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Thrifty Thursday - Recycled Jotter and Pen

Promotional Recycled Jotter and Pen

With Earth day coming up in about a month, this Thrifty Thursday's featured product is this Recycled Jotter and Pen. The Jotter includes a recycled cardboard cover and the barrel of the pen is matches the cardboard color. The Jotter features a elastic band closure to keep the notebook closed when not in use as well as 60 pages with ruled lines. The Jotter also has a pen loop to ensure that your pen and jotter are never separated. These are useful giveaways that are perfect to promote your eco-friendly initiative! Thrifty Thursday - Recycled Jotter and Pen

Recycled Jotter and Pen Features

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Thrifty Thursday - Custom Flying Discs

Promotional Compact Flying Discs

Today on Thrifty Thursday we're featuring the classic "frisbee" toy. These flying discs have a wide variety of uses, besides just throwing them around. One example of a great use is serving menu items for children at your event or restaurant, as these flying discs are safe for food contact (Approved by the FDA for food contact and complies with CPSIA). [caption id="attachment_2916" align="alignnone" width="600"]Thrifty Thursday - Compact Flying Disc Thrifty Thursday - Compact Flying Disc[/caption]

Compact Flying Disc Features

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Thrifty Thursday - Custom Logo Baseball Shaped Stress Relievers

Promotional Baseball Stress Reliever Balls

With the start of the Major League Baseball season just on the cusp and high school and college baseball already under way, we figured we would feature these low-priced baseball stress balls for Thrifty Thursday. These are fun toys to toss around at each other or to squeeze away the stress of your day. These can be printed with your team mascot and name or they can be printed with company sponsor logos to throw out to the fans! Promotional Baseball Stress Reliever Balls for Thrifty Thursday

Baseball Stress Ball Features

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Thrifty Thursday - Cheap Neon Sunlasses

Neon Sunglasses

Being featured today on Thrifty Thursday are these super cool, stylish sunglasses. Your customers will love these promotional sunglasses! They are easily custom printed with your logo so you can look awesome and advertise for your business at the same time! [caption id="attachment_2869" align="alignnone" width="600"]Economy Neon Sunglasses Economy Neon Sunglasses[/caption]

Sunglasses Features

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Thrifty Thursday - Promotional Non-Woven Grocery Bags

Reusable Grocery Bag w/ Poly Board Insert

Being featured today on Thrifty Thursday is our Reusable Grocery Bag (includes a Poly Board Insert for even more carrying capacity and easy fold-up). These grocery bags are made from recycled materials, so you can feel good about using them. Also, you are saving the use of harmful plastic bags by using reusable bags. Traditional plastic grocery bags can take more than 1,000 years to completely biodegrade. Additionally, these reusable grocery bags can hold up to 20 pounds of groceries. Since these grocery bags can be reused, if they are printed with your custom logo, your customers will have them around for months or even years.
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Thrifty Thursday - Drink Tokens

Custom Printed Wooden Nickels

Today on Thrifty Thursday, Perfect Imprints is featuring Custom Wooden Nickels. Great for bars and restaurants for use as drink tokens. Who doesn't like a free drink? They're very cheap; so you don't have to break your budgets supplying your customers with free product. However, offering free products to draw in consumers results in more sales!
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Thrifty Thursday - Custom Basketball Stress Ball

Basketball Stress Reliever

This week's Thrifty Thursday Featured Product is our basketball stress reliever balls. They are the perfect giveaway at Basketball games since they can be custom printed with your logo (your logo can be designed here at Perfect Imprints by our awesome graphic designers on staff). The basketball stress reliever is also a great giveaway because they are very inexpensive and have a the low minimum of 250.
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Thrifty Thursday - Giveaways for St. Patrick's Day With St. Patrick's Day just a few months away, it's time to start thinking about how you can use this fun and popular holiday to promote your business. These shamrock shaped flashing strobe lights are our featured Thrifty Thursday product. Any business can celebrate the fun nature of St. Patrick's Day and host sales and events to increase sales. These LED strobes have a clip on the back that makes them great for those walking or running at night. They are also great to give out to your patrons at an Irish pub. Shamrock Shaped LED Strobe Lights - Thrifty Thursday

Shamrock Strobe Features

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Thrifty Thursday - Ambulance Shaped Custom Magnets for EMS Week We want to feature a product in honor of some of our heroes that rarely get recognition for this Thrifty Thursday deal. EMS Week is coming up in May, so we want to suggest these low-priced ambulance shaped magnets to help promote EMS Week. These magnets come in 3 different thicknesses as well as an outdoor-safe option. Ambulance Shaped Magnets  

Ambulance Shaped Custom Magnet Features