Drinkware, Thrifty Thursday / 01.01.2015

Thrifty Thursday - Promotional Water Bottles This Thrifty Thursday deal is too amazing to pass up if you want promotional water bottles. These featured Value Sports Bottles are extremely low price and great to give out in mass to promote your company or event. These hold 21 oz of fluid and fit perfectly in standard bike cages, so this item is a great giveaway for bike races and events. Check out all of the features below. Promotional Water Bottles - Thrifty Thursday

Value Sport Bottle Features

Drinkware, Thrifty Thursday / 11.12.2014

Thrifty Thursday - Promotional Pens Since Thrifty Thursday is all about a great bargain, we want to direct your attention to these low-priced, but amazing quality, custom coasters. They are made of pulp board and printed with your custom imprint. They are great for bars, restaurants, and lounges to strengthen your brand and protect your tables from the sweat that cold drinks leave behind. If you want to make your spend even cheaper when buying branded coasters, partner with another local business and co-sponsor the promotional items so your business logo is printed one side and their logo is on the other. Of course, you will want to partner with a business that is a non-competitor, but what a great way to reduce your cost and further strengthen you brand with your patrons! Check out some of the features of these budget-friendly coasters below. Custom Coasters

Custom Coaster Features

Drinkware, Thrifty Thursday / 27.11.2014

Thrifty Thursday - Promotional Pens Today is not only Thanksgiving, but it's also Thrifty Thursday. The featured, budget-friendly products for today are low-priced stadium cups. Although they are commonly called stadium cups, they are used in many more applications than just the concession stand at football games. These useful products are commonly used for company giveaways, restaurants, parties, and even as parade throws for Mardi Gras as well as for other types of parades. They come in many different sizes to fit your need and a wide variety of colors. Cheap Stadium Cups - Thrifty Thursday

Stadium Cup Features

School Spirit Items, Sports & Outdoor, Thrifty Thursday / 20.11.2014

Thrifty Thursday - Promotional Pens Football playoffs are coming up soon and big games leading up to the playoffs are happening now, so it's time to cheer on your favorite teams. This Thrifty Thursday, we are featuring these custom pom poms so you can root on your team. These are also great for fundraisers to raise money for your team booster club or school organization. These rooter poms are the most popular promotional pom poms sold for football games! Custom Pom Poms - Thrifty Thursday We do offer many other styles of promotional poms, includes mascot handle, coupon handle, ring tab handle, Klicker noisemaker handle, solid handle, and several other rooter handle options.

Rooter Pom Features

Seasonal and Holiday, Thrifty Thursday / 13.11.2014

Thrifty Thursday - Promotional Pens As the Winter season sets in, so does cold and flu season. It seems everywhere you go someone is sneezing, blowing their nose, or coughing. Germs are everywhere and that's why the Thrifty Thursday product this week is promotional hand sanitizer. These featured hand sanitizers are pen sized for convenient storage in your purse or bag. These are a great giveaway not only for healthcare related businesses and organizations, but for any business that wants to help combat cold and flu germs. These are great to promote National Influenza Vaccination Week, which is in December. Promotional Hand Sanitizer Spray Pens

Spray Pen Hand Sanitizer Features

Office & Desktop, Thrifty Thursday / 30.10.2014

Thrifty Thursday - Promotional Pens Everybody needs a pen and not just one pen, but multiple pens. You need a pen at your desk, a pen in your kitchen, a pen in your bedroom, and even a pen in your bathroom...well, maybe not in your bathroom. The Thrifty Thursday the featured product is the Trident Super Glide Pen. This pen not only is low-priced, but it writes smoothly. These are priced cheap enough to giveaway to everyone you see to promote your business. [caption id="attachment_2069" align="aligncenter" width="590"]Promotional Pens - Cheap Pens with Logo Trident Super Glide Promotional Pens[/caption]

Trident Super Glide Pen Features

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Thrifty Thursday - Promotional Ice Scrapers It's Fall, so in marketing terms, that means you should already be thinking about how you will be promoting your business for the upcoming Winter season. You should always be planning for your business at least three months in advance. Many of you right now are laughing at the three month thing, but its true! This Thrifty Thursday, we want to bring your attention to these ridiculously, low-priced promotional ice scrapers. These credit card ice scrapers are priced than than $0.50 each with your custom logo printed on them. If you want a cheap price, it doesn't get much better than this! [caption id="attachment_1851" align="alignleft" width="275"]Custom Printed Ice Scrapers that are credit card size Plastic Credit Card Size Ice Scrapers[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1852" align="alignleft" width="275"]Recycled Credit Card Sized Promotional Ice Scrapers Recycled Credit Card Sized Ice Scrapers[/caption]    

Thrifty Thursday Credit Card Ice Scraper Features