Celebrate Truck Driver Appreciation Week With These 5 Functional Gifts

Celebrate Truck Driver Appreciation Week With These 5 Functional Gifts

Imagine creating your usual grocery list—let’s say you need some fresh fruits, veggies, meat, fish, seasoning, etc., and next to all those items you need to travel to a different state or country just to acquire them. Crazy right? Well lucky we don’t have to do all of that, instead, you can drive to your local supermarket grab all these items, pay, and go about your day. And we can do that because someone does all the transporting for us. Truck drivers.  These truckers drive hundreds of miles to assure that convenience is delivered to us. So, during this Truck Drive Appreciation Week 2022, it’s your turn to show gratitude to these hard-working transporters. Here are 5 functional gift ideas for Truck Driver Appreciation Week. 

The Day In A Life Of A Trucker 

As one might imagine truck drivers put in lots of miles on the road. They venture through all 50 states and endure various situations, terrain, and weather. To get a taste of what a trucker’s day looks like here are two drivers who filmed a day in their life: 

A key takeaway from both of these truckers is that every item in their trailer serves the purpose of making their experience smoother. Thus, when thinking of gift ideas for Truck Driver Appreciation Week we’ve considered the functionality of each item. Here are our top 5 picks for Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2022 Gift Ideas

All Purpose Workers Gloves 

Heavy-duty work gloves are a must-have for truckers. Truckers load and unload heavy products often packaged in bristly and thick material. Susceptible to cuts and other hazardous materials heavy-duty gloves can promote safety in the loading and unloading process. Consider the Insulated Top Grain Pigskin Leather Palm Glove as an essential driver appreciation gift. This work glove features: 

  • Safety cuffs to fit over coat sleeves 
  • Hi-Vis orange nylon 3M™ reflective band 
  • Thinsulate™ lining for all weather conditions 
  • Top grain cowhide

Versatile in cold and wet weather this heavy-duty worker glove is one of the many we have available. Give tuckers a secure set of hands with this Truck Driver Appreciation Week with our all-purpose workers’ glove. 

Super Tools 

Imagine having the power to unscrew bolts, cut open boxes, and open bottles all at once. Well, the Leatherman® Wingman is the sidekick that all truck drivers should have. This handy super tool is equipped with 14 tools such as:

  • Half-serrated knife
  • Three screwdrivers
  • Spring-action scissors
  • Package opener
  • Bottle & can opener

For a complete product description click here.  Coming in a convenient pocket clip this super tool is a comforting weight in any trucker’s pocket. It not only serves to make a driver’s daily operations smoother but it’s a ‘just in case tool in unknown situations. Fully functional and portable this Truck Driver Appreciation Week gift is the perfect wingman.

First Aid

Bandaids and disinfecting creams can be easily forgotten-especially when your task of the day is to haul perishable produce across the country. Consider first aid gifts as ‘thinking ahead’ truck driver appreciation gift ideas. The Essential First Aid Kit is the ideal first aid for any trucker. With over 30 plus of medical supplies such as: 

  • 12 Bandages|10 Junior Bandages
  • Iodine Swabs
  • Gauze Pads
  • Roll Medical Tape
  • And more 

Ensure that all cuts and scrapes are covered with this Truck Driver Appreciation Week gift.

Big Gulp Trucker Tumblers

Hydration is key to a healthy day–especially when driving. Give the gift of a big gulp with the 30 oz. Everest Copper-lined Tumbler. BPA-free, stainless steel outer and inner walls, and double-wall vacuum insulated this tumbler keeps drinks smoking or cooling for more than 8 hours. Perfect for a hot cup of morning coffee or a crispy foundation soda refill this Truck Driver Appreciation Week gift is a must-have in any driver’s cupholder.

Duffle For The Ruffle 

 Organization is a must in any profession–however, it is especially critical in the transportation industry. Truckers can’t worry if their belongings are getting ruffled in the back and they certainly can not live in an unorganized camper. Duffles are organization trucker appreciation gifts that any driver needs. The Kodiak Duffel is the ideal size for any camper. This duffle for the ruffle features: 

  • Double zipper entry into the large main compartment
  • Zippered side shoe compartment
  • Adjustable/removable shoulder strap

A classy bag with functionally capacity this Truck Driver Appreciation Week gift is the perfect organization tool for any driver.

Contact Us Today And Ask About Truck Drive Appreciation Week! 

Truck Driver Appreciation week is only a couple of months away. Don’t get stuck in chaotic construction! Contact Us Today! Is your company looking for customizable and quality products to give back? We’ve got you covered! All 5 products are not only functional but fully customizable. Print your brand logo or business motto on any and all our products. Not sure what else to get check out our Truck Driver Appreciation Week page for more gift ideas. Contact Us Today and we what we can do for you!

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