Christmas Ornaments That are Easy to Mail

Christmas Ornaments that are Easy to Mail

People still love to get snail mail, that is, when there’s a surprise inside the envelope. When they open the mailbox and feel something lumpy inside, that will be the first piece of mail they open. That’s why mailing an unexpected promotional item such as a custom Christmas ornament is a great marketing strategy.

This surprise gift helps your brand to connect emotionally with the recipients in a positive way. The simple act of mailing a Christmas ornament can tap into the emotions of both surprise, excitement, and joy. They will be surprised to receive the random gift, excited for the upcoming Christmas season, followed by joy thinking about this wonderful time of year.

By connecting with the emotions of your customers and prospects, you vastly strengthen the relationship thus help to increase the brand loyalty from that customer.

Here are 4 Easily Mailable Christmas Ornaments

Promotional Ugly Sweater Christmas OrnamentsUgly Sweater Ornaments

Not only are these fun ornaments, but they are flat, making them easy to insert into a Christmas card. Plus, the uglier you can make the design, the better they will be!

The “sweater” is printed in full color, making this ornament a blank canvas to create the best worst ugly sweater ornament ever. This is one ornament that will make it on the tree year after year, despite the “ugly” nature of it. You can check out some of our stock ugly sweater ornament designs here. Just add your logo, and these are ready to go!

Custom Cut Wood OrnamentsCustom Wood Ornaments

These wooden ornaments are thin and lightweight, making them an ideal solution for mailing to your customers. The best thing about these custom ornaments is they are laser cut into the shape of you choice. This means your ornament can be completely unique. No more stock shapes that thousands of other businesses are also buying.

Whether you choose the shape of your logo, your mascot, or a traditional Christmas icon, these are a perfect surprise gift to include inside a mailed Christmas card.

Sun CatchersCustom Sun Catchers - Christmas Ornaments

Not only do these sun catchers make great Christmas ornaments, but, they can also be displayed year round. These budget-friendly ornaments are clear and made of lightweight, yet durable acrylic.

Your custom design is printed on the sun catchers along with an optional background. You can opt for one color, or you can go with the optional full color printing to include a photo. When your budget is tight, this is a popular Christmas ornament option.

Seeded Paper OrnamentsSeeded Paper Ornaments

These are the thinnest and lightest ornaments for mailing. They are made out of a seeded paper, which can be planted after the Christmas season to grow various flowers or herbs. These are great options for those who want to promote and give away eco-friendly products.

While these easily fit within Christmas cards, they don’t provide that “lumpiness” in your envelope to generate the excitement of opening the card. Choose from several different classic shapes if you want to promote a Green Christmas.

Custom Metal Christmas Ornaments

Custom Metal Ornaments

These stainless steel ornaments are die cut into the shape of your choice. Not only is the outside perimeter cut out, but also interior elements of the ornament can be cut out as well. Your custom design and text is also screen printed on the ornaments. The 0.5mm thickness gives these great strength, yet keeps them thin and easy to insert into an envelope or greeting card. Other metal finishes are available such as gold, brass, and other metals. Contact us for more info about creating custom metal ornaments.

Plan ahead early so you leave enough time to produce the best option for your ornaments. Additionally, ordering early ensures you receive the best possible pricing so you can avoid costly rush and expedited shipping fees.

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