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Thrifty Thursday - Promotional Jotter with Pen

Jotter with Pen and Sticky Notes

Today's Thrifty Thursday featured product is this stylish jotter that includes a pen and sticky notes (in five different colors). All the materials used in the jotter and pen are made with eco-friendly recycled materials. The jotter includes 80 sheets of white perforated paper. The pen is a miniature  ballpoint pen in a recycled cardboard cover. The jotter includes a special die cut slot so the pen will not fall out.
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Thrifty Thursday - Maxi Clip-on X-strobe Bike Light

Clip-On Strobe Light

Today on Thrifty Thursday we're featuring this clip-on strobe light. The swivel carabiner attachment makes it easy to hook to belt loops, backpacks, jackets, bicycles, pets, etc. These strobes also include an on/off switch, replaceable batteries and has 2 red LEDs with 3 different flashing modes. Available in red, blue, neon yellow, and orange. These are great giveaways for National Bike Month, which is in May. Maxi Clip-On X-Strobe

Clip Strobe Light Features

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Thrifty Thursday - Pet Waste Disposal Bag Dispenser - Great for National Pet Week

Pet Waste Disposal Bag Dispenser

If you have a pet, then this Thrifty Thursday product is for you. This nifty little product holds around 20 disposable bags for you to collect your pet's waste. The pet waste disposal bag dispenser includes 20 clear disposable starter bags and it is refillable. The dispenser includes a sturdy metal carabiner so you can clip it anywhere; your pet's leash, a baby stroller, or maybe your belt loop. This is a great giveaway for National Pet Week, which is May 3-9, 2015. Note: We do not sell the refill bag rolls; however, the case unscrews to refill with extra plastic shopping bags from around the home or your local pet supply store; we cannot guarantee the number or size that will fit. Pet Waste Disposal Bag Dispenser

Pet Waste Disposal Bag Dispenser Features

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Thrifty Thursday - Promotional Beach Balls

Promotional 12 Inch Beach Balls

This Thrifty Thursday's featured promotional product is the top-selling multi-colored 12 Inch beach ball. These multi-color beach balls feature 6 alternating panel colors of white, blue, orange, yellow, red, and green. The beach balls are printed with your logo in one color on one side of the beach ball. 12" Beach Ball

12" Beach Ball Features

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Thrifty Thursday - Recycled Pens for Earth Day

Promotional Recycled Pen and Stylus

With Earth day coming up, our Thrifty Thursday featured product is this Recycled Pen Stylus. This recycled pen stylus goes from a stylus for your tablet or phone, to a working pen to jot down notes. The stylus works on nearly any touchscreen electronic device. The barrel of the pen is 100% recycled. The plastic accents of the pen are made of 98% recycled material. Recycled Pen Stylus

Recycled Pen Stylus Features