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We get requests all the time for cheap koozies personalized with our clients’ logo; however, we almost always try to encourage some our drink koozies that are a little more unique. The reason we do that is because the standard, collapsible koozies are one of the most overused promotional items that any promotional products distributor sells. One of the main reason why they are so common is because they are a useful item and they are cheap in price. We always try to encourage our clients to buy useful products, we understand that there are only so many koozies an average person needs. Next time you think about a typical koozie, think about a koozie that is just a little more unique, so it will stand out amongst a drawer full of koozies. Below are just a few options for unique koozies.

Shirt Shaped Koozies


These coolies are shaped like a shirt or a jersey and are definitely different than the standard cylindrical koozies. These are great fundraisers for sports teams to print their team name and mascot on the drink insulators and sell in their booster club store. These koozies come in 11 different colors to cover most teams colors.


These drink koozies are shaped like a tennis shoe and are great for running clubs, shoes stores, shoe charity organizations, and other related businesses and groups.

Sneaker Shaped Koozies
Basketball Shaped Koozies


If you are looking for koozies for sporting events, why not go with koozies that are shaped like a sports ball, such as the pictured basketball koozie. We have koozies for practically every sport, including football, soccer, baseball, volleyball, golf, bowling, and tennis.

There are hundreds of other koozies to choose from with many unique styles and shapes. if you don’t see they type you are searching for, just give one of our experts a call and we will do the searching for you!

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