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As a business owner, a common goal is to be #1 in your market. Your market might be only your local town, your region, or nationwide. For some companies, it could even be international. Either way, your company must have excellent relationships with your suppliers to reach that goal. You can't dominate your market if you have unreliable suppliers. Your suppliers must be trustworthy, fairly priced, and reliable. They must be willing to work with your company to overcome challenges if they arise, which any business owner knows far too well these "challenges" can show their face at the most inopportune times. On the flip side, you must be willing to reciprocate the business relationship with your suppliers. That means not beating them up on pricing. It means being loyal. It requires good communication.

Our #1 Foam Fingers Supplier

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit our favorite factory where our custom foam fingers are made. This experience was not only educational to learn the 7 steps to manufacturing bulk foam fingers but also critical in advancing our professional relationship with this key supplier.
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So you are thinking about ordering full-size custom basketballs, but want to make sure you buy the right size? This guide will help you quickly find the top sellers for the size you need for your team or event. There are several different "regulation" sizes, so it's important to check with your league first to verify the official size which is acceptable for use in league play. However, not all basketballs are intended for gameplay, nor are all custom basketballs needed for league play. Most promotional basketballs are not tournament quality, so be sure you are getting a tournament quality ball if that is what you need. And remember, "Official NBA Size" doesn't mean "NBA Quality." The Official NBA Spalding Game Basketballs actually cost around $140! That's why you can't expect that same quality if you are buying a $20 basketball. Nonetheless, there are many great quality basketballs available to brand with your company or event logo. Below you'll find the most popular choices!
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  The Summer season signifies it's time for schools to focus on their football season. High school students and teachers may be out for the summer break, but football coaches are hard at work with training camps for their players, planning strategies for the upcoming season, and tryouts for new players. For those who manage fundraising campaigns for the school booster club, attention now must turn to the upcoming football spirit items. Planning ahead is important with your spirit items. Late planning can cause a loss of fundraising revenue due to extra rush charges, factory inventory issues, late arrivals for your booster club store, and many other problems.

Considerations When Planning Your Team Spirit Items: