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Choosing the Right Promotional Bottle Coozie

Everyone loves Coozies, but are they overdone? Do too many companies pass them out? We don’t think it’s possible to have too many, after all, they are useful, simple to store, and fun! But if you’re worried your audience has too many, step outside the box (or the can) and hand out a promotional bottle Coozie.

Bottle holders have the same idea, keeping your drink cold, but they hold bottles rather than cans. You’ll get your audience’s attention because so many people drink out of bottles today and we’re not just talking beer bottles.

That’s not all, though. We have a large variety of bottle Coozies that are fun, unique, and bring your company the attention you want. Are you ready for some inspiration?

Zippered Bottle Holders

Who wants to fight to get their bottle into the holder? Zippered bottle holders make it much easier. They zip open, giving your bottle holder more flexibility and then zip closed once your bottle is in, holding it nice and secure.

We think the zipper adds a little ‘trendy touch.’ It’s a change from the traditional bottle holder, yet it still advertises your company and gives your audience a little gift. Our favorite is the Full Color Neoprene Zippered Bottle Holder. You can get as creative as you want with the design.

If you want something with just a solid color and your company name, check out the Bottle Buddy. Made of foam, it holds 12-ounce bottles, and it has an O-ring zipper that makes it easy to hold on to the holder, even when not in use. Available in a wide array of colors and easy to mail, these are one of our most popular choices.

Here’s a little secret too….

You can put a message on the bottom! How fun! Get creative with your advertising on the Zippered Bottle Holders. 

Bottle Opener Coozie

Want to give your audience something more than a bottle holder? Try the Hat Trick Bottle Opener Kit. It’s like a two-for-one gift. You get your traditional bottle holder, keeping drinks cold, but it includes an attached bottle opener.

You choose how you want to personalize it. Do you personalize the bottle holder itself or the bottle opener? Get creative with your ideas and give your audience something they’ll love. Even if they don’t drink beer, everyone needs a bottle opener at some point in their lives. It’s one of those tools everyone lets sit in their ‘kitchen tool’ drawer. When they pull it out, they’ll be reminded of your company and giving you further return on your advertising dollars.

Jersey Bottle Kooler

The possibilities for the Jersey Bottle Kooler are endless. Does your company support a local Little League team or does your company just love sports? Maybe it’s a part of your branding. The Jersey Bottle Cooler makes the marketing more fun and certainly easy as they are eye-catching and fun to use.

When your audience uses the bottle coolers, they are sure to turn heads. It’s not your typical bottle cooler that wraps around the bottle, even though those are eye-catching too, as the t-shirt koolers are just different. They work great for sporting event companies, sponsors of sporting events, and even clothing companies. Think outside the box with your marketing and you’ll turn more heads, bringing more awareness to your business. 

Water Bottle Coozies

What do you think of when we say Coozie? You probably think of cans or beer bottles, right? What if you could offer something completely different, like a bottle Coozie for the non-alcohol drinkers? Your company would stand out, right? Your audience would love you even more too because the non-drinkers want in on the fun too!

The Full Color Kan-Tastic Bottle Sleeve covers standard reusable plastic water bottles, giving everyone (even kids) some fun. You get to customize it with your own artwork, so it’s unique for your company. Think of all the places your audience can take these:

The possibilities are endless because everyone takes water bottles with them everywhere. You may even get more exposure with water bottle holders because people can bring water bottles with them everywhere; you can’t bring alcohol everywhere.

Want to take your marketing with water bottle coolers one step further? Check out the Neoprene Bottle Kooler with Phone Holder. Yes, the water bottle holder also holds a phone. Think of your audience. Is this something they would love? Do they do a lot of running or walking? Do they go to the gym or have small kids and go to the park often?

If so, they will love this water bottle holder/phone holder. Not only will their water stay chilly, but they don’t have to hold their phone or worry about losing it. The clear pouch lets them see their phone while keeping it safe. It’s one less thing they have to hold on to and it puts your company in a whole new light. You think outside of the box and provide things everyone can use.  It’s a win-win.

Do you want something for your audience that loves disposable water bottles? Americans drink as many as 70 million of these disposable water bottles a day around the country, so you’re bound to have quite a few of them in your target audience.

The Bottled Water Holder does what every other bottle holder does, keeps the drink cold. In the hot summer months, it’s hard to keep water cool. There’s nothing worse than coming back to the car to get a drink of your cold water only to be surprised with lukewarm or hot water. No one likes that! Keep it cool with the insulated water bottle coozie holder personalized with your company’s information instead.

Premium Bottle Coolers

Beer and water drinkers don’t get to have all the fun. There are products for just about anyone, and these are the premium products.  The products that truly will turn heads because you don’t see them on every corner.

Why should beer lovers get all the attention, right? The Wine Cooler Sleeve is for people that love wine and want to keep it cold. Why bring wine when you can’t drink it right away, right? Adding ice to your wine isn’t something most people are willing to do. The Wine Cooler helps keep wine cold while advertising your business. Your brand will get attention everywhere this product goes, and we know our wine-loving friends take their wine everywhere.

Do you want something a little more traditional, that Coozie collectors will notice right away? The Wine Bottle Coozie Kooler is it! The wine-counterpart of the traditional bottle Coozie offers the same benefits beer drinkers love but for wine. If your audience wants to ‘fit in’ with the crowd, they’ll love the appeal this bottle Coozie offers, and you’ll love the advertising it provides your business.

Is one bottle of wine not enough? The BYO® by BUILT® Two Bottle Bag can insulate two 750 ml bottles at once. Talk about a head turner! Your audience will adore these premium bottle coolers as they bring chilled wine to their next event, think picnics, concerts (when we can have them again), festivals, and neighborhood gatherings. The options are limitless, which means so are the advertising possibilities for your company.

Do you really want to stand out from the crowd? Get the attention of your bottle drinkers with the Carousal 12 ounce Copper-Lined Tumbler. It may look like an ordinary tumbler keeping drinks cold, but if you lift off the top and slip your favorite 12-ounce bottle inside, it keeps your bottles cool too. Talk about a unique bottle cooler that will turn heads! Personalize the tumbler with your company name and you have walking branding for your company because you know this great holder is going everywhere with its owners.

Whether you’re trying to get your audience’s attention or you want to reward your customers for their loyalty during this odd time in our lives, we have the largest selection of bottle Coozies that cater to your company’s branding needs. Surprise your customers and/or audience at trade shows, store events, or in the mail, as many of our coolers fold flat and are easy to ship.

We’d be happy to help you choose the perfect product for your promotion. Call or email us today and we’ll get you started on the order that is sure to change your marketing for the better in no time! We look forward to working with you. 

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