked and caught fire with a man inside. With the truck on its side, passenger trapped, and the vehicle in flames, Foxx and an off-duty EMT did what we all hope anyone else would do in that horrendous situation. They risked their safety and lives to help the passenger out of the car. See the