The holidays are coming up and with 2020 being hard to navigate with Covid-19 being prevalent, companies are still looking for ways to show appreciation to their clients or employees.

A company is nothing without it’s employees. Regardless of the size company, they help leep the cogs oiled and going. It’s important to know how invalubale they are to the success of the company, maybe you might want to show your appreciation beyond monetary means.

Choosing gifts for your clients or employees can be difficult especially if you’re not sure what they like, want, or need. You definitely don’t want to come off too strong by purchasing something too expensive. You also don’t want to look cheap by buying random stuff just to try and please. Go the extra mile by customizing them with company colors, a logo, or a personal touch that truly shows your appreciation.

It’s hard to buy gifts especially if you’re trying to stay in a budget but still show that you appreciate the people that work for your company. It also doesn’t make it easier that most companies have to shifted to remote work. So as you’re buying corporate gifts, it’s important to take shipping and other fees into account when sending these gifts off. 

Heres a list of excellent gifts to give this holiday season:

Thoughtful Gifts For The Holidays

Travel Bag

The holidays are the perfect time to get with your family and travel. Most of the time you’ll have one carry on and one overhead bag available with you. 

This laptop backpack is a perfect carry on for those are traveling light.

Designed with two large zip compartments; the back compartment includes padded laptop and tablet sleeve with notch to feed through hydration tube or headphones. Front section features internal organization pockets. Easy access zip-front pocket for phone or glasses and two external water bottle pockets.

This bag is stylish and comes in various colors!

Photo Frame

There’s always a house hold that’s looking for a photo frame to replace a broken one or because there’s an extra family photo lying around.

sleek border photo frame would be great to put up on your mantle or dresser. Add your company logo to make it unique for your employees.

Stainless Vacuum Tumbler

There is nothing more annoying than having your coffee turn cold during the winter or your cold beverage turn hot during summer. 

These customizable Tumblers comes in a variety of colors and  allows coffee to maintain its heat and keep drinks cold with it’s double insulated walls. 

Tote Bags

You can never go wrong with by tote bags for the office. 

With a lot of states like New York eliminating plastic bags from stores, totes will definitely come in handy when you’re trying to lug all of your groceries to your car or apartment. 

These customizable polyester affinity tote bags come with a zipper and are easy to dry and clean.

Wine Glasses

Coming home and being able to open a nice bottle of red or white wine can always help eliminate stress after a long of work. 

The stemless wine glasses are perfect casual setting, easy to wash, and you dont have to worry about breaking the stem of the glass! 

Wine Bags

Got invited to a small gathering and you want to bring some wine? 

Don’t worry about throwing it into some random bag or an old shopping plastic bag. 

These insulated wine tote bags are great for keeping your wine at the right temperature. Even better, you can hold up to 4 bottles!

Wireless Ear Buds

Working from home can get monotonous and sometimes boring when you dont have anything to keep you occupied but the work itself. 

Going to the Gym with wired headphones is annoying and will constantly fall out of your ear or painfully get ripped out.

These wireless headphone are perfect gifts for music lovers and gym goers. 

These True Wireless Earbuds have an ergonomic design to keep them secure. Making them great for travel or the gym. The earbuds also feature built in music controls and a microphone. The playback time at max volume is 1.5hrs.

RFID Card Holder

While the holidays are great time to shop for you loved ones, it’s also one of the biggest times for people to get bank information stolen while they are walking around. 

Many ID and credit cards are embedded with radio frequency identification (RFID) chip. The chips allow stores to scan your ID or cards for transactions. However, criminals can also steal your personal data this way. Put your important RFID chipped card in this slim card holder.

It’s Gifting Season!

How do you want to show appreciation to your clients or employees?

The cool thing is, no matter what you get, they will know that you went out of your way to show that you appreciate them.

The list has been narrowed down to make the decision easier on you or to provide you with some inspiration on how you want to go about dealing with this holiday season. 

Whether or not your company is working from home, it’s our hope that these gifts will allow you to stay connected to both your business and each other.