Choosing the Right Promotional Fanny Pack

Did we say fanny pack? Aren’t those from the 90s and no longer a trend? Guess what? They’re back and better than ever! Don’t wait until the trend is overdone and everyone has their favorite pack already. Be a trendsetter – be the company that gives away the coolest promotional fanny packs, putting your business out there – giving you a return on your investment every time your customers or audience use the attractive and useful bags.

Now here’s the trick – how do you choose the right promotional fanny pack? What’s in style? What will market your business the best?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out our tips below.

Trendy and Modern with Function

First, today’s fanny packs aren’t the packs your parents wore that made them look like tacky tourists. Today’s packs are functional, attractive, and modern. They come in a variety of sizes and with many functions.

Think of what your audience wants. Are they runners that need somewhere told their keys and phone? You’ll want something like the Lycra Running Belt Fanny Pack that’s lightweight and slim. It even has a built-in pocket for earbuds. Does your audience travel a lot, or go out for long days and need something larger? The All-in-One Fanny Pack lets them pack everything but the kitchen sink! 

your target audience love sporting events or maybe you’re at one giving away fanny packs? The Clear Fanny Pack offers just what they need. Most stadiums today only allow clear bags, which for women, can be a serious problem – how many clear purses have you seen? The Clear Fanny Pack solves that problem and keeps their hands empty, which they love

If you have an audience of hikers, consider the Water Bottle Fanny Pack. How many times have you been on a hike, or even a long walk, and wished you didn’t have to carry your water bottle? With this versatile fanny pack, they don’t have to carry it. Not only does it hold the water bottle, but it insulates it too, keeping it cool.

Choose the Right Size

Looking at function is great, but don’t forget about the size. Remember, your audience may not be used to wearing a promotional fanny pack quite yet, so don’t go big and bulky right out of the gate. Think of your target audience.

Do you target women? You’ll want slimmer and smaller packs. Something they can wear and feel comfortable doing so. They don’t want obvious packs, yet they want the versatility and function they provide. The Lifestyle Fanny Pack is great for women because it’s large enough to hold their belongings, yet slim enough to sit on their waist or it can even be worn over the shoulder, almost like a purse.

Is your target audience trendy and always on the lookout for the ‘newest products’? The Jaxon Fanny Pack is trendy, lightweight, and functional. It doesn’t have your traditional fanny pack shape, which the ‘fashion-forward’ audience members will love. But even better, it’s eye-catching. How many times do you do a double-take when you see something unusual? What better way to bring more attention to your company than by giving away uniquely shaped fanny packs? It’s a two-for-one – you please your audience and further your marketing efforts.

Think of the Colors

Here’s where your biggest decisions lie. You want your company represented on the promotional  fanny pack – that’s the whole point of the giveaway, but what about the colors? If your company colors aren’t exactly a color that goes well with most outfits, think outside of the box.

Choose traditional and neutral colors for the fanny pack itself. Since they are all 100% customizable, you can use your company’s colors in the logo and company name. Depending on the product you choose, you can customize your products with 1 – 4 colors. Of course, if you want to get creative or really knock your marketing out of the park, our Full-Color Fanny Packs allow you to upload a full graphic, creating a unique look for your giveaway.

Think about what you want for your audience. Is it a fanny pack they’ll use daily or one they take out once in a while? Will they use it often or is it more of a touristy product?

Don’t Forget Safety

In today’s world, we have to think of safety no matter where we go. Fanny packs are safe since they sit at the front of the wearer’s body, but make sure you consider the wearer’s safety when giving away packs to your target audience.

If you want a one-size-fits-all product, make sure the pack has an adjustable waist belt, like the Hipster Deluxe Fanny Pack. You want your target audience to wear the belt securely, keeping their prized possessions, such as their keys, phone, and credit cards at the front of their body, decreasing the risk of theft.

Other safety options you may consider include:

  • Colors – Where is your target audience wearing the pack? Will they be out at night? Do they run or bike? Choose colors that reflect well in the light, letting them be seen.
  • Medical bags – Does it make sense for you to give your audience First Aid or Medical Fanny Packs? This is one of the easiest ways to bring first-aid on-the-go, keeping everyone safe.

Other Fun OptionsTrillah™ Fanny Pack

Have some fun when choosing fanny packs for your giveaway.  We love the new designs and shapes offered, like the Oval Fanny Pack. It doubles as a waist bag or a sling bag, which is super trendy right now. Men and women both use these products, giving your company more exposure. The oval bag holds just the right amount of items without feeling bulky or looking too obvious.

Do you need a funny giveaway? Check out the Party Fanny Pack with KOOZIE holder. It’s great for a laugh and you can guarantee the ‘funny guys’ in your audience will wear it to their next party, barbecue, or beach gathering. Talk about a conversation starter and a way to get more attention to your company. People won’t be able to help but look at the funny and useful product, putting your company’s name in their mind, all because of your forward-thinking

Do you have an audience of runners serious about their running and want nothing in their way? The Neoprene Running Belt Fanny Pack is as slim as they come, but it still holds quite a bit of stuff for runners. It keeps them safe, flexible, and able to do what they love while carrying their keys and phone. The neoprene material is great, especially for long distances as it repels sweat and can even keep their belongings safe in the rain as the material dries quickly

Advertising your Business on a Promotional Fanny Pack

The best part about any of these fanny packs is the complete customization options you have. Whether you want a discreet logo or company name on the pack or you want to go all out, showing off where the fanny pack came from, we’ve got you covered.

Choose monotone colors or go full color – the sky is the limit. Do you want an eye-catching design or something a bit more muted, but that still advertises your business? Fanny packs are a brilliant way to advertise for your company as they wear right on the front of the body, bringing attention to it. People are on the lookout for fanny packs today because the trend is just now coming back. People want to see the styles that are out there–so why not be a trendsetter and give away the packs that will turn heads, while marketing your business?

We have the largest variety of fanny packs available for your company giveaway. Summer is a great time to give them away as people will wear them while out and about. Of course, they aren’t just for summer, though fanny packs are versatile for year-round use. Your audience won’t be able to help but use them just for the head turning they’ll cause as people realize the 90s trend is back and this time, it may be here to stay.

Check out our selection, choose your favorites, and let’s get started! Do you need advice or help picking out the right style? Our staff is happy to help you. Chat with us today and we’ll help you pick the perfect product for your marketing needs.

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